Take it out of my ‘tax cut’

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So the govt wants to sue the Waihopai 3 for $1.1 million.

Problem is, the dudes only have a grand between them. Spending a couple of hundred thousand on lawyers’ fees to bankrupt some hippies. Doesn’t seem like the best use of taxpayer cash.

Tell you what. If the govt really wants its $1.1 million they can take it out of our tax ‘cuts’. 25 cents each.

That’ll be my tax cut pretty much gone. According to Marty’s calcs after the GST increase I’m in line for a buck or two a week if I’m lucky*

That’s before the landlord puts up the rent, of course.

Still, I guess it’s necessary. Gotta give those tax cuts to tax cheats. It’s about creating the right incentives, you know. Gotta give the rich some more money, otherwise the poor dears will starve. And with the economy still smaller than it was years ago the only way for the rich to be richer is by taking more off the rest of us.

Think of them like parasites. Only way for them to get bigger is sucking more out of us.

I guess that’s what appeals to me so much about the Waihopai 3. They took it not just to the military/industrial establishment but to all the elite. They pierced the bubble. Showed the patheticness underneath. Dispelled the Wizard of Oz myth of omnipotent power and control.

And the people loved them for it.

So put my 25 cents on their tab. The rich bludgers’ party would just be along to take it off me next recession anyway.

*(hey, Marty. What’s the effect with WFF payments on the tax ‘cuts’?)
[because a lot of middle income families effectively pay little or no net income tax thanks to Working For Families it’ll often mean little or no reduction in your income tax to offset your higher GST bill and your buying power/standard of living will go down. Basically, your middle income family is about to get screwed, sorry Zet. If it makes you feel better I get a tidy sum – Marty].
(aw, f#ck)

30 comments on “Take it out of my ‘tax cut’”

  1. Bright Red 1

    So, wait, if you’re getting working for families you’re going to be spending more on GST and probably on rent but get no offsetting income tax cut?

    and bloody john key gives how many thousand a week tax cuts for himself and his rich mates?

    god dammit.

    • burt 1.1

      So wait, if you are possibly paying no tax at all (on WFF) then you might not get a big tax cut to cover the increase in GST. Well F##k me!

  2. Tigger 2

    Notice how public discontent has become verboten. We’re not allowed to think differently or rock the system or, god forbid, do something about it. No, we are all supposed to shut up and take our medicine and be thankful for it. And when someone does, and here they got away with it, they are meant to be ‘punished’ with a law suit.

    These guys are legends to me. It’s been a bright spot in a very bleak year so far.

    • Nick C 2.1

      So if i dont agree with the government purchase of Kiwirail can i go around and start blowing up trains? Or do i just have to ‘shut up and take my medicine’?

  3. ianmac 3

    Relax you lot! John Key assured us that it would be fiscally neutral. The rise in GST will be offset by taxcuts so don’t you worry your pretty little heads. John will take care of you all. He promised.

  4. Lanthanide 4

    Sorry, I don’t want to give anything to those hippies. They’re incredibly lucky they’re not in jail, as any competent jury would’ve sent them to.

    • Olwyn 4.1

      Rather, the corrections system is incredibly lucky not to have them, scrutinising prison practices with a critical eye.

  5. Bill 5

    McLibel anyone?

  6. There is no way this costs a couple of hundred throusand in legal fees. If a Crown Solicitor can’t do it for less than $10k (and probably a fair bit under that), then they’re being ripped off.

  7. pseudopanax 7

    Well, shit. That’s just bullying. Mind passing us a link though, Zetetic?

  8. B 8

    thet doesnt sound right about wff – isnt that paid out weekly kind of like a benefit? ie a family pays say 19% tax at the moment but gets a weekly payment which offsets that. So if their tax rate is cut their weekly payments wont go down – if that makes sense?

    • Rob 8.1

      Yes, there is confusion here. WFF is a benefit , not a rebate off tax paid. So if the overall tax rate is decreased all WFF pay less tax.

      • Bright Red 8.1.1

        yeah, that’s right WFF is a tax credit, not a rebate.

        You can have a negative tax bill with WFF. If you couldn’t then families wouldn’t get a tax cut if they’re already on zero net tax. I assume that’s the confusion.

        To be fair to Marty, I think Key has made similiar comments about not being able to cut taxes for people paying zero net tax.

      • Pascal's bookie 8.1.2

        “WFF is a benefit , not a rebate off tax paid”

        Is it counted as income for income tax purposes?

        If not, and it’s income that someone is currently spending; then cutting their income tax to compensate for a GST rise becomes that much more complicated.

        • Bright Red

          nah, it’s not a benefit like the dole. It’s a tax credit so doesn’t form part of your taxable income.

  9. nzfp 9

    Who needs a tax laugh? Ever heard of the “Robin Hood Tax“? Watch “Bill Nighy” (The Boat That Rocked, 2009) ham it up (as he does soo well) as a self obsessed over paid English Banker.

    Watch the three and a half minute video “HERE

    The Robin Hood Tax (UK)
    A tax on banks not you or I – that has the power to raise hundreds of billions every year. It could give a vital boost to the NHS, our schools, and the fight against child poverty in the UK as well as tackling poverty and climate change around the world.

  10. Daveosaurus 10

    Over a million dollars for… a big plastic bag?

    Someone got done like a dog’s dinner when they agreed to that deal.

  11. Tigger 11

    I’m happy to provide a white tarp to the spy guys. It cost $30 at a second hand shop but in the spirit of rampant consumerism this govt is engendering it’ll cost them $300,000.

    • Name 11.1

      Domes like this are not mass-produced in Chinese factories. Or maybe you’d like to see Team New Zealand pop into The Warehouse for a plastic tarp next time they need a spinnaker.

  12. Name 12

    The Government needs to go after these ‘hippies’ for every cent they have to demonstrate that you can’t go around causing millions of dollars of damage to public or private property simply because you happen to believe you’re doing “god’s work”, or that your personal moral or ethical sense demands it. Sure if you believe it, do it. But be prepared for the consequences.

    Think how many lives and how much environmental damage I would prevent if I blew up the the Wiri Storage Terminal) and/or the Marsden Point Tanker Loading Facility so that no-one could use their car.

    I actually believe these three ‘hippies’ were disappointed at getting off, and they were quite prepared for and even hoping for martyrdom in an attempt to manipulate the public consciousness.

    • Daveosaurus 12.1

      “The Government needs to go after these ‘hippies’ for every cent they have”

      If they’re going to take that path, they’d be better off going for the politicians who gutted the building regulations back in the early 1990s which caused this whole leaky buildings mess. These vandals have caused untold millions of dollars of damage – and to real New Zealanders, unlike those affected by the plastic bag slashers up at Waihopai.

  13. These guys have caused a million dollars worth of damage, without any actual REAL PROOF.

    No use suing them for money for the damage they have caused, they shoul;d be made to work it off to pay back their debt to society.

    • Name 13.1

      How about suing the ‘Directors’ of Hanover, Bridgecorp et al for the millions of other people’s money they lost – and if they can’t pay it, make them work at real jobs to pay back their debt.

  14. Armchair Critic 14

    “they shoul;d be made to work it off to pay back their debt to society”
    The government should enslave them, Brett? Just temporarily, or permanently?
    I’m quite keen on Daveosaurus’s suggestion at 7:00pm, about holding National’s MPs responsible for the leaky homes disaster. $11b and counting, last time I heard.

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