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Some random impertinent questions about Todd Barclay’s problems

Written By: - Date published: 2:30 pm, June 20th, 2017 - 146 comments
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This story is unravelling really quickly.  After previously refusing to comment on the contents of his police statement Bill English has now said that Todd Barclay admitted to him that he (Barclay) had taped his staff.  Good luck to Barclay in resolving that clearly contradictory statement.

In fact it sounds like Barclay caused English to listen to it. From Newsroom:

Dickson’s un-redacted police statement obtained by Newsroom reveals English told her Barclay had “recorded conversations” of her discussing Barclay. “Bill apparently told Todd he didn’t want to listen to this rubbish.”


  1. Did English listen to the tape?
  2. Why didn’t the police obtain a search warrant to get the tape?
  3. Why didn’t the police proceed with a prosecution using English as a witness?
  4. Who was the National Board member who told Mrs Dickson that if she didn’t withdraw the police complaint she could potentially take down the National Party?
  5. Has the police investigated the board member’s behaviour?  Andrew Geddis thinks there may be legal implications.

As I type this I am listening to Parliament.  English sounds sick.

Update:  Aaaannd here is a page of English’s statement.  It was apparently released by his office at 2 pm just as Question time started.

The full statement can be accessed here. So it appears that English did not listen to the tape. I have read longer statements in shoplifting cases. The briefness of the statement suggests a very underwhelming intent to get to the truth.

Update2:  Barclay has called a press conference at 5:50 pm.  He may be going …

Update3:  No he apologised for giving “misleading statements” and then left without answering any questions …

146 comments on “Some random impertinent questions about Todd Barclay’s problems ”

  1. Kevin 1

    Most likely a bus waiting with Todd Barclay’s name on it…

    • weka 1.1

      Pretty much. In this piece this morning he looks like a possum in the headlights,


      In that Barclay is basically saying the Prime Minister and leader of his party is a liar. He’s either really stupid, or at this point he’s conceding his political career and is just trying to save enough to have a job somewhere else later, or even just trying to stay out of jail.

    • Rae 1.2

      Will the ticket be for under or on the bus?

  2. Andre 2

    A standard tactic would be an assault on Dickson’s credibility so that English could maintain plausible deniability. Will he do that to his long-serving electorate employee?

    • dukeofurl 2.1

      English has now admitted in the house that Barclay had told him he had recordings.

      There will be a quick change of Southland electorate selection coming up. Barclay will be gone by the end of the week I reckon.

      • marty mars 2.1.1

        And English said earlier he couldn’t recall who told him? If so direct lie.

      • Anne 2.1.2

        English has now admitted in the house that Barclay had told him he had recordings.

        That is the MO of a sociopath. Tell someone who may end up being affected what you have done and you instantly compromise them. They have to keep quiet for what is perceived to be “the greater good”. I’m not defending English as such, but he may turn out to be as much a victim as Glenys Dickson.

        Sociopaths are bullies and when finding themselves in a position of power, they will harass and intimidate people as much out of enjoyment as anything else.

        • Rae

          I guess that is a better way to say he is an entitled, arrogant, baby faced PoS, but I think my description sounds better

        • RedLogix


          The clue is possibly here:

          Barclay has remained magically calm throughout all of these dramas. He never lost his cool. Never seemed upset. Never angry, bitter or twisted. Always ready to share a beer, have a chat. Do a quick interview. Smile for the camera. I’m not sure if that is odd or to be admired.

          Is being so calm, cool and collected in the middle of such massive trauma the sign of a good, natural, tough politician? Or the sign of someone who has a constitution that somehow can handle things that would keep most us awake, in a cold sweat, all night, all week?



          • Anne

            In other words he is a sociopath. 😉

            A few signs of sociopathy that seem to fit the Todd Barclay profile:

            #1) Sociopaths are charming. Sociopaths have high charisma and tend to attract a following just because people want to be around them. They have a “glow” about them that attracts people…

            #2) Sociopaths are more spontaneous and intense than other people. They tend to do bizarre, sometimes erratic things that most regular people wouldn’t do.

            #3) Sociopaths are incapable of feeling shame, guilt or remorse. Their brains simply lack the circuitry to process such emotions. This allows them to betray people, threaten people or harm people without giving it a second thought. They pursue any action that serves their own self interest even if it seriously harms others.


            Perhaps that’s why Todd Barclay has remained so calm, cool and collected. He feels nothing – no pain, no remorse and above all no empathy for his victims.

            • RedLogix

              #4) Creates a trail of emotional and professional devastation where ever they go.

