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Business confidence verses business certainty

Written By: - Date published: 11:13 am, August 31st, 2018 - 37 comments

Lately the news has been all doom and gloom about business confidence.  But what is the reality?  And should we worry what an Australian Bank is telling us?

Treasury predictions – not good

Written By: - Date published: 8:08 am, November 27th, 2016 - 65 comments

Brian Fallow in The Herald summarises the take-home messages from the latest Treasury report. National have us on track to disaster.

Key’s pre-budget falls flat

Written By: - Date published: 8:29 am, April 15th, 2015 - 8 comments

Key’s attempts to drum up enthusiasm for this year’s upcoming budget have fallen absolutely flat. And as usual, promised funding actually represents an ongoing cut in real terms.

Inequality: Fallow vs Rashbrooke

Written By: - Date published: 7:44 am, July 20th, 2013 - 138 comments

Yesterday The Herald ran two pieces on the latest Ministry of Social Development’s report on household income. They have very different conclusions – Brian Fallow’s Rising inequality largely a myth and Max Rashbrooke’s Rich get richer. The poor? Have a guess.  So who’s right?

Beware of politicians brandishing statistics

Written By: - Date published: 8:00 pm, April 16th, 2011 - 9 comments

John Key wants to talk about how average after tax wages have gone up since he became Prime Minister. But as Brian Fallow says in today’s Herald: Averages are all well and good. If John Key walks into a room the average net worth of the people in the room shoots up, but the rest […]

Fallow latest to slay privatisation arguments

Written By: - Date published: 8:02 am, February 11th, 2011 - 44 comments

Brian Fallow has put the nails in the coffin of the Nats’ privatisation arguments. His column goes through the excuses that National has come up with for selling the family silver and none of them stack up. Nor does Key’s ‘money-go-round’ where the state-owned Cullen Fund buys these state-owned assets to free up cash for the state.

Exchange rates, Kiwisaver, breaking promises, & the art of doing nothing

Written By: - Date published: 2:35 pm, October 31st, 2009 - 7 comments

A range of interesting political/economic comment today in the Herald: Fran O’Sullivan joins the left-wing and groups like Federated Farmers in calling on the Key Government to sort out monetary policy. At the moment, the Reserve Bank is tasked solely with controlling inflation with interest rates as its only real tool, while the exchange is […]

More migration mythbusting

Written By: - Date published: 2:21 pm, June 26th, 2008 - 7 comments

From Brian Fallow in The Herald on migration and immigration: …Statistics New Zealand has been comparing last year with previous peak gross outflows, allowing for changes in population size and age-structure. In unadjusted terms, permanent and long-term departures for Australia last year were just 7 per cent lower than the 1979 peak, but 20 per […]

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