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So, where’s the plan?

Written By: - Date published: 12:42 pm, December 7th, 2009 - 34 comments
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johnkey180The Brash Report was supposed to tell us how to catch up to Aussie, as per Key’s promise. It was just the same old ideas. No real analysis. A radical plan with no evidence it would work. It became, perhaps as always intended, just a PR exercise for National:

‘Look what crazy old Brash wants to do. That’s the real rightwing. Lucky Key is in charge. He’s nice and moderate and smiley and he always remembers to feed the cat. He’s so dreamy and he’s not a scary old Tory at all’

Tax Working Group. Same story. Their ideas are half good. The part about taking tax off work and putting it on land. Not the part about more tax cuts for the rich. Looks like the answer is the same ‘Nup. Too radical. Mustn’t scare the voters’.

Won’t listen to their own hand-picked taskforces’ recommendations. Won’t listen to the Left. Don’t have any ideas of their own.

What exactly is Key’s plan to fulfil his promise? Or is he just going to do nothing?

34 comments on “So, where’s the plan? ”

  1. Kevin Welsh 1

    I bet Key was laughing it up behind the scenes after the Brash report came out.

    He would have had a pretty good idea of what the recommendations were going to be, as Brash has made no secret of his economic theories, and it was a good political kick to the nuts for Hide to repay the comment about him being a do-nothing PM.

    Problem is though, he got one back on Hide, but they still do not have a plan. Looking forward to the slash-and-burn in next years budget.

  2. I think the plan is

    1. Get elected (tick)
    2. Blame the other side for every problem that has occurred (tick)
    3. Create deep distrust in any public institution
    (a) Cullen Fund (tick)
    (b) ACC Fund (tick)
    (c) Kiwisaver (tick)
    4. Undermine all climate change policies of the previous government (tick)
    5. Privatise large swathes of items in public ownership (still to do)
    6. Form philosophical beliefs (still to do)

    • gitmo 2.1

      Isn’t it interesting that they copy and pasted the first three from the previous govts play book.

  3. prism 3

    gitmo – I don’t understand – I thought that Labour started the Cullen fund, supported the ACC, and Kiwisaver. These were number 3 in the list. Maybe you meant the first two came from Labour’s playbook.
    Politicians are always blaming each other. Probably I would if I was in as well, but it certainly becomes a cliche from them.

    • gitmo 3.1

      Prism, whenever a new govt comes in they throw crap at public institutions due to the previous govt and proceed to appoint their cronies to the boards … SOP 1.10.

      While everyone fights their tribal little left vs right battles on blogs and in the media the politicians continue to behave like little piggies..nothing will change until we treat them all with the contempt they deserve and stop ignoring the behaviour of a certain side because they’re “our team”.

  4. The man is a complete gumby. I at least expected some innvovation from National after all they had nine years in opposition to come up with some sort of innovative plan for New Zealand’s future. What do we get, not a thing, zip, nothing i think has passed their brain in nine years.
    National is turning into a major disappointment and i would suggest that if they do not change their ways watch the poll rating plummet in 2010.

    • bobo 4.1

      When has a National Gov ever innovative ? They were out-righted by a hijacked Labour party in the 80s. Oh yeah there was “think Big” bad example….

  5. Nick 5

    Here is the plan;

    Buy back an airline.
    Give free money to students.
    Buy a trainset 1Billion over the value.
    Enact massive middle class welfare.
    Increase government spending by 50% over eight years and by 25% above GDP.
    At a real push, slightly increase tax thresholds but don’t reduce tax levels.
    Increase size of government by 50%.
    Stop overseas investment in our assets by Canadians.

    That’s a start. Of course, this plan got us 10yrs of deficits; $400 million per week in borrowings; and 15 months of recession.

    • felix 5.1

      Which one are you, Nick?

      Seriously, wtf? Can I start by asking you to explain this bit: Buy a trainset 1Billion over the value.

      We need to get that one out of the way before there’s any point looking at the rest. Can you cite a source for the figure given or show how you arrived at it please?

    • snoozer 5.2

      “Of course, this plan got us 10yrs of deficits; $400 million per week in borrowings; and 15 months of recession.”

