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There’s been a fair amount of speculation about the Green Party’s position on the Budget. If you want to see how they are voting, or to discuss that, have a look at the post The Greens and voting on the Budget.

Below is the coverage of the Budget in the Greens’ own words. I’m starting with one that seems to have gotten lost in all the noise but is critical for people on low incomes. Temporary Additional Support (TAS) is the benefit entitlement for people in hardship.

The Greens’ more in depth responses to the Budget are in their Press Releases,

Nature short-changed again by National in Budget 2017 – Mojo Mathers MP on Thursday, May 25, 2017 – 17:12

Budget 2017 continues the National Government’s shameful underfunding of the Department of Conservation (DOC) and puts our precious flora and fauna at risk, the Green Party said today.

Mr Speaker, this bill is part of a budget package that reminded me of a scene from the movie “Mad Max Fury Road”.

New Zealand far off track on climate change – James Shaw MP on Friday, May 26, 2017 – 14:56

Metiria Turei speaks in the First Reading of the TAXATION (BUDGET MEASURES: FAMILY INCOMES PACKAGE) BILL – Metiria Turei MP on Friday, May 26, 2017 – 16:19

The Greens’ signature budget policy, The Budget for All Mothers.



13 comments on “The Greens on record”

  1. bwaghorn 1

    well they shouldn’t have supported it then for fucks sack , served up the mou on a plate to national.

    • weka 1.1

      Not sure what you mean by ‘it’ or support, but if you want to get into it I’d prefer it happened on the other post so that the debate is all in one place (am thinking about people not having to repeat themselves).

  2. Sigh 2

    It’s almost as if they voted against it.

  3. Sigh 3

    I’m not denying your right to post what you like, but this is the third post defending the Greens’ record on the Budget. You wouldn’t have to be doing this if the Greens had just voted the principled and politically smart way.

    • weka 3.1

      The only reason I felt the need to put up a couple of posts about it was because so many people, including many lefties who comment on TS, had failed to grasp two important facts,

      1. the Greens were highly critical of the Budget and don’t support it or National

      2. the Greens voted for one sub Bill but will vote against the Budget itself in the coming week.

      You might not think those facts matter, but I do.

      • roy cartland 3.1.1

        I’m glad for the posts, thanks WEKA. I was a little alarmed at MS’s “what the feck” post, thanks for the clarification of detail.

    • Despite your admirable efforts to clarify the issue, weka, Sigh and co remain determinedly ignorant; either determinedly ignorant or purposely obstructive, readers can choose. That they might genuinely be blundering on with their original block-headed view seems very unlikely; I’m plumping for the “ill-meant troll” interpretation.

  4. aerobubble 4

    Budget is a process which sets out the fiscal spending. So its a issue abot Money. Media however does not believe in covering the news, rather about positioning and oushing their own agendas. Otherwise the headline would have been a graphic showing the changes to the tax bands, being the most fair reaching and largest fiscal issue. This is really disturbing because the tax changess, tax switch version two, once again hands money over to the wealthiest under the guise of ‘caring’ for land lords who get increased allowances, etc. When will our free press standup as a free press and report the news?

  5. mary_a 5

    The above Green statements run contrary to what has been said about the Green perspective of the budget recently!

    Now methinks there could be some deliberate misinformation being generated out there, so as to make it seem the left is beginning to crack and is unstable, thereby giving the wrong impression the Natz are doing everything right.

    It will be the parties’ votes on the Budget which will be telling.

  6. the pigman 6

    Give it a rest, Weka. Look at the message that the voters received from the Greens move (nicely summarised in swordfish’s comment on Micky’s post).

    Labour should be happy that the Greens fucked up catastrophically though, since I (and presumably many others, who will not abide such rank political naivety) will no longer be able to vote for them and will have to suck it up and tick Labour again.

    • Bill 6.1

      Aye Pigman. Labour (or some within Labour) may well be quietly smirking. Now if I was down to tossing a coin as to which of Labour or Greens I’d vote for, I’d be pocketing the coin and giving the long finger to the smirkers.

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