              Gwyn Dickson may well be add to that proposition.

  3. dukeofurl 3

    my my , how standards have dropped.
    When Richard Prebble, leader of ACT at the time found out that Donna Awatere wasnt cooperating with Police, she was booted from caucus right away.

    And she took them to court – famously ACT used the waka jumping legislation they had voted against to get her seat declared vacant


    • For all Rodney Hyde’s many and varied faults, the hubris of imagining himself a born-to-rule Tory isn’t one of them. Which is of course one reason National wasn’t the party for him.

  4. dukeofurl 4

    Compelling point raised by Audrey Young in Herald

    “What we now also know about the OIA papers released by the police was that they were missing two vital pieces of information: a statement made to them by Bill English about the recording and the text messages between English and Davie.

    Quite why those pieces of information were missing is yet to be explained by the police.

    If the police want to avoid assumptions that they have withheld information that would be damaging to their political masters, they should release English’s statement forthwith.

    The mess has widened, to include the police handling the OIA release- likely this went through the Minister of Polices’ office- Paula are you free for an interview ?

    • the pigman 4.1

      I hope there is a complaint to the Ombudsman about the redactions to the OIA request.

      Peter Boshier is currently kicking ass and taking names in that role.

  5. Keith 5

    Why did the tax payer have to pay off the staff/victims of Barclays illegal recordings to save the National Party from this scandal?

    Yet another abuse of taxpayers money by the National Party.

    And is it not awfully revealing how these crooks quietly make things go away?

    • gsays 5.1

      “Why did the tax payer have to pay off the staff/victims of Barclays illegal recordings to save the National Party from this scandal?”

      ironically, being the great deal makers they are, they paid and haven’t been saved from a scandal.

    • Draco T Bastard 5.2

      Why did the tax payer have to pay off the staff/victims of Barclays illegal recordings to save the National Party from this scandal?

      Now that is damned good question.

  6. One Anonymous Bloke 6

    We know why English obstructed justice:

    there was an [implication] that if National didn’t have Barclay in Parliament they were one short to pass legislation…

    The timing is interesting. The feeding frenzy will happen in time for the election, but not before National has done its masters’ bidding in the House.

  7. weka 7

    Anyone done the numbers on what will happen to the govt if Barclay resigns as an MP?

    edit, snap OAB above.

    • Andre 7.1

      The Nats will need the Maori Party plus either Rimmer or the hair to pass legislation. Or any of Labour, NZ1st or Greens. So they would still have confidence and supply to be able to limp through to the election.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 7.2

      I think we should get behind poor Toddy: he’s been royally shafted by the National Party. He confessed his crimes to English who then involved him in a sleazy cover-up lasting almost three years.

      Had Double Dipton acted with integrity from the start, there would have been a by-election two years ago. Barclay would by now be on parole and rebuilding his life.

      Yay for personal responsibility 🙄

    • RedLogix 7.3

      First up English categorically denies knowing about the tapes, then cannot remember who told him, now when faced with incontrovertible evidence admits he knew. All within the space of hours.

      This was a straightforward matter in which English had every reason to be upfront and honest right from the outset. Barclay’s issues are a simple case of fucked up; the correct response was to acknowledge the problem and cauterise it.

      But English openly lied. Why? He’s a very experienced politician and not an especially venal one either, so either there is more dirt underlying this story yet to come out, or English reflexively tried to cover up because he though the could get away with it.

      Either way it’s credibility shot; game over. What does it take to get a PM to resign these days?

      • Carolyn_nth 7.3.1

        This was a straightforward matter in which English had every reason to be upfront and honest right from the outset.

        Bling wasn’t PM at the outset.

        • One Anonymous Bloke

          Integrity. The only times it gets tested is when it’s difficult.

        • Draco T Bastard


          he still had a duty as a part of this society to bring the correct charges to bear – not hide them. As he was also a member of the ruling government he had an even greater duty to do so.

          The fact that he didn’t should have him in jail.

      • weka 7.3.2

        Newsroom said there was more coming out this afternoon. Has that happened yet? (I’ve lost track of the timeline).

        • Carolyn_nth

          From RNZ in the last 10 minutes – don’t know if it’s been reported anywhere earlier.

          Earlier today, Mr English told reporters that conversation was based on second-hand information and said he would not release his statement to the police who investigated Mr Barclay last year.

          But this afternoon he has released that statement and told reporters it was up to Mr Barclay to account for his statement.

          “I’m telling you what my statement was, and the statement I made was to the police, who then had the opportunity to investigate all aspects of the allegations.”

