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The final installment, coming Nov 26th

Written By: - Date published: 7:31 am, July 17th, 2011 - 50 comments
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More nice work from Greg Salmond… Better add ACC to that list.

Btw, anyone else noticed that Key has just disappeared since about Tuesday last week? Hardly a peep from him on Labour’s tax policy. He’s off on another holiday next week. Important stuff like dinner with Warners (nb the manufactured crisis over actors) before, finally, getting his visit to the White House.

50 comments on “The final installment, coming Nov 26th ”

  1. Job interviews no doubt. Perhaps a nice cushy job on the board of Warner bros. hobnobbing with all the stars! Make the wife and the kids happy.

  2. Afewknowthetruth 2

    Key will be richly rewarded by his mates in Wall Street for the damage he has done to New Zealand’s future. Maybe this trip is to collect the bonus.

    There could be some meetings to arrange his next move up the corruption ladder. Helen Clark has already got special responsibility for looting Africa, but I’m sure the powers that be can find some other impoverished people for Key to mislead and steal from.

    • Gus 2.1

      I’m sure Key will be no more rewarded by his Mates in Wall Street for his efforts than Helen was rewarded by her Socialists mates for advancing theirs.

      • bbfloyd 2.1.1

        afktt, g…do you two not realise just how pathetic and annoying that kind of small minded , childish drivel is? and how you degrade yourself by making such halfwitted statements?
        i’d feel sorry for you, but i suspect you already have enough self pity to last a lifetime.

        • Blue

          Come on, did you miss the “small minded, childish drivel” that was the headline of the post? As far as self pity, that is the sole preserve of the left, as is the abuse you inevitably turn to due to your limited intellect. This is why we witness daily pants wetting, tears and hysteria from the leaderless left, when a contrary opinion is proffered. And “good work” from Greg Salmond is really an oxymoron…………cue more hysteria and pants wetting.

          • Colonial Viper

            as is the abuse you inevitably turn to due to your limited intellect.

            It takes quite a bit of skill to sharpen a guillotine blade just right.

            This is why we witness daily pants wetting, tears and hysteria from the leaderless left

            Don’t you think the real pants wetting and tears came from the “CGT is going to rocket NZ backwards!” type statements of the last week?

          • Draco T Bastard

            As studies have shown, it’s the RWNJs with the limited intellect. Don’t even reach the average IQ.

            This “limited intellect” line must be a new one from C/T.

            • Blue

              Then Bastard, you might explain why so many of those “working class” individuals who vote Labour are in low paid low skilled work, poorly educated, unemployed and so on. Surely it can’t because they’re as limited as yourself. Oh wait, it must be a capitalist conspiracy then. References for your “studies” might be helpful though. I assume they are peer reviewed and science based, not emotion based.

              • felix

                Keep talking Lyall, you’re living proof of what Draco wrote.

                If working class, poor, uneducated people are voting for parties who want to help them improve their lot, then they’re clearly not as stupid as you’d like to think they are.

                It’s the poor, uneducated people voting National you should be looking at to advance your hypothesis.

                • Blue

                  No, Sally, I think you are living proof of the inherent intransigence and stupidity of the left. If people are “poor, uneducated” it is a direct correlation to the intellect of the individual. There is a direct correlation between the two – lack of skills and education and unemployment. The left bang on about opportunities that education brings, yet you believe that those without it are far superior than those with it. Unless you think an education doesn’t improve an individuals intellect or that having an education and the skills it brings will not improve the chances of landing well paid employment, that it brings an element of control and choice for someone’s life? Surely you don’t believe this. If people are poor and uneducated and vote National, then perhaps they want something more in their lives than a Nanny State, perhaps they have goals that don’t include being mediocre, perhaps they wish better things for their families than dribbling through life pay cheque to pay cheque.

                  [lprent: I presume that this Lyall/Sally meme is not about real names? ]

                • Blue

                  Listen Daisy, I didn’t say poor, uneducated people were “stupid”. You did, which is about as patronising as it gets. Valuing someones intellect on who they vote for has about as much truth in it as saying ‘Unions create jobs’. It has no logic or validity in the real world. It might do in a fantasy socialist world, however

                  • felix

                    “I didn’t say poor, uneducated people were “stupid””

                    Actually you did, three whole minutes before you denied it.

