The other state house issue

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Key’s poodle blogs are barking about Labour’s state house attack ad. Key told us again tonight on TV3 he too was “brought up in a state house.” What it taught him though is that “it was a great marketing ploy.” What a fraud.

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  1. Hami Shearlie 1

    A poodle wouldn’t be caught dead near John Key – they’re too intelligent – make it a bichon-frise, they are not too bright!!

    [lprent: That is my opinion as well. However my sister differs. She says her purse dog Molly isn’t that thick and has a wonderful personality. If you are discussing food, then she could be correct. For all other things she shows the wisdom of a John Key, trading away any actual thought for a shallow personality.

    Couldn’t resist that comment… 😈 ]

  2. tc 2

    Then there’s what’s going on in glen innes in akl where it’s highly likely shonkey developer mates are benefitting from some of that now freed up prime real estate.
    We already have very low public housing rates for a developed nation and last night key taking credit for home insulation schemes……wasn’t that already underway before he blagged it in 08.

    • s y d 2.1

      Not Just Glen Innes, all over Auckland, heres a little taster from sandringham…40 dwellings, 10 to be retained….Asset Sales by stealth anyone? There is another listed on the GETS site for Three Kings also….

      Housing New Zealand Corporation is a Crown owned entity.
      It is commencing a Request for Proposal process which seeks submissions from suitably qualified property development companies and community housing organisations to participate in a redevelopment opportunity involving 12,505 square metres of Corporation land at Sandringham, Auckland.

      The Haverstock Road Redevelopment Project includes the funding, design, construction and sale of a mix of social and affordable private housing at Haverstock Road, Sandringham, Auckland.

      It is proposed that the project will deliver integrated private and public housing with approximately 40 dwellings, including 10 to be retained in Corporation ownership and 5 new Affordable Housing dwellings.

      Housing New Zealand is seeking a combination of ownership comprising of private owners, social or community housing providers and itself.

  3. Uturn 3

    What it also does is destroy the over inflated myth that having a difficult early life sets you up to be a captain of capitalist industry. In a global sense, not many people escape poverty, but some would have us believe that since a few do and are pictured in entertainment magazines, books and films of adventure and urban myths, that everyone can do it. In reality, less than a fraction of a percent would rise to own their own airline or similar.

    The nature vs nurture argument appears again too: this time on the side of nature. Whatever John Key experienced did not award him compassion or understanding. The idea that because John Key got rich from living in a state house, that anyone can follow his footsteps, and worse, that people should have their lives made harder so they become more successful is so flawed it’s gross ignorance. The inability for people to recognise that other people exist as seperate entities to themselves is a big problem in society.

    Overall it displays a very narrow view of life, limited understanding of experience and mistaking arbitrarily applied meaning of the past with predicting a certain future. The idea that past predicts the future is a modern western philosophy that ignores the existence of eastern thought. If both eastern and western realities exist, it is simply delusion to say only one applies at any time. Life is not a simple step by step recipe and making money is not the meaning of life. To think that any single event of the past reinforces and confirms the continued financial success of a person simply reveals the nature, bias and intelligence of the person stating the idea.

    If John Key thinks his future is set, because he lived in a state house, can he explain his behaviour behind the tea tapes? Why did that happen? What about a drop in popularity as PM? Surely his crystal ball would have warned him. The only alternative is that he stages all his failures. But clearly he doesn’t. Why would he have to threaten the media with the police or voters over Winston if he knew that he was going to succeed at everything he did, because he lived in a state house? Surey the lack of anxiety about the future that his past would bring him would have made all his strange behaviours unnecessary.

    Could it be that living in a state house had nothing to do with where he is now? Could it be that his state house experiences had another purpose not related to money or politics?

    • Could not help replying to this:

      I read a little playboy publication, it was a small book, don’t know how or where i came across it, maybe an airport, but I remember one story was titled “the richest men and how they got that way”
      In the article history shows some of the richest men in the world have one thing in common, they all lost their father’s in childhood, I guess the effects on the child would decide their mental perception of life, a giver or a taker, positive or negative, inclusive or exclusive, passionaite or callous, the list goes on I guess there are seven deadly sins are there not, mind you that does not mean to say one person will fail “all the deadly sins”.

  4. Jim Nald 4

    My grandmother, who was traditionally a National voter, made a perceptive comment – she said there is not that much to blow the trumpet if the money has been made from gambling with other people’s money, wrecking countries’ economies and people’s livelihoods, and speaking from both sides of your mouth. Folk should be more discerning and see further into the state-housing-to-$50m story.

  5. Now can’t you just see why the National Party wanted to have the face of John Key to push their cause. a successful John Key image.
    My friend has been saying for a long time, John Key is bad enough but those vaultures standing behind in the shadows are the real policy makers.
    They are a bunch of morons looking after themselves at the expense of the people, knowngly, and they know that if you knew their real intentions you would never vote for them, thats why they stay in the shadows.

    If they manage to get what they want, and thank god that is becoming less likely, those very same people, along with their favored few will expect the workers to respect them for their achievements and work hard at below living wages to make them (oh! sorry, NZ) successful and wealthy.

    • Ianupnorth 5.1

      Some interesting thoughts above; I was born and raised in a rough Lanarkshire village, cared for by my grand parents; my grand father, ex miner, ex soldier (WW2), ex engineer was your typical Scottish 40 fags and 8 pints of heavy per day, despite this it was my grand mother who died when I was 12.

      Maybe I am not filthy rich because I didn’t lose him instead of her? But what I did learn from growing up in that environment is that people need support, they do not reside in crap housing by choice, they don’t eat crap by choice, they don’t have access to the baubles that others have.

      My upbringing made me fully determined to assist others however I can, it made me proud to be working class, it made me proud to be a socialist. Now 30 odd years on from losing my grand mother (and my grandfather in 1995), I am reasonably well off, have a nice home and absolutely spoil my kids. But, and this is the big point, I have not forgotten my roots, I have not given up hope that NZ can have a society that is fair and just, but totally believe if it is to happen there is a real need to hammer National at every opportunity.

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