          In his statement to police in April 2016, Mr English said he had spoken to Mr Barclay about the recording.

          “I had a conversation with him regarding Glenys Dickson leaving his office and he said to me that he had recordings of her criticising him.

          “He said he had just left the dictaphone on.”

          Mr English told the police he never heard the recordings and did not know whether Mr Barclay was present when they were made.

          It is illegal for anybody to intentionally record private communications which they are not a part of.

          Mr Barclay said earlier this year he had declined to be interviewed by police over the claims.

          Police said they closed the case as they had insufficient evidence to prosecute Mr Barclay.”

          • weka

            Ok that’s not looking good for Barclay

            • One Anonymous Bloke

              It’s a slow-moving bus.

              Sure, Barclay has to go under it, but he has had the best part of three years to plan for his post-Parliamentary future.

              Can you think of something about Barclay that’s ever looked “good”? His hair?

              • McFlock

                Well, he did look like the going was going to be good, thirty-odd years in a nat sinecure followed by a knighthood and some not-very-onerous corporate directorships.

                But now his paranoia seems to have jeapordised that little plan.

                • One Anonymous Bloke

                  His paranoia, his criminal behaviour, and the National Party’s approach to personal responsibility.

                  Let’s be charitable, and imagine that Barclay is an honourable man. Realising his gross error, he confides in English, and here we are.

                  Yeah nah: they’re both unethical trash.

                  • weka

                    I’m not in any way thinking Barclay is honourable. Everything he’s done that’s been made visible speaks to him being a FJK jnr.

                    • One Anonymous Bloke

                      Barclay is the product/victim of his environment, one of centrist privilege: reckless criminal behaviour is hardly unexpected given the circumstances.

        • Cinny

          I did hear that Gower will be on Radio Live after 5pm talking about it.

          “It is illegal for anybody to intentionally record private communications which they are not a part of.” no doubt Barclay will be saying he did it unintentionally, after all he is ex big tobacco and would have learned all about loop holes, wording and weaseling

          • mpledger

            It’s pretty hard to believe it’s unintentional when he was in a dispute with the women he was recording.

      • One Anonymous Bloke 7.3.3

        Charge the lot of them with obstruction of justice. Let the courts sort them out.

      • Draco T Bastard 7.3.4

        Either way it’s credibility shot; game over. What does it take to get a PM to resign these days?

        Yep, was just thinking that it shouldn’t be just Barclay going to the docks.

      • Bearded Git 7.3.5

        agreed Red…this is not about Barclay any more….it is all about English and the cover up…he should follow Todd (dead man walking) Barclay out of the door.

  8. weka 8

    Police statement from an hour ago,

    A redacted file on the matter was released to requesters under the Official Information Act. In considering the privacy interests in this case, as the matter never proceeded to prosecution, Police consulted those individuals who provided statements as part of the investigation. The redacted file that was released took into account the views of the individuals consulted.

    Police have received further requests today for the un-redacted file. These requests will now be considered in line with our Official Information Act obligations.


  9. Just imagine if this had been the Labour party.
    And how will Mike Hosking explain it away – he’ll probably say it was just 2 mis-steps by English and Barclay – a kind of toxic tango.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 9.1

      Joking aside (see 7.2), English is open to major criticism here.

      Barclay appointed him as his confessor – the young parrot under the wing of the elder, and what does the elder do?

      Help Barclay accept responsibility and “do the right thing”, eh. Surely that’s the best advice – to front foot mistakes and take your lumps.

      Nope. Not even. Double Dipton has played this situation to his best advantage. Bad taste, meet mouth.

      Edit: *snap* RL @ 7.3

      • Adrian Thornton 9.1.1

        @One Anonymous Bloke
        I think you make a very good point, English as the silent witness and Key as giving official National Party sanction to this crime are two who should also be held accountable by the country (along with Barclay of course).

        • One Anonymous Bloke

          Dickson’s statement to the police is quite explicit: it was necessary to obstruct justice in order to preserve National’s majority.

    • dukeofurl 9.2

      Hosking will be saying …Look over here, we are celebrating success not minor pecksniffian matters.

      • the pigman 9.2.1

        #goyougoodthing #wearethechampionz #NZInc.(in liq.)

  10. ianmac 10

    They can’t sack Barclay can they? They can exclude him from Caucus but without a conviction they cannot take his MP status. The selection Committee would probably re-select him out of National Party loyalty. The end justifies the…..