                    Keep talking Lyall.

                    • Blue

                      Deidre, Once again your are cautionary tale for those thinking of leaving school early. The “stupidity of the left” is what was said. I was really talking to and about yourself and like “minds”. You assume that poor uneducated people are all of the left persuasion? If that is the case, (faux outrage) why haven’t you done something about this appalling crime against humanity?!! Oh and why are the polls disagreeing with virtually everything you say ?

                    • felix

                      Wow. You wrote this:

                      “If people are “poor, uneducated” it is a direct correlation to the intellect of the individual.”

                      and then three whole minutes later, this:

                      “I didn’t say poor, uneducated people were “stupid””

                      and all in a stupid argument about stupidity.

                      Hey, have you tried measuring the shape of poor peoples’ heads? That could tell you a lot.


                    • felix

                      Ho ho, you’re the gift that keeps on giving.

                      “You assume that poor uneducated people are all of the left persuasion?”

                      No, but you did, one whole hour previous:

                      “Then Bastard, you might explain why so many of those “working class” individuals who vote Labour are in low paid low skilled work, poorly educated, unemployed and so on”

                      Keep talking Lyall, you’re a work of art.

                      [lprent: I presume that this Lyall/Sally meme is not about real names? ]

                    • Colonial Viper


        • Afewknowthetruth


          It must be wonderful for you, not knowing how the system works, oblivious to reality, sitting at your computer, thinking purely in terms of black and white, slinging out insults in the direction of those who DO know what is going on.

          Ignorance is bliss for the moment. But NZ is on the cusp of the same kind of collpase as most other nations. And when it comes you’ll wonder what hit you.

          johm is right. You need to stop looking at the puppet show and try looking a little higher: you will then see who is writing the script and who pulling the strings that operate the puppets

          This corporate based money-lender system has been operating for over 400 years, and has its slaves very nicely trained. However, the wheels are starting to fall off faster that the slaves can put them back on.

          • Colonial Viper

            But NZ is on the cusp of the same kind of collpase as most other nations. And when it comes you’ll wonder what hit you.

            Perhaps but the qualitative nature of the NZ collapse will be very different to what Washington DC, Singapore or Jburg experiences.

      • millsy 2.1.2

        Hey Gus, I thought you were supposedly a left wing Labour supporter?? Or are you a Blarite Rogernome scum who wants everyone to doff their cap to the rich?

    • johnm 2.2

      Key without a doubt is following the proven disastrous U$, Wall Street, Neo-Liberal Privatisation and the common good is socialism! agenda.His government want to privatise our publically owned Power Company Soes which will enrich foreign investors by the extraction of PROFITS to cover loans and interest from the ordinary everyman kiwi. They want to privatise ACC and even education if they can get away with it. The connection with Wall Street is shown by one of Key’s mates Goldman Sachs contributing a million $ to the CHCH earthquake fund. Give some baubles reap the mega profits from privatisation later while all applaud your “Charity”

      The U$ is a bankrupt nation totally incapable of paying back the money it has borrowed from creditors. There are 43,000,000 Americans surviving on food stamps,and growing everyday.The U$ is in a DEPRESSION. 43000 factories have been exported to Asia to make PROFITS for Wall Street leaving Americans impoverished.

      Key buys into the only viable social/economic model is the disastrous U$ train wreck,It’s that system of making money for nothing that he is successful at where image counts and substance is irrelevant.

      AFKTT speaks the truth: it’s Key’s government which is small minded and full of drivel.BBFloyd you are the one who is halfwitted you haven’t a clue about how our World operates: get an education mate!

      • mik e 2.2.1

        DERIVATIVES, currency trading, futures , speculation they,ve been so good for our western advanced unproductive economies yeah right ! These traders are just leaches on any productive economy no wonder China and other planned economies are creaming it at our expense!They cut them out by managing their currency subsidizing their productive sectors while our fanatical free market purists damage our productive sector and just hand it to them on a plate, and then our major banks lend us unlimited funds to prop up our consuming of foreign goods and local speculative investments we wonder why we are slipping further away from Australia.you can see tis same pattern amongst the piigs countries likewise England and the US.We are mug enough to continue with this wealth strip!

        • Colonial Viper

          Western economies have 2 years left to go.

