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The lighter side of left

Written By: - Date published: 6:14 pm, December 21st, 2013 - 41 comments
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People are winding down for a bit of a summer break.  I’m looking for some fun videos and images to add to this post.

However for now, take a look at this.  How the media report the apocalypse.

In early 2014, a series of devastating catastrophes bring about Armageddon. Papers of record like the New York Times soberly report this news.


recent events a judgement

The Guardian tries to provide comprehensive live coverage of the end of days.

Surviving toxic watseland

Striving for balance, the BBC makes sure it also gives airtime to the views of the radioactive mutant zombies:

The Daily Mail saw all this coming.

And I imagine that the NZ Herald will be doing editorials on democracy being under attack, suing Len Brown, and how David Cunliffe will never be PM.

Looking for some fun videos, images and or links to add to the post.  I’ll select one or two from those suggested.


Submitted by Molly:

Submitted by grumpy:


41 comments on “The lighter side of left”

  1. Grumpy 4

    Hey Karol, I think all the left humour has been used up on the caption contest, come on guys…..

  2. BM 5


  3. karol 6

    Some Tom Scott cartoons here, but I can’t find a url for specific images.

  4. karol 8

    I saw a great John Key video montage with music recently. Can’t remember where. It’s not this one:

    Liar Liar

    • Grumpy 8.1

      I suppose we could put up the Campbell interview with Key. I found that hilarious!

    • Will@Welly 8.2

      John Clark’s are brilliant, but the money has to be on Liar Liar.
      Thanks for the entertainment, Grumpy and karol.

  5. joe90 10

    Aamer Rahman (Fear of a Brown Planet) – Reverse Racism.

  6. Molly 12

    Find it hard to believe that everyone hasn’t seen this … but Bill Nighy’s message at Christmas, is a lot like love actually.

    • Molly 12.1

      … and if your celebration tends towards the hard headed and strong language then Peter Calpadi’s role, in In The Loop is enough to scour out any lingering sweetness…

      • Colonial Viper 12.1.1

        “Those fuckin’ fuckity Daleks can just fuck off!” – My Doctor Who dream episode.

  7. Tracey 13

    What could be more appropriate for a political forum than


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