    • Andre 10.1

      They can suggest he doesn’t have a future in parliament, and look…there’s this attractive alternative opportunity outside Parliament…

    • weka 10.2

      They can kick him out of the party. I can’t imagine he would get reselected after basically calls the PM a liar. National’s problem is what to do with him if he doesn’t resign. Carolyn just posted that RNZ piece above which looks like English throwing Barclay under the bus. Makes me wonder if Barclay has already refused to resign.

      • Andre 10.2.1

        The deadline for candidate nominations is noon 29th August. So they’ve got just over two months to give him the heave and anoint someone else.

  11. simbit 11

    He’s so Catholic. Could easily ship pedophile priests from one slaughterhouse to another. And he knows he’s going straight to hell…

  12. English is toast imo. He is gone. Bennett will be PM going into the election. I have mentioned bennett and the PM role before. Time to smarten up lefties – Bennett makes English look like a two year old compared to her cunning.

    • She is also an arrogant dimwitted oaf who was outed for having abused her position on a number of times in humiliating members of the public who were beneficiaries by making public private information and who she knew could not defend themselves .

      And lets not forget her classic idiot move of overriding Bill English regarding housing beneficiaries when English was in the middle of writing up his budget…

      Is that the sort of blundering gallivanting fool we can seriously see as being the PM of this country?

      She would be an unmitigated gift for the current opposition.

      We may be looking at the Dildo Man or even ‘ Barge through the security door Minister of Defence, Gerry Browlee’….

      Whichever way you cut it….

      There aint anyone left when English is sacked…

      How ironic… the last time English was the PM … he led National to one their greatest electoral defeats ever….

      History repeats… as Split ENZ once famously sang…

      • marty mars 12.1.1

        She is deputy.

        Remember trump? Idiots get in.

        • WILD KATIPO

          Yeah sure… but it still would be a gift to the opposition if that change occurred before the election. The only saving grace for National would be… a panic vote by the voters for ‘ stability’. But that would only be a temporary salve . And a ‘stability’ based on corruption and stupidity would not be very long lasting.

          Both the ongoing corruption of certain National party M.P’s and P.Bennetts lunacy would ensure it went down in flames . And when that happens… National will not see office again for a very long time.

          As for Trump, better him than the Clinton murderess. And Trump isn’t the danger per se’… its his son in law Jared Kushner. He is the weak link in the chain in Trumps administration as Kushner was paid $250,000,000.00 by none other than the globalist World Government advocate…. George Soros.

    • Tamati Tautuhi 12.2

      PB is as cunning as a Maori Kiorere.

  13. weka 13

    David Farrar’s postion today is to smear Glenys Dickson and others who have spoken up. Go figure.

    • mickysavage 13.2

      And ignore completely questions about whether Barclay broke the law or if English lied.

    • Cinny 13.3

      Wow, nasty. Fact’s do not appear to matter to Kiwibloggers when their favoured party is in the shite.

      That poor lady has suffered enough, has been threatened as have her family, was paid to keep quiet, and still the deniers are heaping the blame on her.

      Barclay comes across to me as paranoid to be taping conversations. I’ve heard P makes people paranoid.

      • weka 13.3.1

        Lefties should be grateful for people like Dickson. I have no idea what her politics are, nor what she is like as a person, but she just demonstrated a degree of integrity and commitment to ethics that gives me hope. It’s people like her that stand between where we are now, and RW politics being wholly in the hands of evil bastards.

        • Ethica

          They are the staunch old fashioned Nats. They dislike this bullying dishonest behaviour so much they are prepared to speak out and risk damaging their beloved party.

          • weka

            That’s how I read it. It would have to be pretty bad for them to take action that could damage National.

    • Tamati Tautuhi 13.4

      Dirty Politics out already ?

  14. Come gather round National throughout the land
    And don’t criticize
    What you cant understand…
    The law and the voters
    Are beyond your command
    Your lies and your party
    Rapidly agin’
    Please vote out the old one
    If they cant lend a hand ,…
    National better start swimming or sink like a stone !

    Cos the times , they are a-changin…’

  15. Carolyn_nth 15

    And the bad news just keeps coming for Todd – his own team out to get him.

    On Newsroom: Nats investigate bad candidate selection process and vote stacking:

    The National Party is reviewing the selection of Todd Barclay as its Clutha-Southland candidate following allegations of a rushed process, improper votes and “delegate stacking” with his family members and supporters.

    National’s rules committee, tasked with providing legal advice and support to the party board, is understood to be investigating nearly half of the 18 electorate branches in the Southland seat and could yet call for Barclay’s selection to be revoked.

