Tell the panel Don & I am not a liar

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Spotted yesterday in the Westin Hotel in Auckland’s Viaduct Basin by our orbiting surveillance satellite & Don Brash in a job interview line.

Could it be he’s going for the now vacant National Party general manager’s job? Steven Joyce and Jo de Joux, also of Hollow Men fame, are back at National’s HQ & perhaps he wants to lie alongside them again?

Stranger things have been happening in the National Party recently.

10 comments on “Tell the panel Don & I am not a liar”

  1. Sam Dixon 1

    I understand he’s actually joining a ‘private security firm’ to go fight in Iraq, he was so keen to get New Zealand involved and when the State couldn’t act he decided the free market approach was the way to go.

  2. Tane 2

    Sounds like that small businessman I know – he was so pissed off about state intrusion in his affairs that he decided to pack up and move to Somalia. Haven’t heard from him since.

  3. rjs131 3

    Well he is more profesionally qualified then the majority of Labour MPs, so i am sure he has more chance of getting a job then say david benson pope, jill pettis, dianne yates and taito philip field.

    maybe the government will re-employ him as reseve bank governor?

  4. James Sleep 4

    HAHA yeah right!

    Why would they hire a man that has a track record of lieing to New Zealand…and encouraging the purchasing of an election…utter scum.

    Not even any future National govt would hire him, or anyone like him.

    I think if he is hired general manager of the National Pary it would give the left some positive leverage.

    Wonder who was interviewing him…Steve Crow? Seeing it’s in the Viaduct, isn’t that where Steve Crows company is based?

  5. the sprout 5

    “more profesionally qualified then the majority of Labour MPs”

    maybe, but utterly incapable of being an effective politician

  6. burt 6

    James Sleep

    HAHA yeah right!

    Why would they hire a man that has a track record of lieing to New Zealand.and encouraging the purchasing of an election.utter scum.

    Change the “man” to “woman” in that sentence and think hard about who you are voting for in 2008!

  7. Leftie 7

    I’m a worker and i’m voting for the party that will GENUINELY let me keep my tax cut.

  8. burt 8

    A lefty voting to keep his/her tax cut. Now I’ve heard it all.

  9. Robinsod 9

    Burt – you’re drunk. Come back tomorrow morning when you’ve sobered up.

  10. Leftie 10

    It pained me to write that as I personally don’t agree with tax cuts (but I do agree with pay rises as they will actually close the gap with Australia). Seemingly one way or another there will be a tax cut in the near future, so I was merely pointing out that as a result I want it to be genuine and not (santa) clawed back in any way.

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