      No. Labour got us record wage growth, a narrowing gap between rich and poor, record low unemployment, falling crime….

      the recession was international (we entered recession after the US), we are borrowing $250 million a week (what’s $150 million between friends?), and the deficit is a result of the recession and the tax cuts passed both by National and by Labour under pressure (at least Labour’s ones targete dhte cuts at low incomes)

  6. Pascal's bookie 6

    So, where’s the plan?

    “There’s some bloody dead fish you have to swallow to get into Government to do the kinds of things you want to do and you have to balance up what really matters.’

    “If you try to do everything differently you’ll scare the horses and under MMP it’s very hard to win.’

    “Once we have gained the confidence of the people, we’ve got more chance of doing more things.’

    “We may be able to do some things we believe we need to do, perhaps go through a discussion document process you wouldn’t be able to do them straight off. I’m hoping that we’ll do some useful things that way, that may not be policy right now.’

    I for one don’t think he was lying, and that they are still operating very much in the third paragraph.

  7. Winston Smith 7

    seriously wtf??

    Nup pussy you’re right -it wasn’t a $billion over the value – only $700 million over the true value.

    Valuation as at Oct 09 = $388mill

    The last Labour government paid $690 mill

    Taxpayers have provided further support to the tune of $316 million since the purchase:
    $74 million in operating support
    $40 million in capital grants for upgrade and growth projects
    $195 million in loan facilities (including $140 million to pay off KiwiRail’s debts to Toll Holdings).
    $7 million equity injection

    So Nick may be out by a few hundred million but nowhere near as much as the $700 million that the taxpayers are out you feline fool

    • Draco T Bastard 7.1

      All of which the government were going to have to pay if we bought the trains back or not.

    • felix 7.2

      Winston, if your valuation is accurate the difference is $302 million.

      Draco is correct, all the rest is what we’ve been paying anyway without owning the asset.

      Dumb idea really, paying someone else to own your assets for you. That the kind of thing you’d do with your own money, Winston?

    • Nick 7.3

      Thanks Winston. That’s what I meant but haven’t had time yet to find these figures that I knew existed.

      Of course, as evidenced by Cullen and Clark over the last nine years, the Left don’t know know the value nor the cost.

      • felix 7.3.1

        Um, Nick – Winston’s figures are wrong. Most of them don’t belong in the equation.

        Where do you get “1 billion”? Winston can’t find it.

      • Draco T Bastard 7.3.2

        No you didn’t – you just went along with the disinformation that National and ACT put out.

        You, and everyone else on the political right are proving that they’re the ones that don’t know anything about cost.

  8. Draco T Bastard 8

    What exactly is Key’s plan to fulfil his promise?

    To keep the rich rich and the poor poor so that the rich can continue dictating to them.

  9. DTBs got it, its the same old TORY SHIT nothing changes.

  10. Key’s problem is that the people he admired and so obviously had all the answers to the generation of wealth – ie the high-flying directors of Bridgecorp, Hanover, Nathans et al – have been shown by the events of the last 12 months to be little better than sleight-of-hand con-men whose only advantage is a complete lack of integrity.

    Unable to turn to them for advice – and he is well aware most New Zealanders wouldn’t have a bar of it even if he is quite comfortable in their company – he’s simply left high and dry.

  11. Santi 11

    What plan? Key is a hands-off, easy-going, very lazy Prime Minister who will go with the flow.

    Fow all his fame as a currency trader, he’s demonstrated bugger all energy. I insist, he’s extremely lazy.

  12. TightyRighty 12

    I am going to put my hand up as well and say where is the plan? while much of brash’s recommendations were workable, given a lot of tweaking, rejecting it out of hand with nothing to offer in return?

    • Draco T Bastard 12.1

      Nothing that Brash recommended was workable.

      • TightyRighty 12.1.1

        plenty was, with adjustments. the re-introduction of the youth minimum wage for one. leave it where it is now, but as the minimum age increases only adjust the youth minimum wage by a percentage so that eventually it is eighty percent of the minimum wage.