    • Andre 16.1

      Ah, the effort to quarantine the damage to just Barclay and away from other complicit Nats.

    • McFlock 16.2

      Contacted by Newsroom for comment about a potential Clutha-Southland investigation, National’s rules committee chairman Peter Kiely said: “I haven’t been involved in that, that is Kate Wilkinson who has done that.

      “I’m not saying that at all [that an investigation is underway], I’m just saying that’s a question that Kate Wilkinson may or may not be able to help you.”

      lol [headdesk]

      Implausible deniability 🙂

  16. Stuart Munro 17

    So, if Toddy’s gone, we’re just a surfeit of lampreys away from a vast improvement in governance.

    Keep his brain fuming. Epicurean cooks,
    Sharpen with cloyless sauce his appetite,
    That sleep and feeding may prorogue his honor
    Even till a Lethe’d dulness …

  17. Paul Campbell 18

    Our usual national party trolls are strangely quiet today …. Word must have come down from on high that today is a good day to go back and hide under the bridge

    • weka 18.1

      I’d noticed that too. Gosman’s around but not even he can muster a defence.

    • mauī 18.2

      That’s the problem with groundhogs they disappear for a bit then all of a sudden you realise half of your house piles have been gnawed through. Obviously catch and release 5-10km away and the Ropel mothball product are the only applicable methods. Jim Harmon has some good tips on groundhog control if people are interested 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voNNYHUq3-U

    • I think they will all be having a enforced paid holiday knees up at former Prime Minister John Keys Hawaii residence until this blows over…

    • mac1 18.4

      Today is World Refugee Day and all our compassionately conservative trolls are down at Parliament supporting an increase in our annual intake of refugees.

      Either that, or they’ve become refugees themselves- refugees from having to support this mendacious, uncaring, selfish and incompassionate government.

  18. Carolyn_nth 19

    Barclay about to do media stand up (5.50pm. Checkpoint will broadcast it live.

    • weka 19.1

      Looks like National’s afternoon strategy session decided on the ‘let’s lie our way out of it’ option.

      • ScottGN 19.1.1

        Looks like they’ve abandoned him.

        • weka

          Yep, priority will be holding onto govt until the election.

          • ScottGN

            I don’t think they’re even thinking that far ahead tonight Weka. I reckon the 9th Floor’s primary concern right now is how to get the PM out of the firing range.

            • weka

              So are they hedging their bets? It’s hard to understand why Barclay wasn’t required to resign today.

    • Brendon Harre 19.2

      Just heard it -WTF…..

    • Ovid 19.3

      “Sorry, not sorry”

    • mauī 19.4

      “Like any break down in a relationship I accept there is fault on both sides…”

      Gobsmacking. The victim is also at fault apparently..

      • mickysavage 19.4.1

        Its her fault for letting herself be taped even though she did not know it was going to happen or consented to it …

        • Anne

          Glenys Dickson’s crime was: she had been around a long time and knew lots of stuff. Toddy boy wanted a compliant bimbo to run his office. Someone he could manipulate and push around. The recording of Dickson’s office phone conversations was to gather information which he hoped would turn up something he could use to make things untenable for her. He succeeded.

          A former Public Service boss did the same to me but it was more to do with who I knew rather than what I knew.

  19. Well , Checkpoints now covering the Rugby in the Waikato.

    Isn’t it a shame our country has to be tarnished by all these officials who should know better all the time and we cant just be a prosperous carefree nation … instead we have this sort of example of the Barclay / English crap constantly being in the news – with the evidence always coming to light years after the fact.

    Pisses me right off.

  20. Graeme 21

    When Winston announced Mark Patterson’s nomination as Clutha Southland candidate he confidently predicted that he’s be in parliament come September.

    I wonder what he knew….

    • ianmac 21.1

      Is Mark Patterson a National man Graeme?

      • Graeme 21.1.1

        He doesn’t seen to have much time for them,

        The real question is whether the local national supporters will stick with their electorate MP or vote for someone else. There’s a lot who have had enough of toddles.

  21. Pete 22

    You know on the TV series Open All Hours when Arkwright goes outside and looks up and down the street?

    Imagine Barclay outside Parliament on Molesworth Street, taking a puff on a refreshing fag, “It’s been a funny old day.”

    • ianmac 22.1

      And another funny thing Pete,
      ” Former press secretary Rachel MacGregor has filed a lawsuit against Colin Craig.

      The Herald can reveal that MacGregor is counter-suing Craig and filed papers in the High Court at Auckland today.”

