Sky buy coming up?

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42% Murdoch-owned Sky could be in the market to buy debt-laden TV3 and Radioworks from hedge fund Ironbridge, according to John Drinnan’s Media page in today’s Business Herald. Drinnan says that “Sky owning Mediaworks opens up a myriad of issues, not least the degree that the Government would continue to back the growth of Sky TV’s monopoly and its extension into radio.” Amen to that.

SkyTV’s chief John Fellett says he has no interest in another television channel. That may not be Rupert’s view, recently confirmed as the immortal Chairman and Chief Executive of Newscorp. Monopoly TV revenue streams are his bread and butter. News is “entertainment”.

8 comments on “Sky buy coming up?”

  1. Vicky32 1

    Oddy, I thought they already did own it!

  2. Colonial Viper 2

    I just posted this in another thread – Canada’s news anti-lying laws.Do we have anything similar in NZ?

  3. tc 3

    Why not….we don’t have any public broadcasting or objective MSM anymore so what the F, who cares anyway it’s all recycled reality shows and ranting opinionated talkback hosts. The real creative folk who keep kiwi culture alive don’t work there either.

  4. Jum 4

    If Murdoch has anything to do with news in New Zealand, I won’t be watching it; I don’t anyway, because it is so mediocre. He will simply add lying to it. He and Key have so much in common.

    What people of the right, with no ethics, desire is Radio New Zealand, because it still has a vestige of objective journalism – Kim Hill, Mary Wilson.

  5. drum 5

    We in NZ only get PR spin and distorted news highlights on our TV’s . If Murdoch has anything to do with NZ media news then it is time to switch off your cell phones. After their terrible history in the UK they are trying to find new markets to repair their cash book.

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