The ‘there’s no class war in New Zealand’ monitor

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There’s no class war in New Zealand.

It’s not class war when the company that is laying off workers boosts its directors’ pay by 28%.

It’s not class war when rich Tories who have given themselves massive tax cuts deny people on benefits are in poverty.

It’s not class war when a rich Tory makes up numbers to oppose extending paid parental leave (which benefits families who can’t otherwise afford to keep a parent at home).

It’s not class war when the Bosses’ advocates threaten to violate women’s human rights if paid parental leave is extended by not hiring them based on their gender.

48 comments on “The ‘there’s no class war in New Zealand’ monitor”

  1. King Kong 1

    Boo hoo. Go occupy something.

    • One Tāne Huna 1.1

      Yes. The Treasury benches.

    • Enough is Enough 1.2

      Oh King Kong

      I hope you are looking forward to 2014, maybe 2013 when this neo liberal drunken party comes to an end. Enjoy it while it lasts because it will be gone for a generation or more.

      Your ilk has waged the most viscous class war or workers in the past four years in your quest to return New Zealand to the Voctorian era. You started this war. We will end it with the destruction of the National Party at the next election.

      Act has gone. The Nats will be next as the workers of New Zealand reclaim this country which has been ruined by your people.

      • King Kong 1.2.1

        If you think that a Labour led government would make the slightest bit of difference you are deluded. All these class war issues didn’t just pop up in the last 4 years.

        The only thing you might see is some tinkering with pro homo stuff. Other than that it is business as usual on top of the hill.

        • Enough is Enough

          Why are you so scared of the next Labour Government then…

          Answer, because there are going to be big changes.

          Why else would you prowl around the Standard

          • King Kong

            If you say so dude.

            • felix

              Then why?

              You don’t seem to have any other reason to be here. You express nothing but contempt for anything posted on this site.

              Surely you’re not such a pathetic creature that you crave negative attention from random unknown people on the internet to satisfy your psychological needs.

              ps usually the other kids answer this sort of question with “I just come here to laugh at you idiots” or similar, but in your case that won’t fly as you never express mirth or enjoyment of any sort. Just bitterness, anger, contempt and despair.

              Very sad. Maybe I’ll pray for you.

              • King Kong

                Dont get me wrong, I certainly am not OK with Labour being in power. They tend to always leave the place in a mess.

                My point was that although undeniably incompetent, they certainly won’t be changing the direction of the ship towards some egaltarian utopia.

                In regards to why I visit here from time to time, it is an interesting question Felix and not something I had thought much about. I supose my reason d’etre is to provide a right wing counterpoint to the flood of socialist dumbfuckery that gets spouted with an element of sport thrown in.

                • King Kong

                  It was also interesting that you thought I come across as bitter, desperate and angry as I have always considered myself a light hearted sort of chap.

                  • captain hook

                    read your own postings back and you will see that you are basically angry and bitter.
                    what about?
                    I dont know.
                    thats for you to work out but as for Labour leaving things in a mess then you are the deluded one.
                    When Labour was dumped by the little people and with the aide of skwakbak radio and the rest of the screamers the governments books were in surplus.
                    and without the incredible foresight of Michael Cullen there would be even more hell to pay.
                    National say they are the party of business so where are the jobs?

                • Colonial Viper

                  Dont get me wrong, I certainly am not OK with Labour being in power. They tend to always leave the place in a mess.

                  Labour: 9 straight years of surpluses.
                  National: 4 straight years of deficits.

      • higherstandard 1.2.2

        You know the thing….. very little apart from the occasional tweak around the edges will change when Labour get back hold of the treasury benches.

        Until the general public and fanbois from either the red team or blue team get a reality check that things aren’t much different which lot of retards are in charge little if anything will change for joe and josephine public.

      • Wayne 1.2.3

        You obviously don’t read the polls, which show the Nats are basically retaining their support. And in any event do you really think, for instance, that the various employment law changes put forward by Kate Wilkinson equate with the ECA of 1991. The Nats are doing well in the polls because they are generally seen as moderate, not as some hardline right-wingers

        • Draco T Bastard

          The Nats are doing well in the polls because they are generally seen as moderate, not as some hardline right-wingers

          Even though they happen to be hard-line right-wingers out to destroy NZ for their own aggrandisement.

        • Morrissey

          The Nats are doing well in the polls because they are generally seen as moderate, not as some hardline right-wingers

          Banksy Award contender!

          • McFlock

            In toryland “basically retaining their support” is shorthand for “their best poll has trended a two percent drop a year on from the election, when their major policies currently only pass by a majority of one MP”.
            At the moment NACT might be able to cobble together a do-nothing government with the Maori Party, based on current polling (as opposed to the “do some evil” licence they have from their two rotten boroughs).  In two years it could well be looking very bad for them.

  2. marsman 2

    It’s the rich, rorting, double dipping, ‘can I have an extra hour of free house-cleaning’, self -serving Tory making up the numbers to oppose extended paid parental leave.

