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7 comments on “Spin the wheel”

  1. mike e 1

    No U turns. one Uturn.
    Broken promises just about all accept asset sales!

  2. Uturn 2

    Yeah, what is the fascination with pedophiles their supporters have? The way it’s used out of context, with no apparent connection to the reality, but with more relevence to them than a standard expletive. It puzzles me. Yet more of the RW lexicon I don’t understand.

    • BernyD 2.1

      It’s all about the “Denial” psychosis buddy …

      They’d need 30 years of therapy (“Your in denial” … “No I’m not” ….),
      Too figure it out for themselves.

      Then another 30 Years of “Transferral psychosis” therapy (“It’s their fault” … “But it’s your mind” …)

      Finally they admit it was them all along.
      Then another 10 Years to cry about it.(“But why am I like that” … “Only you can asnwer that” …)

      And if they’d admit to it when they were 10 and tell themselves to stop being a Dickhead they’d save 70 years of therapy.

  3. Newt 3

    Crush the elderly and ban teenagers?

  4. You really should credit the creator of this work… Porcupine Farm

  5. Very much appreciate the credit Ropata, but this one’s concept and content is entirely from Danyl at the DimPost, with appropriate acknowledgement to No Right Turn:

  6. adam 6

    The wheel is very funny IMO. Trouble is it’s not only laugh a minute, it’s too true of our current looney Neo-liberal National Government. If they get another term god help us all!

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