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Team Anderton should remain confident

Written By: - Date published: 9:15 am, October 7th, 2010 - 51 comments
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Since Sept 4, Bob Parker, according to the polls, has reversed his fortunes, going from a likely one-term mayor to a council colossus. He has been portrayed as a steady hand on the tiller, while CCC staff worked incredibly hard to restore services to the damaged areas. Meanwhile, Jim has largely stayed out of the limelight, working hard behind the scenes, continuing the advocacy for Christchurch that has seen Wigram/Sydenham return him as their MP since 1984. All the while, false statements and fallacies surrounding him have come and gone.

Parker has now, according to his own comments, abandoned campaigning in favour of focusing on rebuilding Christchurch. This is an incredibly arrogant position to take – however distasteful campaigning might feel in the aftermath of such a disaster, Parker owes it to the people of Christchurch to be able to make an informed decision – the alternative is withdraw from the race to focus on early rebuilding and the handover.
OTOH, Jim has continued his campaign, although toned down, he has and is continuing to meet with the people of this city.

But fear not, Anderton, whilst the underdog according to current polls, has a number of things in his favour:
– He is a recognised politician, unlike less previously visible 2007 2021 Mayoral opponent Megan Woods, who gained a significant number of votes considered.
– Many Anderton voters will be anti-Parker votes, because they are upset about what is happening to our city – Anti-voters tend to more motivated to vote than pro-voters.
– Anderton is supported by the 2021 People’s Choice team, which has a huge number of volunteers out and about ready to corral votes.
– Part of Christchurch already has Anderton as their elected representative, and have experience with his advocacy skills.
– Those who have not suffered temporary memory loss from the quake, will know that this council has been unpopular with both ratepayers and other voters for its lack of consultation, closed door approach, and lack of transparency.
– Parker remains unapologetic for the decisions made during this term, including the Henderson purchases, 24% rent increases on council owned housing.

This is not to say that it will not be close. Don’t forget to vote.

51 comments on “Team Anderton should remain confident ”

  1. tsmithfield 1

    Anderton hasn’t got a chance.

    The disaster isn’t over. There is no way that ChCh voters will change horses while the ride isn’t finished.

    • Bright Red 1.1

      what if the horse is just a show pony?

      • burt 1.1.1

        A breathing show pony is better than a corpse in the nackers yard. If Anderton gets elected then Christchurch clearly didn’t think the quakes created enough disaster for them to deal with.

    • gingercrush 1.2

      I think its very unwise to discount anyone in local elections. Personally, I always felt Parker had a chance to win the mayoralty and while Anderton looked more assured of winning the mayoralty prior to the earthquake I never discounted Parker. Likewise, while the earthquake has seemingly turned things around, you can never discount Anderton in Christchurch. Same goes in Auckland where Len Brown looks very good. You still can’t discount Banks even though the polls and voter turnout in South Auckland point to a Browns win.

      The one prediction I will make is Shadbolt retains Invercargill. Frana Cardno mayor of Southland Disctrict Council could run for the next 30+ years and every time she’d win the mayoralty race.

      • Bored 1.2.1

        Yeah, fair call. In Wellington we have the MSM (Dimpost) giving Kerry the lead with stories designed to shore up her vote and put voters off marginals with shonkey “polls”. Personally I wont believe anything until the result is in, just dont trust the media in the slightest.

        My take is that without the quake Parker was a gone burger, he got really lucky, and it will keep visibility of the shenanigans with Henderson etc at bay for 3 years. When the public and auditors finally get at the books I think he might well dissappear.

  2. comedy 2

    Isn’t it time he retired ?

    • You expect the poor fellow to retire on the pittance he’s made as an MP since 1984 (when the superannuation was very generous), plus the top-ups Labour have kindly given him by making him Minister of Not Doing Much a few times, plus perks, plus the extra boost he gets from being a “Party Leader” (solely in his own mind), plus the government pension he’s now eligible for?!

      You heartless bastard, comedy! Perhaps if we asked freeloading bludgers like my elderly parents, who worked all their lives in a factory much like that owned by Anderton, to tithe him a portion of their pension, and encourage the rest of them to do likewise, he might be convinced to let go the teat before he’s achieved whatever greatness he had in mind back in the 80s that he hasn’t quite got round to managing yet…

      • Lats 2.1.1

        I tend to agree Rex. I’ve never been an Anderton fan, his political career seems to have been pretty divisive and ego-driven.

        Unhappy with the goings-on within Labour? OK, I’ll form a new party, New Labour, led by me of course. Wait, my influence in NL is being diluted by upstarts? OK, I’ll merge NL into the Alliance, again with me as sole dictator. Damn, more dissention in the ranks, time for yet another new party, hmm, think I’ll call it the Progressives. Now I’m back in full charge again. How long will this one last before I have to destroy it to save face?

        OK, I may be being a tad harsh, but in my opinion it’s time for Anderton to be put out to pasture. His repeated rants against alcohol, drugs, boy racers, etc make me think he’s become a bitter old fart a bit out of touch with the world. He reminds me of a radio talkback caller railing against the young hooligans in this country, feeding discrimination against youth because he’s forgotten what it was like to be young and finding your own way in the world. Honestly, he sounds like he’d be right at home with the family first crowd, he’s lost any right to call himself a liberal if you ask me.

