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The Daily Show on Oz election

Written By: - Date published: 11:03 am, August 15th, 2013 - 9 comments
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Jon Stewart is on leave, but John Oliver is doing a great job filling in on The Daily Show. Here he is enjoying some of the nonsense coming out of the current Australian election campaign:

9 comments on “The Daily Show on Oz election”

  1. James 1

    That was brilliant. thanks for posting.

  2. (ahem..!..)..can i note that i regularly post full episodes of the daily show..and the colbert report..

    ..the mornings after they are screened in america..

    ..and if you like humour threaded thru yr politics..

    ..those two..(along with bill maher..)..

    ..come with the highest recommendations..

    ..and will pretty much see you right..

    ..phillip ure..

  3. Colonial Viper 3

    As Chris Hedges has noted, these guys are funny, but they are also millionaires, and while taking the piss out of the silliness of the players in the system, they are just as part of it and will never fundamentally attack it.

    • QoT 3.1

      Well I think we just achieved new levels in taking something waaaaaaaaaaay too seriously. Also, millionaires? Comedy Central pays that well? And did you actually miss Jon Stewart’s amazing turn on Crossfire?

      • Suitably Clueless 3.1.1

        I did enjoy his debate against Bill O’Reilly, it had me in stitches. Even from the start, with the podium nonsense, showed American politics for the inane, vapid ego driven politics we are headed for far too quickly here.

  4. jaymam 4

    Visdeo not available dut to copyright claim.
    Perhaps it’s this one

    • jaymam 4.1

      Ever since I posted a link to the correct video, all my posts go into moderation.
      And the video at the top still doesn’t work. Thanks a lot.

  5. ropata 5

    Youtube version has been taken down. The original is here : http://x.co/1i9If

  6. jaymam 6

    Can we get that reporter to interview some NZ politicians?
    Poly: “We have six points”
    Reporter: “What are the six points”
    Poly: Evasion
    Reporter: “What are the other five points”
    Poly: more evasion

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