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Walking to work today I passed by this message. I found it a very useful reminder – my thanks to whomever it was that put it up…


14 comments on “Simple message”

  1. Miracle Worker 1

    The annual general meeting of the Apathy Society will be cancelled this year due to an increase in public interest 🙂

  2. Ad 2

    “And if you tolerate this, then your children will be next.”
    – Manic Street Preachers

    Worth pulling the track down for a good rant-along in the car.

  3. Potato 4

    Agree Anthony.
    Its time people stopped behaving like possums in a spotlight, smiling for the cameras and believing those in power will look after us. For the rest, its time we turned ‘we should’ into ‘we will’.

  4. Colonial Rawshark 5

    Future generations will not forgive you for your COMPLICITY

    …is what that should read.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 5.1

      I hope they are sufficiently aware of the human condition to forgo judgement altogether. Why assume they’ll be as stupid as we are?

  5. The lost sheep 6

    Nice poster, but preaching to the converted I’m afraid.

    Apathetic people aren’t at all interested in what future generations think of them.

    • Infinity 6.1

      Your fine!

      Take a deep breath…………………..RELAX!

      I’m ‘here’!

    • Colonial Rawshark 6.2

      Neither do they care how fucked the future for their kids and grand kids are. That loss of intergenerational caring represents the disintegration of basic human society.

  6. Maui 7

    How do you change people from being apathetic? In my view people won’t change unless there is a crisis, as in climate change starts killing people they know or something. How do you get people to care about everyone in society – the disadvantaged and the poor within an individual and selfish society that we live in now. Are we waiting for a catastrophe to hit to get some change? Or are we closer than we think, could a sudden movement (e.g. civil rights) turn things around quickly? I just don’t know.

  7. Jamie 8

    Mass immigration – if you have a problem with it shut up coz racism

    “What has been ruled out of bounds for more than three decades is finally becoming the political fault line. And the line is not going to be drawn in the favor of those with blood on their hands, in the favor of those whom history will one day damn far more fervently than the Chamberlains and Quislings of a previous generation. Names like Merkel, Hollande, Cameron, and Blair will be reviled across Europe as long as they are remembered.”

    “At the train station, I heard one schoolgirl telling her friends that World War III has started and she doesn’t care if anyone calls her racist.”


    What a legacy to leave, all because of decades of failed immigration policies that keep getting jammed down peoples throats

    Oh yeah if you have a problem with this then shut up coz racism you racist xenophobe

    Lets get ridiculous – it’s not like there are any grown-ups in charge

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