The continuing education of Anne Tolley

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Took years as Education Minister before Lockwood Smith was having to make his escape from angry mobs of students through toilet windows. After 18 months in the job, Tolley barely escaped lynching by 500 principals.

Tolley told principals they should stop talking to the media about national standards. Their criticisms are valid. She would rather silence the critics than fix the problems. Said civil servants aren’t allowed to criticise the government. But principals aren’t civil servants. Not subject to the code of conduct. They’re employed by their boards of trustees. Their duty is to their communities’ children.

Tolley has no power to silence them.

A wise authority figure power talks softly and carries a big stick. An idiot with an ego problem yells loudly while carrying no stick.

Threatening 500 pillars of local communities when you’ve got no power over them. That’s just dumb.

13 comments on “The continuing education of Anne Tolley”

  1. fredo 1

    Not surprisingly this is turning in to a monster screw-up for Tolley. Who would have guessed 😉
    While I’m not usually one for commenting on the appearance of MPs, the fact that she looked like she was dropping in on her way to a ballroom dance said a lot about her judgement and connection with her audience. What was she thinking? Incredible.

  2. Jim Nald 2

    Heard her on radio yesterday. Pathetic.

  3. ianmac 3

    And on Campbell Live last night. Campbell actually began to look confused as the question that he aked were not matched by the answers she gave. Which is what the teachers have been saying all along. I guess it is caused by a politician fronting a policy of which she is ignorant.

    John Key has also stepped up to have a slash at teachers. Somehow the politicians don’t get it, that the so-called failing kids will not be helped by National Testing. (Speech to Media yesterday. Can’t find the clip now???)
    Therefore there is a dis-joint between National Testing and Remedial help.

  4. Lew 4

    Couldn’t agree more, Zet.


  5. Bill 5

    But, but she dresses so, comfortingly. What with that deep, warm red and heavy gold ‘mayoral’ necklace of gravitas/authority.

    How could anyone not be drawn to accept on the weight of that wardrobe that really, mom knows best and then get on with looking forward to sticky dollops of extra pudding for being good and compliant little children?

    • Bored 5.1

      Its really so depressing, that nasty Kiwi authoritarian streak that comes out so readily in NACTs newly empowered MPs, they think that if they take the horse to the water they can then insist that the horse drinks.

  6. Stan 6

    What a breath of fresh air she is. Sack all the principals who do not impliment government policy, they are the bullies and should know their place

  7. ASA 7

    Thought Campbell missed the boat once again, by failing to get her to provide precise data to back up her claims.

  8. ASA 8

    A thought – let’s give Sean Plunket a half hour tv slot to have a real explore of the standards and of Mrs Tolley’s catch phrases! Maybe after that I’d be convinced!

  9. Rex Widerstrom 9

    Caption contest!!

    “Hands up who gave Anne Tolley a pearl necklace!!” 😈

    “Oh, you asked if I was prepared to abandon my principles. Well either way the answer’s yes” 😀

    • Anne 9.1

      Be thankful for small mercies.
      At least the cashmere wool twin-set has gone. 😉

  10. prism 10

    Caption –
    ‘I wear my pearls to try and bring some class to educators but it seems they have no class or standards to speak of, when I’m listening anyway.’

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