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An honest answer in question time

Written By: - Date published: 10:04 am, July 24th, 2015 - 14 comments


Careering to the right

Written By: - Date published: 2:23 pm, August 27th, 2014 - 65 comments

“Dirty Politics” and “The Hollow Men” have revealed the extent of the National party’s nasty internal war over the past decade. Cameron Slater is merely one of the noisier but dumber sock puppet weapons in use against National’s centre and moderates. Looking at the actions of Simon Lusk using his sock puppet is more revealing…

Questions mount on PEDA

Written By: - Date published: 12:10 am, June 16th, 2010 - 45 comments

Details on PEDA are still very thin but it is increasingly looking like public money has been hijacked to help the political prospects of National’s Pacific Islanders. The service delivery aspect of the Pacific Island Affairs Ministry seems set to be turned over to this private organisation. The lack of honest answers from the minister only deepens the suspicion that something very dodgy is afoot.

Nats lying over firing Aroha’s mum?

Written By: - Date published: 7:07 am, February 8th, 2010 - 29 comments

Jackie Blue's magical Tardis Electorate Office that both is, and isn't

In yesterday’s Herald Jackie Blue told us she’d sacked the mother of young Aroha because she had to merge offices with Sam Lotu-Iiga. But some investigative work at The Hand Mirror suggests otherwise…

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