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How time flies when you’re having fun. We managed to miss The Standard’s third birthday a few days ago despite some earlier avowed intentions to make a fuss over it.

Our first (visible) post was on the 15th of August 2007 from all_your_base appropriately enough it was asking John Key to explain his fuzzy thinking – but he is still doing it. His ideas still seem to depend on the focus group results. It is interesting to see the range of topics we were writing about in August 2007.

Despite our various vicissitudes and trauma of some server moves and the loss of some graphics during a  server failure, you can still see all of our 5933 posts in the archives of the last 1100 days and 190,446 approved comments. That is a pretty good for a largely political site. The quality, despite some unevenness at various times, is pretty high – and always very opinionated.

There have been thirty people who have author rights at some time or another and have written at least a few posts. Some of them have found it isn’t to their taste (writing coherent and concise posts is a bit of an artform). Others have shifted their time to other parts of their lives.

However we maintain all our authors logins as active in the hopes that they will come back and write for us again someday. Others of us wax and wane in our posting depending on what our lives are doing and what interest we have in the topics of the day. Looking back to August 2007 I see that all_your_base, John A, IrishBill, and Eddie were actively writing posts then, and still do today. I was there in 2007 but getting the system setup and later trying to make sure it didn’t fall over…

These days we have a number of people outside of the author group writing as guest posters (in fact half of the posts today), providing us with ‘original’ graphics, or just telling us what they think we’re doing right or wrong using the e-mail back-channel.

About a twentieth of the daily readers actually comment on the site. But those who do make up for it with a raucous range of political and often humorous opinion. It is obviously a source of amusement to the silent majority. They keep popping back very frequently to some posts frequently to see what is going on, usually the ones with a higher quality of comments rather than those with excessive comments. The difference between the number of comments per post and the number of page views is often pretty striking.

I think I can say that The Standard has grown into a real community project of those on the left and around the labour movement. That was the dream of the small group that set the site up. Of course we have been helped by the generous assistance of those on the right torturing our ideas and sparking some of the more interesting arguments. We don’t exactly agree most of the time even on the left and even the authors don’t see eye to eye frequently. But that is half of the fun.

This is a place where most people come to argue and agree to disagree in a approximation of peace and moderation (or there is moderation… :twisted:). Long may it continue……

BTW: Where are the other posts that were promised for this auspicious occasion?

48 comments on “The Standard turned three”

  1. Luxated 1

    May I be the first of the 5% to wish The Standard a happy birthday, may the next three years (and hopefully more) be as good as the last three!

  2. swimmer 2

    It’s a great blog and well done to you all for keeping it going. 🙂

  3. Descendant Of Smith 3

    I came across this site while doing family tree research – my grandfather was involved in the publishing of the original Standard and have not regretted a moment of the time spent here.

    I have enjoyed most of all the willingness of others to share information as well as thoughts and appreciate hearing a good range of diverse opinions with mainly a left influence.
    The righties, while less erudite in the main, add a bit of colour (usually generating some blue language at some point) to the debate.

    While I’m a relative newcomer thanks for the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

    It would be interesting to have a few guest posts from some old school trade unionists – just a thought.

  4. WOOF 4

    Congrats to you all and to the large pack of animals who continue to follow your trail. 🙂

    • prism 4.1

      You at The Standard have been very dogged at keeping quality up and smart opinions to the fore and limiting the downward urges of some of us. Also the site set-up just gets better and better. It’s a pleasure to be able to visit and raise topics and when I need background on a subject someone will give a useful link – generally the array of information and links available is stunning.

  5. Juan Manuel Santos 5

    Lolz, I remember when the righties were claiming that The Standard was going to fold after the 2008 election.

    • lprent 5.1

      That was kind of amusing. According to the RWNJ’s we were run from the 9th floor at the beehive. They ignored the content of our authors were writing, preferring to believe their own fantasies instead.

      At the time I was paying the minimal costs to run the site and had done so since the start where we needed money and resources. I had to laugh every time I read the 9th floor conspiracy nutters.

      Afte the election we had time to recruit more authors and the site really took off. Eventually we got time to revamp the site and put advertising in and now we have enough in the bank to run for quite a while….

  6. Olwyn 6

    Happy birthday Standard. It’s a very good site, I’m glad I found it. It’s interesting how the righties can’t stay away – probably because they need to turn to the left if they want a decent conversation. All that Randian individualism leaves them with nothing to say to each other.

  7. BLiP 7

    Happy Birthday!! Love youse all.

  8. Outofbed 8

    yeah thanks guys

  9. AlbatrossNZ 9

    Thanks to all authors past and current for your contribution. Here’s to many great years of The Standard to come!

  10. loota 10

    A big thank you to all the mods, webdesigners, tech support, writers, the crew who came up with the inspired concept and followed it through, many others including all the posters and commentators who keep The Standard a living breathing successful site – yes that even includes the Righties 😀

    Happy birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday to the Standard.

    My days would not be the same without you. I would get a lot more work done but my understanding of what was actually happening in New Zealand would be much poorer …

  12. felix 12

    A rare opportunity to address the blog itself:

    Happy Birthday THE STANDARD!!

  13. Julie 13

    Happy blogday lprent and crew, it’s a real achievement in blogging to make it to three years and carve out a clear and significant niche as The Std has done.

    If it’s not difficult, I’d be interested to know what some of the peaks have been. No worries if tricky to pull.

  14. QoT 14

    Happy birthday!

    Captcha: biggest. A goal for your terrible threes?