  13. Herodotus 13

    I am so dissappointed with all contributors here. Bill E has already informed what the plan is after Don B report. We will not break election promises. Join the dots from the promises before the election and add Obamas slogan. Funny thing is that both john & OB promised the world and have delivered … more soldiers in Afgan.

  14. Nick 14

    Here is the evidence for my “400 million per week borrowing” and “1Billion KiwiRail” above.

    Hon Sir Roger Douglas: Is the Prime Minister convinced that future taxpayers are getting good value for the $400 million the Government is borrowing each week, and, given that this is equivalent to building up $9,500 of debt each year for each employed person in New Zealand, might it not be appropriate for his Government to do what any normal person would do in this situation and start cutting back on spending and not saddle future generations with the cost of short-term policies?

    Hon BILL ENGLISH: The questioner points out the costs of extensive borrowing. The Government is currently borrowing $400 million per week, and over the next 4 years it will borrow about $40 billion, thereby doubling public debt. That is why propositions to borrow more, for any reason, are reckless.

    That’s from Hansard, 23 September. The $250 million often quoted is a Treasury forecast based on the hope that future governments will not borrow more.

    NZ Rail was purchased last year, in a process led by Michael Cullen, for $690 million plus ongoing concessions to Toll (so much for supporting local competitors). Adding other costs and budgetary allowances, the renamed KiwiRail has already cost the taxpayers a billion dollars. According to the Crown valuation since the renationalisation, rail already has dropped in value to $369 million. This is a public asset valuation the KiwiRail ‘business’ value is zero.

    That’s from here:


    If it has cost 1Billion and the business value is $0 then, well, you do the maths.

    • But the quote said “rail already has dropped in value to $369 million” which suggests the drop is $700 million.

      You said it was a billion dollar drop. You guys are making it up.

      Care to value what would have happened if we did not privatise it in the first place?

      • gitmo 14.1.1

        “Care to value what would have happened if we did not privatise it in the first place?”

        I assume you mean what would have happened to it if it had not been privatised in the eighties …….. I expect if not privatised then it would have continued to loose money and have to be bailed out by the government time and time again.

        • felix

          In case you hadn’t noticed, it was privatised and it was continuously bailed out by the govt during this time.

    • felix 14.2


      I see what you mean now – $369 million dollars worth of assets are actually worth zero dollars.

      That’s quite awesome. Want to explain why? I realise you’re just quoting what cis thinks but how do you figure it? How is an asset which you have just stated is valued at $369 million worth nothing?

      Also, can you please do the sums again but this time factor in ALL of the money that we have been paying for the rail system during it’s private years.

      (It makes sense to subtract the ongoing costs we incurred when we didn’t own it as you’re including the ongoing costs of running the rail system now that we do. No?)

  15. vto 15

    “Or is he going to do nothing?”

    Unfortunately yes I think he has learned too much from his predecessor Clark.

    Shows a certain lack …

  16. Rationale 16

    The government have only paid back for the rail system less than what they sold it for if interest is included. They’ve got back a far more streamlined system than they sold back then. It’s actually running an operating profit – (But they’re running at a deficit because they’re supposed to be funding the buyback, huh????)
    To say it’s worthless is obvious a joke – the so called Dry “Think Tanks” would have you believe so. It’s a great asset that should be left in public hands out here in the “real world”.
    I have a lot more confidence in Key & Joyce following reports of their reaction to this report. It is time the motoring Brash got his nose out of the trough and retired to the highways where he can dodge large trucks & trailers to his hearts content.

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    Details of the ‘Manaaki New Zealand Short Term Training Scholarships’, a goodwill gesture that follows the Government’s apology for the Dawn Raids of the 1970s, were released today by Pacific Peoples Minister Aupito William Sio. “These scholarships that are targeted to the Pacific will support the kaupapa of the Dawn Raids’ ...
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      One-way quarantine-free travel for Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) workers from Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu starts in October New requirement for RSE workers to have received their first vaccination pre-departure, undertake Day 0 and Day 5 tests, and complete a self-isolation period of seven days, pending a negative Day 5 ...
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