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These online polls are always silly, but it’s interesting to track the spread of the “smile and wave” meme. (Hat tip mickysavage in comments).

The phrase is also used in the article itself:

“Ah yes,” Mr Goff says, laughing. “Smile and Wave!”

It is a reference to the moniker given to the Prime Minister by the Labour-affiliated Standard blog to reflect its view that John Key dismisses problems with a smile rather than considering them with the gravitas required.

Conveniently, that nice Mr Key has handed Labour some grist that very day by claiming Maori co-leader Tariana Turia was not upset about his last-minute decision not to include Te Urewera National Park in a settlement with Tuhoe.

As it turned out, Mrs Turia was indeed upset and film of her marching up to the camera lens to tell the nation of Mr Key’s mistake had screened only half an hour earlier.

“I saw ‘Smile and Wave’ on telly tonight,” Mr Goff tells his audience.

“That was a classic example of how the National Party is telling Maori one thing and the rest of the country another thing. When you speak out of both sides of your mouth it will catch up on you.”

Indeed. Speaking of memes however, for the record this blog is not “Labour-affiliated”. It’s a leftie blog supporting the broad aims of the labour movement. It is affiliated to no party, and as many of the writers here support The Greens as Labour or other parties of the left. If you want the Labour affiliated blog, go to Red Alert.

15 comments on “Smile and wave”

  1. Sophie 1

    I heard Linda Clark use “Smile and Wave” in a comment about Key on The Panel yesterday.

  2. Sean 2

    I believe the term was coined by a kid Trevor Mallard quoted, I can’t find the post on Red Alert now.

    As I recall, the kid spotted a simularity between the behaviour of the head penguin Skipper in the animated movie ‘Madagascar’ when he says ‘Just smile and wave boys. Smile and wave.’ and John Key’s behaviour.

    If someone could find that post, this could be confirmed.

  3. ak 3

    “Father: why do the others call me Speaks-with-forked-tongue?”

    “Why do you ask, little Smile-and-wave?”

  4. I read the comment from Clare Trevett about “labour affiliated” and thought what a lazy journalist she is.

  5. tc 5

    The word Herald and lazy journalism are interchangeable these days

  6. Draco T Bastard 6

    Labour leader takes rare dig at ‘nice’ PM

    Rare dig? Where the hell do we get these useless journos from? Goff’s pretty much been critical of JonKey since the election.

  7. Jilly Bee 7

    Smile & Wave is now worried he may get eaten by Tuhoe, whereas he supped with Ngati Porou. Ha ha! LOL

  8. gobsmacked 8

    Let’s have a bet. When will Key apologise for his Maori cannibal gaffe?

    By 5 p.m. today, I reckon. Complete with goofy smile and shrug.

    What an idiot.

  9. freedom 9

    12:14pm at the Herald and its 50% even in the Poll, yeah right,
    at least the DimPost includes actual figures with their polls

  10. Draco T Bastard 10

    As at 2pm we have 52% for Smile and Wave.

  11. marsman 11

    Smile and wave
    Flip-flop photo-op
    Clueless Key.

    The refrain for a jingle for the Nat’s next election video?

  12. rod 12

    Phil Goff’s lucky, the rest of us have to watch him on telly every bloody night.

    • Mac1 12.1

      That’s a rod you make for your own back. It’s not compulsory. Is it? Who’s that knocking at the door?

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