  3. There is a ‘class war’ you only have to look at the politicians’special benefits and tax payer paid allowances’ also the tax payer paid subsidy to the corporates,big business,overseas companies to plunder the nz economy sending profits off shore and back to their homeland,whilst key and
    english attack beneficiaries labeling them as ‘surplus to the neo-liberal agenda’ and should be
    culled,attacking paper boys and girls,’you shall pay tax’mantra,also what about those past
    politicians that only have to serve 2yrs to get tax payer paid benefits for the rest of their
    natural life,ex pm’s get $250.000 a year,as in the media recently,if there is a death of
    the ex politician or pm then the spouse or partner picks up the tax payer paid payment,this
    is an example of the hypocrisy.
    Imagine if a person was wearing a shiny suit or flash high heels and looked like they had a bob or two, had told winz of a privacy issue in their kiosks, the reply would have been ‘thank you for letting us know,we will get onto that straight away’
    In contrast a beneficiary advocate had told winz there was a problem a year ago with the kiosk’s and the person was ignored and nothing was done.
    Another example is politicians eating in bellamy’s thanks to us, the tax payers, while they
    turn down a $40 food voucher for sam, he had to travel miles in a wheelchair to apply
    for it and then travel back home again,i dont blame sam for his reaction,i blame the
    neo-liberal driven nact govt, they should personally accept the responibility for the refusal
    of sams voucher and his subsequent actions.

    • just saying 3.1

      Exactly Starlight, and it won’t be long until we are hearing about skyrocketing salaries in the upper echelons of MSD, just like the many injured kiwis (disproportionately working class) shafted by illegal practices at ACC have had their faces slapped by the phenomenal payrises (and golden parachutes for those at ACC responsible for screwing them over, recently. So much for culture change.

      Meanwhile,both government agencies continue to ignore the basic human rights of their clintele, and the real parasites in our communities make off like bandits, often as not in broad daylight.

      Class war? you betcha.

    • Fortran 3.2


      It is reported today that over 300 people in ACC “earn” over $100,000.
      Many local Councils have large numbers of people in the same range

  4. Manuka 4

    Austerity is something that only happens to the poor…

  5. BM 5

    Does David Shearer think there’s a class war going on?

    • McFlock 5.1

      Do you?

      • tc 5.1.1

        Trolls don’t think they just run the attack lines.

      • Dv 5.1.2

        Missed a word Mac

      • BM 5.1.3

        Personally no I don’t.
        And I have a feeling David doesn’t either.

        • McFlock

          Well, you’d both be wrong. And of course, if you already knew that for sure, why would you bother asking the question? Unless you actually think Shearer might think there is in fact a class war going on, and you want to weaken his leadership by spreading rumour and innuendo. Not that for one moment I think you’re such a small, devious and bitter little tory as to do that.
          But tell me, what other areas are you in agreement with your psychic scans of David Shearer? Do you have a sudden urge to coordinate humanitarian aid in war zones? What is Shearer’s favourite colour? Does he secretly have the hots for Judith Collins? Give us the goss on the leader that, as Standard visitors, we all know/love/idolise/dream about.

          • BM

            Well, you’d both be wrong. And of course, if you already knew that for sure, why would you bother asking the question? Unless you actually think Shearer might think there is in fact a class war going on

            No I don’t know that for sure, but going on what I’ve heard from David “Stop painting that roof and get back to work, you useless bludger” Shearer.
            I can take a fairly good guess and say he doesn’t really go along with the whole class war theme.

            But I could be wrong and underneath that calm UN humanitarian exterior beats the heart of a angry revolutionary ready to chop a few heads off.

            Just interested to see how others saw it.

  6. captain hook 6

    not only is there a class war but a war on democracy also.
    the one thing this tory national party government hates is being held accountable for its actions.
    in essence kweewee and his cohort are totalitarian slavemasters.

  7. JonL 7

    Shearer is part of the problem, not the solution!

    When was the last time an M P was arrested, standing up directly to government inspired iniquity!
    When was the last time a challenge was mounted against the government grab!
    Oh yes – Maori and Mana! The nasty Maori standing up for the rights of the poor and low paid against the deprivations of rampant corruption in the form of government! Using the hated Treaty of Waitangi to try and stop that which some people may rail against, but do little else!.With buggar all help from nice, white, middle class, Shearer and co!

    It is war – by the Trans-national Corporations, using governments (mainly Western), on the populations of countries around the world!
    The only one’s who’ve stood up to them so far have been countries like Brazil, Iran, Venezuela, Equador and Iceland!
    And we know what the powers think about some of those countries……….

    • Draco T Bastard 7.1

      It is war – by the Trans-national Corporations, using governments (mainly Western), on the populations of countries around the world!


      And it’s a war that needs to be stopped by the simple expedient of elimination the trans-national corporations and the laws that enable them.

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