  22. Dv 23

    What happened in enimem case?
    Any one know?

    • Anne 23.1

      Judge reserved his decision. Could be one, two, three months before we know the outcome. At least I think that’s what happened.

      • Halfcrown 23.1.1

        Anne @ 7.53 pm wrote

        “Judge reserved his decision. Could be one, two, three months before we know the outcome. At least I think that’s what happened.”

        That’s a very convenient result timed for after the election, the same as they cannot send in if ever another robot into the Pike mine much before Christmas. Again after the election.

        Another thing that I feel uneasy about is this.

        The police were as quick as rats up drainpipes to confiscate Nicky Hager’s computers when there were no charges against him. To be held as the police said nod nod wink wink as “evidence” for a case they were pursuing. Whereas this little snot was not charged as the police could not interview him and had no evidence. if that being the case why did the police not use the same amount of urgency and confiscated the recorder.

    • Seems there was a song and dance about settling privately out of court…

  23. mauī 24

    Do we have another Brendon Horan scenario? MP clings to power, refuses to resign and is kicked out of the party.

  24. Tanz 25

    Nothing but a storm in a teacup…who cares. Also it won;t be a game-changer any time soon.

  25. mosa 26

    “Cuff em and stuff em “

    • bwaghorn 27.1

      one wonders if toddy isn’t being knifed by his own electorate for turning his back on the farmers for the high life in auckland’s southern suburb.

  26. Tanz 28

    The general public won’t care, it’s no worse than the Aaron Gilmore incident. And that was forever ago. Once again, this will blow over in no time. Yawn already.

    • No need to comment again then, Tanz. Practically blown over, this. Causing a huge amount of comment out there in the non-Tanz world though! Bill’s aging by the second; fish, rotting, head etc.

    • Ed 28.2

      You’ve said that twice.

    • Dv 28.3

      So Barclays going as well then tanz

    • greg 28.4

      Arron Gilmore didn’t evolve the use of tax payer money ,Arron Gilmore did not break the law.

      • Ross 28.4.1

        Gilmore resigned fairly quickly, but was no doubt told that he had no choice. It seems that Bill English is actually entertaining the idea that Barclay might be able to remain in Parliament.

  27. Tamati Tautuhi 29

    The fish does rot from the head and JK passed Bill the poisoned chalice, however Labour, Greens & NZF have one hell of a mess to tidy up after the 2017 Election ?

  28. Even this guy’s calling it straight!

    “David Garrett

    In and out: I’m afraid it’s pretty darn clear..both English and Barclay lied this morning, and it’s very clear that of the two of them, English is the more culpable…as I have said above, no-one – not even a PM – forgets what he said in a formal statement to the police…Barclay can at least try and run “I’m a newbie on a steep learning curve” but there is no way English can…it’s pretty much that simple in my view…”

  29. Red 31

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz who cares, a bit of national internal dirty laundry, journalist foaming, lefties another game changer,the rest of Nz. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

  30. Drowsy M. Kram 32

    This National dirty laundry is a laugh a minute – not nearly as heinous as dirty politics, but more entertaining.


    ‘National is a typical NZ political party. But its entire history is based on a very dirty secret… ‘

    Time to invest in Unilever shares?

  31. silvertuatara 33

    What is it with National MP’s whom were or had been associated with senior positions within the the Law and Order Select Committee in Parliament;

    First Mike Sabin appointed chairman of the law and order select committee…..resigned from the National party for “personal reasons” whilst allegedly under police investigation.https://www.nbr.co.nz/article/sabin-resigns-parliament-jb-168018

    Now Todd Barclay (previous deputy chair of the Law and Order Select Committee when he entered parliament.) http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11879754

    Somewhat ironic that the Law and Order Select Committee is tasked within Parliament to look into issues relating to corrections, courts, criminal law, police, and serious fraud.

    I hope that National Party’s Bakshi Kanwaljit Singh who now chairs Parliament’s Law and Order Select Committee along with National’s Maureen Pugh who is deputy chair, in a transparent manner look into the appropriateness of the use of the National “Leaders Budget” for the purposes of settlement of what appears to be akin to a punitive and exemplary damages type payment for Todd Barclay’s alleged breaches of another persons privacy.

    Perhaps they could also look into why police have closed the investigation into Todd Barclay’s actions and or inactions as reported to the police by the then Deputy Prime Minister, Bill English, in light of the further allegations that the complainant received a large settlement, part of it which was apparently sourced from the Prime Ministers “Leaders Budget” in acknowledgement of the Privacy Breach that Mr Barclay allegedly caused and which is no longer in dispute given Todd Barclay’s statement this afternoon/evening confirming Bill Englishs statement to the police regarding Todd Barclay’s actions in having supposedly taped covertly conversations to which he was not a party.