        I know a lot of you will back Jim simply because he’s from the left, and therefore can do no wrong. And that’s fine, you’re entitled to your opinion. In my view he’d have his snout in the trough more than Parker, remember he’s the one who didn’t think he’d have to be a full-time mayor, he wanted to keep his central govt perks as well. Here piggy piggy piggy…….

        • Colonial Viper

          I know a lot of you will back Jim simply because he’s from the left, and therefore can do no wrong.

          Seriously, we’re left leaning and community minded, not morons.

          • Lats

            You’re probably right CV, but there does seem on occasion to be a slightly irrational, Pavlov’s dogs kind of response by some of the posters here, frothing at the mouth in antipathy towards the right, and in semi-orgasmic delight towards the left. I’ve been guilty of that in my younger more idealistic days, but I tend to take a more studied and thoughtful approach now that I am more venerable. So apologies to my fellow lefties, no offense intended.

        • Rex Widerstrom

          Not at all harsh Lats. I was in Parliament at the time when the Alliance ructions were happening. That could have been a great vehicle and was an incubator for some damn fine politicians, but he destroyed it rather than lose control of it.

          One of them is standing for council in Christchurch. Hopefully she’s been effective at reminding voters what an ineffective and ego-driven “leader” Anderton is. That’d be disastrous on a council, where it’s even more important to work towards consensus.

          [Not that I’m saying Parker’s better. I honestly don’t know, but from what I’ve been told, he’s not. Bit like Auckland really… a lose/lose no matter who wins].

          • Lats

            Luckily for me I’m out in Selwyn, and I seem to have a couple of farmers to vote for. I’m still very interested in the outcome in Chch though. I think the thing I miss most about being in Selwyn is I only get to read one electoral blurb by Michael Hansen, he’s a very unusual character.

        • Policy Parrot

          To be fair Lats, a majority of Labour voters and party members were unhappy with what the 1984-1990 caucus leadership were doing.

          Re: the destuction of the Alliance – that is essentially Liz Gordon’s position.

          But on this occasion, she and other potential left challengers (i.e. Kerry Burke) correctly recognised that it was more important to unite around a single candidate that could win and oust Bob Parker – who was the motivation for nascendent candidacies.

    • Puddleglum 2.2

      It would be tremendous if Parker took your advice, Comedy, and retired from public life. (I presume you mean Parker and not Anderton?)

      But do you think Parker has sufficient virtue to make that decision? So far, he’s shown himself to be simply a means for Christchurch’s elite (and believe me, we have an elite here that ye olde Englande would be proud of) to further engorge itself from the local government trough. As you no doubt know (everyone else does), we have families here who see it as their birthright to govern us in their own interests.

      Parker is just the latest (apparently) willing political vehicle for that process. God knows what truly motivates him. It certainly doesn’t seem to be concern for the citizens of Christchurch whom he prefers to keep well and truly in the dark, away from any chance of being involved in decision making.

  3. Vote Christchurch 3

    Yesterday was the last day to send out postal ballots in Christchurch. However you can still hand in your vote at any of the Christchurch libraries. You can vote until midday Saturday at the library.

    • Vote Christchurch 3.1

      If you did not receive your voting paper in Christchurch, you can call 03 9418999 to arrange a special vote.

    • Colonial Viper 3.2

      The counting centre is in ChCh right? So standard mail posted in ChCh in time for the post *today* should in theory be delivered overnight, and hence in time for the Saturday deadline.

      Of course if you are in Invercargill, Dunedin etc, standard post is not likely to get your ballot to the counting centre in Christchurch in time now.

  4. TightyRighty 4

    do they remain confident in Jim’s ability to do both jobs while remaining stationary in an inverted position?

  5. tsmithfield 5

    There is a theory going around that Parker caused the quake. 🙂

    • burt 5.1

      That would be because he didn’t ban them. Anderton thinks if you ban things they go away.

  6. sophie 6

    I would say that Christchurch needs Anderton now more than ever.

    Parker’s shonky dealings with his developer mates are not what is needed in a City with major rebuilding ahead of it.

    • TightyRighty 6.1

      nobody needs anderton. just like nobody needs parker. it’s just that parker has proved he has more to offer christchurch than anderton, so therefore is more deserving of the mayoralty.

      • Lanthanide 6.1.1

        Please enumerate what Bob Parker “has proved he has more to offer Christchurch than anderton”.

        • TightyRighty

          about 30 years of life expectancy

          • Lanthanide

            You realise that the term for mayor is 3 years, right?

            Anything else, or is that it?

            • TightyRighty

              So parker only takes one salary from the hard working tax and rate payers. in effect anderton will be double dipping from the christchurch ratepayers, assuming they all pay tax too. All while remaining stationary in an inverted position!!!! it’s only a little bit funny that he couldn’t maintain that position through an earthquake.

              oh, parker has the ability to eat his mushy peas without needing a bib.

              • Lanthanide

                You know he’s already said that he’s going to resign from parliament if he wins the mayoralty because of the earthquake, right?

