The silence of the lambs – media (not) on McCully

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Interesting discussion:


Drinnan remains on the case today:


Where have all the journalists gone?

21 comments on “The silence of the lambs – media (not) on McCully”

  1. Greg 1

    What are the lunches like in the Gallery, and is it free?
    Which National party politician if first threw Bellamy’s door when Question time is over?
    Would the Press Gallery even notice.

    How many of the 1100 breeding sheep are left in the Saudi delivery.

    • Gangnam Style 1.1

      Tamahere used to talk about McCully as a infamous/famous “stickman”.

  2. esoteric pineapples 2

    Where have all the journalists gone
    Long time passing
    Where have all the journalists gone
    Long time ago
    Where have all the journalists gone
    Gone to write spin for the government, (almost) every one
    When will they ever learn
    When will they ever learn

  3. Repateet 3

    Where are they all? Mike Hosking is back in the country.

  4. Ralf Crown 4

    John Key seems to have most efficiently got rid of most of them, or threatened them to silence. Who is next in line to get their home raided by police and family harassed, electronics confiscated, or getting Keys friend as the boss. It is getting worse than Poland, Turkey or the Soviet Union.

  5. peter h 5

    All the media are all on high incomes, no way do they want a change of govt most are in top 20%

  6. Erik Bloodaxe 6

    Gagged by their neo-right bosses? Surely not in a democracy?

  7. save nz 7

    Where have all the journalists gone?

    Probably running cafes, overseas, or slumming as PR agents.

    Hoping our 1 media country will Nexit.

  8. TC 8

    Most of them left awhile ago seeing the future as one where they will not be able to do their jobs without management interference.

    Keys hissy fit over his ‘ love to see wages drop…’ was a warning shot across the bow. Whats left are red neck rant artists and nihilistic show ponies mixed in with kids and copy/pasters of press releases and govt spin.

    Look across the ditch at what happens with a half decent msm, both sides kept honest and malcolm exposed as the frontman of a still divided party. The rednecks were exposed but Ozzie, especially queensland, loves a redneck so paulines victory was no surprise.

  9. rod 9

    Where have all the journalists gone? well most of the ones who are left, are up John Key’s ring piece.

  10. Richardrawshark 10

    What’s Hooten playing at? One minute he’s spinning for the government next minute he’s attacking , what sort of un-ethical sad piece of crap, turns sides at a whim.

    The utter bollocks he spoke on RNZ the other week when he got shut down and now this.?

    maybe Guy Fawlkes had the right idea after all.

    • miravox 10.1

      To be fair, Hooton has been on about this since the story first broke. See, for e.g. Bryce Edward’s roundup from last year.

    • mosa 10.2

      Hooten was on RNZ a week after the release of Nicky Hagars book on the dirty tricks being organised and run out of John Keys office.
      With Keys total implausable response to the appalling campaign he had clearly given his support too and had encouraged the others in their destructive tactics outraged Hooten who knew that Key was lying and that the story he was telling was beyond comprehension and a step too far for Hooten.
      Then without warning Hooten backed down and changed his stance on the whole subject , or in public anyway.
      He was probably warned too back off and get back on side and support the current government despite how uncomfortable that would be.

  11. Mrs Brillo 11

    Where have the journos gone?

    Why, the ones still with jobs have all been assigned to write pop listicles with catchy clickbait headlines.

    How else are their employers going to obtain bogus readership stats to tempt advertisers?

  12. instrider 12

    Why is no-one covering it ? Because most of the ‘revelations’ are not. The live shipments proposal was in the media last year. You’d think Watkin and Vine would have checked google before patting themselves in the back and expecting everyone to follow them

    • Gangnam Style 12.1

      Talk of dipping the third world develop fund money to give to the Saudi Millionaire nothing to see here etc eh? oh fuck off.

  13. mosa 13

    Where have all the Journalists gone ?
    To a non threatening democratic country that wants and values both sides of the issue or story and want to report and do the serious background work to get to the truth no matter how uncomfortable that makes the parties involved.
    What those incl John Key and his government rely on and discourage is ACCOUNTABILITY.
    Without it we have lost the all important checks and balances that we expect as part of a functioning democracy.
    The truth is always the first casualty with those who have ulterior motives and agendas.

  14. Macro 14

    An interesting article on much the same issue on the “influence or not” of the Daily Telegraph on the recent Aussie election.

    Rod Tiffen, the author of Rupert Murdoch: A Reassessment, says the Murdoch newspapers’ influence is declining due to falling circulation and because readers have become immune to the biased coverage.

    The emeritus professor in government and international relations at the University of Sydney argues that the Telegraph’s readers are disproportionately older rusted-on Coalition voters and younger voters don’t buy newspapers anymore.

    Tiffin says both Victoria and Queensland ejected first-term Liberal governments despite the best efforts of the Murdoch press in those states. “Their slanted front pages, unbalanced coverage and combative editorials only highlighted their growing irrelevance to the electoral process”.

    With any luck that same process may be happening here.

    • Richardrawshark 14.1

      I hope that’s true, the Herald got three people to ask people what’s wrong with Labour, another by Barry Soper bagging labour, and all whilst ignoring the McCully stink.

      It’s a disgrace.

      I hope they go belly up and Murdock gets what’s coming to him.

  15. Jack Ramaka 15

    How is our “Agricultural Hub” going in Saudi Arabia and is it generating a lot of business for our agricultural exporters to the Middle East, perhaps some journalist can give us an update on how it is going and whether it is a successful investment for us the taxpayers/shareholders?

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