    English and Barclay should both resign IMHO……it is a matter of integrity.

    • Cinny 33.1

      Maureen Pugh ex mayor of Westland Council, transparent? Bahahahahahahaa

      Plenty of skeletons in her closet, negligence springs to mind when she was mayor, as well as the so called missing millions, lack of audits, helicopter scandal, cycle way over spend, steepest rate rises in the country and so on and so on. Really interesting timeline she has from mayor to list mp.

  32. Henry Filth 34

    So much fuss, so Public and so close to an election.

    The Donors will not be happy.

  33. Rae 35

    Remember when Key and Banks were recorded, how the cops were all over it?

    This would seem to be a police matter as well, and I would think that both English and Key could be considered to be accessories after the fact.

    • Tamati Tautuhi 35.1

      It would appear Key was Donkey Deep in this as well.

      JK certainly acted quickly when when the Mad Hatters Tea Party in Mt Eden with ACT and John Banks was accidently recorded by a journalist ?

      • Ross 35.1.1

        Many of us were probably wondering why Key bolted from his cushy job with unseemly haste…I can imagine he foresaw this mess blowing up prior to the election. Maybe he didn’t have the fight in him anymore.

        • Rae

          Many of us could see one reason or another, but it’s beginning to look there was a whole bunch of stuff that led to Key going.

