The humour and wit of Joanne Hayes

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43 comments on “The humour and wit of Joanne Hayes”

  1. One Anonymous Bloke 1

    Who is she desperately trying to convince? Shall we get some cheerleaders to follow her around, just to help boost morale?

  2. Pat 2

    had to google to find out who she is….standard appears about on par for a Nat MP

  3. Puckish Rogue 3

    and this is why MPs shouldn’t be allowed on social media

    • Lanthanide 3.1

      A lot of MPs can have quite sensible debates and share information on twitter without any problems.

      • Puckish Rogue 3.1.1

        You would think that anything containing a rhyme and shit would be something you wouldn’t post on line

        • weka

          It wouldn’t be so bad if it scanned properly, but ffs, if you’re trying to be clever at least be clever.

    • Bunji 3.2

      This is why they should should be on social media, so we can see what they’re like…

      • Puckish Rogue 3.2.1

        Hmm yes good point, especially after a hard night at Bellamys (or wherever they go to drink)

        • Kiwiri

          The best quality about Joanne Hayes is that she would make an incompetent and nasty opposing incumbent MP seem like a somewhat reasonable choice, as well as an apparent expert in communications and appear mostly sober in public. Thanks, Joanne. And especially for 2011.

    • Sabine 3.3

      well this National List MP should not be on twitter.
      I, for once, agree with you.

  4. whateva next? 4

    wow, says it all about the caliber of Nat MP’s

  5. Anne 5

    Is she trying to be ‘hip’ or something? They use her quite a lot to ask patsy questions of ministers at QT. About all she’s useful for…

  6. save nz 6

    Channelling Trump.

  7. AB 7

    NP is the natural home of braying morons

  8. she does raise some good points – the gnats are shit, it is heating up due to the effects of climate change and LGNZF are not shit. So maybe she has a good half measure of wit.

    • Anne 8.1

      You are too kind. 😀

      • greywarshark 8.1.1

        I connected her twitter offering in my comment below with IT. And with your comment marty mars you have confirmed it – a half measure of wit is IT, out of twITter. I think we can do better in education wIThout IT.

    • seeker 8.2

      martym. 27.5@10.29am

      I thought along similar lines. If only she had left that crude word’ ‘hot’ out , she would have been absolutely on the nail!

  9. mac1 9

    “Her scansion is a scandal
    Her wit not seen withal;
    Her humour placed on twitter
    Means her wittering is well called.”


  10. millsy 10

    Joanne who..?

  11. Richardrawshark 11

    I just wrote her a nice letter. Thanking her for her classy use of the english language. Hope she reads it lolz 🙂

  12. TC 12

    diversionary stuff folks, from the party that has melissa lee, todd barclay, jamie lee etc I’m not surprised one bit.

    Budget, tax havens, flag, housing, health and efucation focus opposition.

  13. greywarshark 13

    A rhyme for the time! Good marks for that Jo. That will in future years reach the top level of senior prowess from the IT educated narrow-focussed, efficiency-oriented, pared down education system.

  14. Oddly enough, the swearing and puerile attitude didn’t bother me, but her use of a singular verb for a plural object is infuriating. I’d like to give her the John Cleese treatment in Life of Brian:

    [Centurion twists Brian’s ear]
    Centurion: How many Romans?
    Brian: Aaaaagh ! Plural, plural, er, “ite” !
    Centurion: [Writes “ite”]

  15. Sam C 15

    To be fair, not as moronic as Sue Moroney’s twattish tweet.

  16. greywarshark 16

    What was Sue Moroney’s twattish tweet? Good marks for alliteration there.

    • Sam C 16.1

      Sue Moroney: “Just ‘is you live is a flash beach house doesn’t mean you get to decide our flag. #democracy #FixChildPovertyInstead”

      Truly twattish tweeting.

      • greywarshark 16.1.1

        Thanks Sam C
        It is a fact that every now and then people who are aching to improve our welfare policies and conditions for all at the lower income level in NZ do get a bit silly and offensive. It is unfortunate that we cannot remain on the right intellectual level to discuss such matters in an appropriately objective way.

        But acshually the situation is shit and similar expletives and that is why the use of sneer tactics at the superior sneerers of the Gnats seems the best approach to effect a dent in their thick hides. After all any sneers the left give NACTs are just pale imitations of what they are willing to dish out.

      • Gabby 16.1.2

        ‘Your beach house is a beeatch house’ would be twattish.

  17. mary_a 17

    Hayes’ tweet is quite puerile. Not a comment befitting of someone holding public office.

    I would expect something like that to come by way of a dear and most esteemed leader’s attention seeking offspring!

  18. Repateet 18

    Another whose actions suggest her IQ is lower than the number of letters in her job.

    ‘MP’ I mean, not “National Party List Member of Parliament” aa that has too many.

  19. Neil 19

    The intelligence is strong in this one, may the force be with them…

  20. Visubversa 20

    Isn’t this the most publicity she has had in her entire Parliamentary “career”?

  21. John 21

    Another non descript Nat MP who is not over burdened with intelligence. However she is getting well paid by the long suffering taxpayers of NZ.

  22. greywarshark 22

    Lately I have been thinking that a lot of the comments on TS are the response of idle minds who add nothing to the political discussion, and the work for a better democracy, for political change working for people not against them, and for action to assist with the world-wide effects of uncontrolled fuel that is driving climate change.

    This applies to the comments above re Sam and Sue Moroney. I did explain to Sam why Sue Moroney’s message and the background to it, is more important than nit-picking about what she has said and how!

    In chimpanzee culture nit-picking is an important group activity where they look after each other and assist in getting rid of the blood-sucking insects hidden in their long hair. But that doesn’t apply to humans with advanced intelligence, who are capable of envisioning hellish futures for each other and carrying them forward with cold determination. So we need less distanced humans watching the Survival Game with interest, and all working to prevent it being held at all.

    There is plenty of drama in our everyday lives to grapple with, such as that the Olympic Games are likely to result in athletes and visitors being affected by this newly revealed Z virus, which they will bring home with them to every part of the planet. Then that will be something really interesting for the non-affected to watch and comment on.
    Is that likely? I think it all has a high probability of happening. So scrape the sticky candy floss from round your head, the carnival is over.

    • Sam C 22.1

      So are you saying it was ok for Moroney to randomly attack someone she didn’t even know because her message was an important one? Wow.

  23. Michael 23

    Typical Tory – nasty bitch.

  24. Delia 24

    To think she is holding a job that someone more competent could do, never forget the time she let rip in the House, it was psychotic to say the less. Also embarrassing.

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