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Following the news that Solid Energy intends to close up the entrance to Pike River Mine, sealing up the evidence of what happened and the bodies of the 29 men who died there forever, the Pike River families have decided to take a stand and are occupying the road to the mine.

Sonya Rockhouse is one of the family members who are there right now, calling on John Key to keep his promise.


For updates, follow the Stand With Pike page on Facebook.

16 comments on “#StandWithPike”

  1. weka 1

    If you are on twitter please tweet #StandWithPike as this will get the attention of journalists and politicians. You can use the twitter link underneath the post to tweet this post.

  2. Cinny 2

    Not on the Twitter but i do #StandWithPike and so does WestCoast/Tasman labour MP Damien O’Connor, he stands so strong with them and has since it happened.

    Brave families that just want the bodies of their fathers, brothers, sons to come home. They were promised. Much love and respect to them all, they’ve been thru hell and back, it’s long over due for closure, they’ve all suffered enough for way too long.

  3. Rae 3

    Is there any real need to seal the mine off?
    Let’s try to look at this from the most dispassionate, bottom line point of view, and to my mind, that is that this mine is a forensic site that has had not any forensic examination.
    You know, we can look at minuscule bits of evidence, often from many years ago and still piece together a chain of events, perhaps we can do this with what is left in this mine. I firmly believe that this incident must be fully investigated, these families are entitled to this.
    I say, do not seal this mine, it is too final. We must allow for a window of opportunity for recovery of what can be recovered and a proper examination of the scene.

    • Chuck 3.1

      “Is there any real need to seal the mine off?”

      According to WorkSafe CEO, yes it does…

      “WorkSafe chief executive Gordon MacDonald also rejected Monk’s claim.”

      “There is no evidence that conditions beyond the temporary seal at 170m have changed. Methane levels past that seal remain at 98 per cent and therefore it remains unsafe,” he said.

      Seems everyone agrees most of the mine is too dangerous to re enter, the difference in opinion is the “drift”

      “Osborne says the Pike families accept the main workings of the mine are still too dangerous too re-enter but a previously unexplored area before it – known as “the drift” – needs to be looked at.”


      • Rae 3.1.1

        Even if it is still too dangerous to re-enter I do not think it needs to be sealed, as there may still come a time when it is safe to re-enter. I just think we should not be sealing of all opportunity to discover the truth, whenever that chance comes.

      • Xanthe 3.1.2

        If the methane level is 98% it is safe to enter, no explosive risk, they will have to carry their own air, but do-able

  4. Muttonbird 4

    Open the mine, for the twenty nine.

  5. Muttonbird 5

    The John Key government position was that they would recover the 29 if it was safe, practically possible, and ‘financially feasible’.

    The pivot is the ‘financially feasible’ part, because the retrieval operation would be both safe and practically possible given the required funding.

    That top photo is very powerful. I love it! Ordinary families, who have not been listened to by a deliberately deaf and uncaring National government, protesting on a lonely road because that is the only action left for them.

    As always with the John Key government it comes down to money.

    • Cinny 5.1

      I agree it all comes down to money, especially with the outgoing government. Money has always been their priority over people. It disturbs me how they put a monetary value on their promises regarding peoples lives and feelings.

      I wonder if Maureen Pugh LIST MP based in westcoast/tasman came and talked to the families and offered her support and explanations as to the lack of action and compassion from the outgoing government? After all I heard she is a trustee or director of the Pike River Memorial Scholarship Trust.

  6. Peter 6

    [It is not necessary to lecture the Pike River families about what happened to their family members who died in the mine. You are not being brave, speaking ~uncomfortable truth~, nor doing any kindness by posting about what they could “realistically” expect if the mine were explored. Take the rest of the weekend off to think about the concept of empathy. – Stephanie]

  7. Muttonbird 7

    I don’t do facebook. Are there any other contacts for the organisers? I’m interested in offering my services to this cause.

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