  15. NickS 15

    Happy Birthday The Standard!

    Without ye, I would have missed far to much interesting political news that rarely makes it to the 6pm news. And missed out on many awesome NZ blogs!


    Brilliant! 30mg of citalopram + celebratory snifter of scotch = me tipsy :/

  16. congratulations on your wonderful work and the commitment of all who make the site work. i’m a regular reader but very infrequent commenter. i’m finding this place to be one of my main sources of political news. i also enjoy some of the more theoretical type posts, because i haven’t formally studied political science, so find these really useful to build up my knowledge.

    keep up the good work, and hope for wonderful things in the future.

    captcha: mislead. oh, but that never happens here 🙂

  17. just saying 17

    Congratulations and many happy returns Standardistas!

    and thank you.

  18. bobo 18

    great site, interesting mix of commenters and humour , an oasis among the bland msm, appreciate all the time that the authors and site admin put in the last 3 years. 🙂

  19. Tiger Mountain 19

    Ditto positive comments above. Well done all, your work is appreciated.

  20. logie97 20

    … first port of call every day and during breaks …
    Where would we be without you? Continue with the good work to
    “keep the bastards honest” . (And we know you are being read regularly
    across the spectrum because periodically your targets feel the need to comment
    in person.)

  21. happynz 21

    Thanks for the work that goes into keeping this site active, informative and yes, entertaining. And as has been mentioned above, a refreshing alternative to the six o’clock news.

  22. Pascal's bookie 22

    Nice work peeps.

  23. The Voice of Reason 23

    Cheers, y’all. Terrific fun, great insights and a level of debate significantly higher than on any other political blog in NZ.

    Can I be the first to suggest an annual award ceremony? Best post, most commented on, most read, The Irish Bill Mercy Killing Award for the Best Banning etc. A combination of the stats and popular vote perhaps? I reckon I can stump up with an appropriate prize and no doubt there are others prepared to donate a right on Tshirt or two.

    • lprent 23.1

      Irish will be proud to have his work recognized in such a way – but I must show him how to make sure that they stay banned……

      I always have a question about awards. Do they distort behavior? Personally I pretty much ignore recognition because the only opinion I value about my performance is my own (and I’m my harshest critic as well). However I notice that most other people aren’t built that way. Which probably explains why they aren’t veteran (much better word than old) programmers.

      I always shudder at the pattern of behavior that kiwiteen displayed after I published a list of comment counts. Now that was some distorted behavior.

  24. Cnr Joe 24

    Essential viewing – sets the standard.
    As a junkie into politics this site is keenly observed and occasionally served.

    Now lets take it to the bastards, they haven’t earnt it, don’t deserve it and are incapable of making it work..

    Oh, and I’ve come to think of Lprent as my BigBrother

    • lprent 24.1

      Hah! I don’t tell you what to think. I just limit what you may do here…..

      Of course there are some people with such a blasé attitude about ownership that they assume everything belongs to them under their “free speech” that they dislike the limitations on their “rights” to pee against every comment. Usually ACToids and libertarianz from what I’ve seen – they have such a flexible approach to coherent doctrines.

      • loota 24.1.1

        Aren’t RWNJ’s also the most likely to wax on about the rights of property owners? Strange they would not extend their own ideas to property owned by Lefties. Oh yeah, I suppose what you said about coherent doctrines applies.

  25. Armchair Critic 25

    Happy birthday, The Standard. Thanks to the team behind the site, keep up the good work.

  26. Carol 26

    Happy birthday. This is an invaluable part of the NZ blogosphere. I have always liked the way there is lively debate here, while racist, misogynistic, homophobic and abusive trolling is controlled, kept out of my face, and not allowed to derail discussions.

  27. vto 27

    Yes well done.

    From the right wing nut jobs.

    (actually 3 years seems an appropriate age given the goings-on at times)

  28. r0b 28

    G’day all. Your thanks are much appreciated, because (I find at least) that writing here regularly is bloody hard work!

    But I want to turn the tables and thank all those who read and comment here. (So many of the comments here are brilliant, so many of you could just as easily be writing posts!) It is the readers and commenters that make this place the lively and successful blog that it is…

    • lprent 28.1

      ….so many of you could just as easily be writing posts!

      Sometimes they do – look at how many guest posts we had yesterday.

      • vto 28.1.1

        I wrote a post once but it must have been put in the rubbish bin. It was supportive of a left type ideal which the last government was flouting and becoming the opposite of. Steve pierson was obviously unimpressed – hee hee.

        • r0b

          Back when I was doing guest posts I had a few that didn’t make it too. No harm done – try again!

  29. RedLogix 29

    [Sighs …such a nice thread. Nothing for me to play school monitor on.:-)]

  30. jimmy 30

    Excelent work team. I especially like the broad left bent to the site and the wise banning of the odd complete RWNJ (jh on frogblog can get so tedious at times and dont even bother trying to have an proper argument with him/her).

    Keep it up!

  31. prism 31

    Money – do you still need contributions at present? Or are the various ads sufficient revenue?

    • lprent 31.1

      Ads are more than sufficient. Of course we won’t turn away donations – I’m sure we can find a use for them leading up to the election.

      In this wide-open environment about 3rd party political advertising, I’ve been speculating on effective uses. One that comes to mind is to target the politicians that need removing – ie vote for anyone but [insert name here]

      The author of the super-shitty in Epsom comes to mind. Just think of the graphical billboard possibilities.

      Also good advertising for the site 😈

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