                Anything substantive? Parker has a hot wife, perhaps?

                • TightyRighty

                  I do know. if Jum is changing his stance because of the same act of god you accuse Bob of taking advantage of, does that make him the right candidate? it looks like a flip flop to me. He might change his mind again and decide that he can do both jobs while remaining inverted and stationary, as the aftershocks have finished??

              • Sickofparker

                Anderton was going to donate his mayoral salary for the time he held both offices, to all the social services that Parker got rid of to be able to help his mate Henderson. If you think Anderton is stationary you should spend a day with him. His media person, the journalist who followed him for a day recently and the young people helping him on his campaign cannot believe the energy he has and the amount of work he can get through in a day.
                Perhpas you could leave the ageism out of it – and get your facts right before you comment!

                • comedy

                  Thankyou Mrs Anderton, can you let me know if he can also donate the overage he gets on parliamentary salary for being a cough cough “party leader” as well.

                  And on another note, Why doesn’t the old trougher retire ?

                  • lprent

                    Like Roger Douglas as well (following the same logic). It isn’t like he is coming up with workable ideas.

                    If people want to keep contributing and can get elected, then I can’t see any reason to constrain them

                    • comedy

                      Yes. Skeletor Douglas should fuck right off as well.

                      Both seat warming fucktard troughers who think the world revolves around them.

                    • mcflock

                      Both seat warming fucktard troughers who think the world revolves around them.

                      Add Paul Henry and we’ve got ourselves the start of a list…

                      At least 118 names to go, though 🙂

  7. Big Bruv 7

    “Anderton’s record of service”???

    Services to what…..his own pocket?, his own ego?

    Nah, Anderton is a fraud, always has been and always will be.

  8. sophie 8

    @ tighty righty
    “nobody needs anderton. just like nobody needs parker. it’s just that parker has proved he has more to offer christchurch than anderton, so therefore is more deserving of the mayoralty”

    Actually, I’ll stick by my original comment if it’s alright by you. I think they do need Anderton. Somebody who has a proven record of caring about the needs of all people regardless of how wealthy they are.

    I don’t think going up in a cherry picker to inspect the cracks in the clock tower for a photo op prove Parker is deserving of the mayoralty at all.

    • TightyRighty 8.1

      it’s fine by me if you stick with your original comment.

      Does anderton get stung at the same marginal tax rate that all people who hold down more than job pay?

      • The Baron 8.1.1

        Hmm, you would have thought that secondary tax should have already kicked in on his Super though, Tighty. Oh yes, my friends – we have a triple dipper!

        But he’s “entitled” to it… wow, and I hear “born to rule” claims made predominantly about the right round here…

    • The Baron 8.2

      Well thats why this is a democracy Sophie – you get to choose what the city needs, and others get to choose otherwise. Not everyone is going to agree with you – so grow up a bit, realise that there are a range of opinions, and do what you can to convince others of your point of view.

      Blindly ranting on about how awesome you think the man is, and mindless platitudes like “proven record of caring…” (WTF does that mean?) are not likely to meet that criteria.

  9. rich 9

    So Christchurchers have got a choice of a crazed social authoritarian and a man who believes that subjecting himself to election is somehow illegitimate.

    Glad I don’t live there. I assume there’s no liberal candidate one could vote for, even as an empty gesture.

    • comedy 9.1

      “Glad I don’t live there. I assume there’s no liberal candidate one could vote for, even as an empty gesture.”

      It could be worse you could be choosing between the twats that have put themselves forward in Auckland.

    • Lats 9.2

      Actually there are 14 candidates for Mayor in Chch, but realistically only 2 that stand a chance at getting elected. So sadly voters in the garden city are stuck between a rock and a hard place. I must confess to not having paid a lot of attention to the other 12, but I do see that one Mr Michael Hansen is running for mayor again, presumably so he can stop the evil council vans with their nefarious tingle rays from terrorising the city’s fine inhabitants.

      Btw, I do like your description of Anderton as a crazed social authoritarian, very accurate and very amusing.

      • grumpy 9.2.1

        Actually, Hansen is the most entertaining. Like you, I’m in Selwyn and I reckon if he stood out here he would shoo in!

  10. Bloody hell Comedy ,you should live in Waipa. At lest clown make you laugh.This lot in Waipa are bigoted lot of Right-Wingers, and we’ve had then for years.

  11. vto 11

    This whole situation shows how shallow is the decision-making process for most people.

    I despair and escape …

  12. Milked the earthquake? Thats a bit harsh.

  13. ianmac 13

    I have a vivid memory of the question answer sessions on radio during the last election when Party Leaders were asked their opinion on matters. Jim was the most fluent of them all and was consistent and persuasive and wowed the audiences involved. Jim has a lot of talent. He will be good for Christchurch. Parker is all show and cunning.

  14. TightyRighty 14

    Ahh the joys of seeing your predictions come true. Paul Henry has more fans than helen clark, Parker in power in Christchurch and brown in power in Auckland. money rolling in to the ipredict account, and the left handed a poisoned chalice in Auckland. contrary to popular opinion, you can always get what you want.

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