Tell the Health Committee: Make our cannabis law fair for those in pain

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The Greens have an online submission form to make the process easy.

From the Greens: ______________________________________________________________________

To the Health Select Committee,

Please fix the Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis), Amendment Bill to provide greater access to treatment using cannabis-based medicines.

The current Bill fails to offer relief for Kiwis with chronic conditions who are in pain.

I call on the Select Committee to amend the current Bill to extend legal medicinal cannabis use to people experiencing a chronic debilitating condition.

Kiwis deserve legal and affordable access to medicinal cannabis.The Health Select Committee is about to consider the government’s changes to medicinal cannabis law. This is your chance to tell politicians they have not gone far enough. 

Right now, thousands are suffering needlessly without access; many are risking their livelihoods and their clean record for a bit of relief.

The government’s changes provide some solace for terminally ill patients but they do nothing to stop the criminalisation of those with a chronic illness. We need your voice to make it happen.

Make a quick and easy submission to ensure everyone has legal access to the medicine they need.

To get you started, you could tell the Committee:

  • how the current law affects you, your family or friends
  • how the proposed law has gaps you want to see filled
  • the harm suffered if we delay real reform now

Personal stories can change minds. Tell the Committee yours.

How to submit

Simply fill out the form on this page.

Use the comment box to tell the Committee about your experiences and to ask them to fix the current law.

Ensure you tick if you want to speak or sign to the committee. Your submission will carry more weight if you speak to the Committee directly but you don’t have to.

Submissions close: Wednesday, 21 March 2018.


Details of the Bill and progress are here.

10 comments on “Tell the Health Committee: Make our cannabis law fair for those in pain”

  1. JustPassingThrough 1

    The government (mainly NZF), just isn’t willing to allow people in chronic pain the relief they need if it involves cannabis. The attitude is people in chronic will get relief once locally produced CBD medicines hit the market but until then, here’s a little crumb for those suffering from terminal illness.

    • Sparky 1.1

      NZF? Keep in mind its Labour who pushed hard for the TPP. I would say they are the one’s who could not care less.

      • JustPassingThrough 1.1.1

        The irony is if the Bill becomes law then it’d make medical marijuana law reform infinitely more difficult. This is because the government can turn around and say “What do you need medical marijuana for? There’s all this CBD medicine you can take!”

    • AsleepWhileWalking 1.2

      I hope that you will still make a submission?

  2. Sparky 2

    After the TPP is passed this will all be academic. Big pharma wont want natural alternatives.

  3. jimekus 3

    To the Health Select Committee,

    Voluntary users of an electronic lock can enable use of cannabis to be stretched out to a tiny hit every 4 days. Coupled with an anonymous video of a 2 minute dosage regimen being “liked” by an AI, a scheme called “420 Electronic Monitoring” can offer proof of compliance. The Committee needs to assess reactions to questions on the legal issues surrounding enhanced climate change mitigation using government supplied prescription weed, to be funded by a privacy proof electronic monitoring service. The motto/slogan could be: – spend around $153.00 to avoid ever having to take a piss test again.

    I would like to speak to the Committee

  4. One Two 4

    Issues such as this expose the nature of those who exist behind the gatekeepers…

    Politicians are gatekeepers, who are accountable to external forces…

    Gatekeepers, actors, avatars…

  5. weston 5

    phobias obviously still abound round the use of cannabis medicinal or otherwise !!!neva mind that the whole country is wracked seemingly in the throes and chaos of out of control meth use and abuse and about a dozen people died last year from useing SYNTHETIC cannabis still nz cops are out there flying the skys trying to make a natrual product as scarce as they can make it ….makes sense NOT !!i was amused and flabbergasted recently watching a diy vid from the states when it became apparent that the plumbers ova there cant even identify the material theyre using as HEMP they have to use another word !!now THATS a phobia !!!

  6. AsleepWhileWalking 6

    Fascinating history of marijuana here.

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