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    9am, Tuesday 1 DecemberTe Whare Waka o Pōneke, Wellington Central He Mihi Kei aku rangatira no ngātapito e whā o te ao huri noa, tātou e huihui mai nei. Tēnā rā kōutou katoa. He tangiapakura ki ngā tini aituā kei waenganui i a tātou, ka tangi tonu te ngākau ki ...
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    One of New Zealand’s premier hikes and a cornerstone of the Te Anau community, the Milford Track has officially reopened, “From today, hikers booked on the popular Great Walk will be able to complete the walk end-to-end for the first time since early February,” Minister of Conservation Kiri Allan says. ...
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    The Defence Ministers from Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and United Kingdom reaffirmed their nations’ continued commitment to the Five Power Defence Arrangements (FPDA), and commended the achievements over the past 49 years as the FPDA moves towards its 50th Anniversary in 2021.  The Ministers recognised the FPDA’s significant role ...
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  • Jobs for Nature funding protects health of Hawke’s Bay waterways
    A joint Government and Hawke’s Bay Regional Council project will invest $4.2 million to protect local waterways, enhance biodiversity and employ local people, Environment Minister David Parker announced today.   Over two years, the Hāpara Takatū Jobs for Nature project will fence 195km of private land to exclude stock from vulnerable ...
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  • New Year border exception for seasonal workers in the horticulture and wine industries
    2000 additional RSE workers to enter New Zealand early next year employers must pay these workers at least $22.10 an hour employers will cover costs of managed isolation for the RSE workers RSE workers will be paid the equivalent of 30 hours work a week while in isolation From January ...
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  • Government increases support for New Zealanders to work in seasonal jobs
    The Government is offering further financial support for unemployed New Zealanders to take on seasonal work. These new incentives include: Up to $200 per week for accommodation costs $1000 incentive payment for workers who complete jobs of six weeks or longer increasing wet weather payments when people can’t work to ...
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  • Government receives Royal Commission of Inquiry report into the Terrorist Attack on Christchurch Mos...
    Minister for Internal Affairs Jan Tinetti has today received the Royal Commission of Inquiry report into the Terrorist Attack on Christchurch Mosques, and will table it in Parliament on Tuesday December 8. “I know this will have been a challenging process for whānau, survivors and witnesses of the terrorist attack ...
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  • New Zealand Government to declare a climate emergency
    The Government will declare a climate emergency next week, Climate Change Minister James Shaw said today.                                       “We are in the midst of a climate crisis that will impact on nearly every ...
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  • Call for urgent action on Pacific conservation
    A declaration on the urgency of the global biodiversity crisis and the need for immediate, transformative action in the Pacific was agreed at a pan-Pacific conference today. The 10th Pacific Islands Conference on Nature Conservation and Protected Areas is taking place this week across the Pacific.  Minister of Conservation Kiritapu ...
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  • Speech from the throne
    E aku hoa i te ara o te whai, Kia kotahi tā tātou takahi i te kō, ko tōku whiwhi kei tō koutou tautoko mai. Ko tāku ki a koutou, hei whakapiki manawa mōku. He horomata rangatira te mahi, e rite ai te whiwhinga a te ringatuku, me te ringakape ...
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  • Keynote address to Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand conference
    Speech to the CAANZ conference - November 19, 2020 Thank you, Greg, (Greg Haddon, MC) for the welcome. I’d like to acknowledge John Cuthbertson from CAANZ, the Commissioner of Inland Revenue Naomi Ferguson, former fellow MP and former Minister of Revenue, Peter Dunne, other guest speakers and CAANZ members. I ...
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  • Expert independent advisory group appointed to strengthen the future of Māori broadcasting
    A panel of seven experts are adding their support to help shape the future of Māori broadcasting, Minister for Māori Development Willie Jackson has announced today. “Today I will meet with some of the most experienced Māori broadcasters, commentators and practitioners in the field. They have practical insights on the ...
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    1 week ago
  • Government to review housing settings
    New Zealand’s stronger-than-expected economic performance has flowed through to housing demand, so the Government will review housing settings to improve access to the market, the Finance Minister Grant Robertson announced today. “Our focus is on improving access to the housing market for first home buyers and ensuring house price growth ...
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    1 week ago
  • Crown accounts reflect Govt’s careful economic management
    The better-than-expected Crown accounts released today show the Government’s careful management of the COVID-19 health crisis was the right approach to support the economy. As expected, the Crown accounts for the year to June 2020 show the operating balance before gains and losses, or OBEGAL, was in deficit. However that ...
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    1 week ago
  • Community launch marks next step in addressing racism in education
    The launch of Te Hurihanganui in Porirua today is another important milestone in the work needed to address racism in the education system and improve outcomes for Māori learners and their whānau, Associate Education Minister Kelvin Davis says. Budget 2019 included $42 million over three years to put Te Hurihanganui ...
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    1 week ago
  • Government to consider recommendations on DNA use in criminal investigations
    The Minister of Justice has received the Law Commission’s recommending changes to the law governing the way DNA is used in criminal investigations. The report, called The Use of DNA in Criminal Investigations – Te Whahamahi I te Ira Tangata I ngā Mātai Taihara, recommends new legislation to address how ...
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    1 week ago
  • Speech to Wakatū Nelson regional hui on trade
    First, I want to express my thanks to Te Taumata for this hui and for all the fantastic work you are doing for Māori in the trade space. In the short time that you’ve been operating you’ve already contributed an enormous amount to the conversation, and developed impressive networks.  I ...
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    1 week ago
  • Speech to Primary Industries Summit
    Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you today about the significant contribution the food and fibres sector makes to New Zealand and how this Government is supporting that effort. I’d like to start by acknowledging our co-Chairs, Terry Copeland and Mavis Mullins, my colleague, Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor, ...
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    1 week ago
  • Fast track referrals will speed up recovery and boost jobs and home building
    The Government is taking action to increase jobs, speed up the economic recovery and build houses by putting three more projects through its fast track approval process. “It’s great to see that the fast-track consenting process is working. Today we have referred a mix of potential projects that, if approved, ...
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    1 week ago
  • Papakāinga provides critically needed homes in Hastings
    A papakāinga opened today by the Minister for Māori Development the Hon Willie Jackson will provide whānau with much needed affordable rental homes in Hastings. The four home papakāinga in Waiōhiki is the first project to be completed under the ‘Hastings Place Based’ initiative. This initiative is a Government, Hastings ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago
  • New Zealand ready to host APEC virtually
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern took over the leadership of APEC earlier today, when she joined leaders from the 21 APEC economies virtually for the forum’s final 2020 meeting. “We look forward to hosting a fully virtual APEC 2021 next year. While this isn’t an in-person meeting, it will be one ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Revival of Māori Horticulturists
    The rapid revival of Māori horticulture was unmistakeable at this year’s Ahuwhenua Trophy Awards, with 2020 marking the first time this iconic Māori farming event was dedicated to horticulture enterprises. Congratulating finalists at the Awards, Māori Development Minister Willie Jackson said growing large-scale māra kai is part of Māori DNA. ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago
  • Emergency benefit to help temporary visa holders
    From 1 December, people on temporary work, student or visitor visas who can’t return home and or support themselves may get an Emergency Benefit from the Ministry of Social Development, Social Development and Employment Minister Carmel Sepuloni announced today. Previously, temporary visa holders in hardship because of COVID-19 have had ...
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    2 weeks ago