Still no answers on housing from Nats

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Yesterday Phil Twyford debated Amy Adams on the housing crisis (transcript, video). Take home message:

Nats alone in denying housing crisis – Twyford

The Salvation Army says we’ve got “the worst homelessness in living memory”, but the Government is still refusing to call it a crisis.

Government ministers have long refused to use that word. Appearing on The Nation on Saturday, National social housing spokesperson Amy Adams preferred to call it housing “pressure”.

Not only was Adams still trying to blame a Labour government of 9 years ago, she was also completely hopeless – a scathing review from none other than Patrick Gower.

The incoming Labour government will have a huge job on its hands to sort out this mess.

14 comments on “Still no answers on housing from Nats”

  1. AsleepWhileWalking 1

    Her most offensive comment was uttered last week, when she stated they were “quite proud” of what they had accomplished, referring to altering the name of emergency housing to transition housing.

  2. National have been using the housing bubble and the massive increase in debt that it’s produced to prop up the economy. Without that housing bubble we would have been in a recession and probably heading for a depression with National in charge.

    Why China Had To Crash Part 1

    Demand is strictly monetary: there is some barter, but in the vast majority of cases, purchases of both goods and assets requires money. And there are two main private sources of money: you can either spend money you already have, or you can borrow from a bank. When you borrow from a bank, you increase your spending power without reducing anybody else’s: the bank records a new asset on one side of its ledger (the debt you now owe to the bank) and a new liability (the additional amount of money in your deposit account). When you spend that borrowed money, it becomes income for someone else. So total expenditure and income in our economy is the sum of the turnover of existing money, plus the change in private debt (I’m leaving the government and external sectors out of the argument for now).

    My bold.

  3. mike 3

    Honestly! That was simply two people attacking one. Hours for the woman from National to peddle her stuff. With only head nodding attempts to silence her long raves. Tiny questions to Phil that were constantly interrupted by the interviewer and the woman from National, with a ‘yeah right’ attitude behind every one. Neoliberalism is so entrenched now that pretty much all of our ‘reporters’ have swallowed it and sneer at anybody who talks sense. That person running the interview is just as bad as the terrible fascist midget who jeers and sneers on the 7 o’clock programme. Bloody awful.

  4. Bearded Git 4

    No solution on housing partly because they have other spending priorities -the Nats have just announced (I heard it 5 mins ago on RNZ) 10 new roads costing over $10 billion. They just don’t get it. Talk about dinosaurs.

    • lprent 4.1

      Watching Ardern speaking. Looks like Labour has finally bitten the bullet on housing. Roughly…

      1. Fix the frigging tax advantages given to speculators.
      2. Constrain speculative overseas investment in housing.
      3. Actively build more houses

  5. tracey 5

    English wanting to heat Auckland back up is pretty telling, desperate and a sign they are losing support

  6. millsy 6

    An increase in the number of affordable and social houses will force down rents. That is why National arent coming up with answers.

  7. Mrs Brillo 7

    I liked Twyford’s ability to speak calmly and distinctly despite the interviewer’s trying to do the debate at top speed in the hopes that one of the interviewees would make a mistake under pressure. That is a technique that that show’s presenter uses all the time. Amy Adams fell for it and gabbled like there was steam coming out of her ears. She had the stats at her fingertips but the stats themselves were so dreadful that it did her no good.
    Now all Twyford has to do is learn proper interjection – muttering “Rubbish!” At intervals and letting her continue was ineffectual.


    Typical rubbish from Amy Adams as another tired national “out of ideas” pundit.

    They will be out of a job in 30 days.

  9. Macro 9

    At the meet the candidates here today Scott Simpson informed us all that housing was the responsibility of councils!

  10. Tamati Tautuhi 10

    National full of tired old men and hags.

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