          After that, a major forced shift to something quite different.

          edit – 3 years if they (TPTB) strip back every bit of environmental and labour protection that we have now.

  3. Blue 3

    Socialists mantra “give me a hand out, while I complain”.

    • Georgecom 3.1

      Blue, seems all we have heard for the past 10 days is the capital owners mantra “I don’t want to lend a hand so I’ll moan (about a CGT)”. Mister Key has been at the front of that queue.

    • johnm 3.2

      Hi Blue
      And Nact are desperate to give their mates a handout by robbing the Public of their wealth and income producing assets namely our Power SOEs.They like to do this stuff while poncing about wearing $1000 suits. The Left in Cuba guarantees everyone health care,as a human right while in America 10s of thousands die every year from treatable illnesses ’cause they don’t have the $$$ to pay. Key is getting HANDOUTS of $300,000,000 a week from his rich mates in borrowings which we can’t afford to pay back,without further impoverishment of everyman kiwi. plus the INTEREST HANDOUTS those BASTARDS will get back on top! You need a wet nurse Blue.
      Or live now and make our kids pay for it BIG TIME.

    • Colonial Viper 3.3

      Socialists mantra “give me a hand out, while I complain”.

      As Georgecom poointed out that is exactly what the rich wealth owning bludgers have been doing.

      Hand outs and socialism for the rich, service cuts and capitalism for the poor huh?

    • Draco T Bastard 3.4

      No, that’s the mantra from the RWNJs, eg, SCF, Telecom, Tax cuts for the rich while lumping higher taxes on the poor etc etc

    • millsy 3.5

      God forbid that the rich should pay a bit more tax so we can enjoy decent health and education systems.

    • mik e 3.6

      Blue SCF ,TV3, Destinies $880,000 or would you be more happy in a food bank Que

      • Blue 3.6.1

        It’ll never happen, not lazy or as stupid as a leftie. Its called contingency planning.

        • Colonial Viper

          So what’s your contingency plan to out run the future? Or more immediately, the 50% of people on less than $30K p.a.?

          • Blue

            The 50% of people on less than $30,000 p.a. should first look in the mirror, then look at those who earn more and make a direct comparison of skills and education. The answer is in there, you just have to look, Viper, then ask someone clever to tell you what you’re looking at.

  4. Rodel 4

    Mr Key is just getting a few free OEs in before he retires and sounding out alternative job opportunities. We’d probably do the same if we saw the writing on the wall.

  5. Terry 5

    Key will be hard at work polishing up his veneer of charm and suave manner for President Obama. (In the present crisis, how ever does Obama make time for this crawling worm?)

    • SHG 5.1

      I don’t think Key handled his initial reaction to the CGT well, so he has probably been advised to step away from the cameras for a moment and let Goff, King, and Mallard get some attention. The moment the NZ public see those old zombies from the 80s you’ll be able to hear the revulsion.

      Latest poll result: Labour 27%

      Hey, it worked!

      • Blue 5.1.1

        Oh, well done SHG, it brought tears to my eyes. Trouble is, Labour still think these people resonate with middle New Zealand. Deluded fools.

        • Colonial Viper

          Middle NZ earns less than $30,000 p.a.

          Middle NZ knows plenty of young people in their 20’s (sometimes their own children) struggling to find work which pays more than $14.hr.

          Middle NZ has a choice to make in November as to where they want the country to go

          PS global economic situation is getting worse not better; wait until the doleless refugees start coming back from Australia.

        • lprent

          You had a look at the dates that poll was taken? I’ll help – prior to any detail on CGT (but it did have the highest approval ratings for an idea of a new tax I have ever seen – be interesting to see if that holds up now more detail has been released). But bearing in mind the usual lags between political events and polls it was probably prior to much reaction to Key muffing his reaction to a CGT or Labour proposing it.

          It was probably fortunate for National that Key is off getting ravished by Warners again. He won’t be able to screw up for a while (unlike Joyce).

  6. Blue 6

    “Middle NZ has a choice to make in November as to where they want the country to go”.. yes they do and when they re-elect the current Government will you do middle New Zealand the courtesy of respecting their choices then? Or will you continue to tell them they are wrong, as are all the current polls apparently. You really must loathe democracy – it gets in the way of your inexorable march to the middle.

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