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Third term and full of ideas…

Written By: - Date published: 8:22 am, August 26th, 2016 - 59 comments
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You know National really have their finger on the pulse with their latest members bills.

First was Nuk Korako showing why he’s 50 on the list with a bill that seems to not actually affect anything.  There don’t seem to be any Airports that have local Councils force them to advertise their lost luggage auctions in newspapers, but if there are, they will no doubt be looking forward to the vast savings of possibly as much as dozens of dollars each year by being allowed to advertise just on the internet.  The thousands of dollars of Parliamentary time spent on the bill notwithstanding obviously.

But to follow that up now Matthew Doocey is using more valuable Parliamentary time on a bill to allow companies to be able to email instead of snail mail notice of their annual report to shareholders.

Parliament has regular omnibus bills to allow these non-controversial updates to law as society changes to pass quickly an efficiently.  But rather than use those, National is very effectively show how much it is padding for time in its third term.  Nothing useful to contribute, but heavily determined to make sure that Labour and the Greens can’t propose useful legislation to the House to deal with the Housing Crisis, or Child Poverty, or our polluted water

I guess Cabinet must be too busy trying to work out spinning 29% foreign housing sales as 3% to have time to make sure the National caucus has something sensible to do…

59 comments on “Third term and full of ideas… ”

  1. Antony 1

    TVNZ and 3 News will tell it only 3 per Cent Puppets like Hosking Du Plessis Allan Henry and Gower are all Government Lapdogs They would have you believe Key walks on water.

  2. Ffloyd 2

    National Party have no pulse. They are flat-lining.

  3. Lanthanide 3

    I think it’s funny that when Korako’s bill was pulled, people looked at the other Nat bills and pointed out that Doocey’s was also particularly vapid, and then it gets randomly selected at the next possible occasion.

    National aren’t doing themselves any favours.

  4. ianmac 4

    But more importantly Bridges is into pizza delivery by drones. Its a goer! Every homeless person will rejoice that this opportunity to advance has been sorted.

    • grumpy 4.1

      regarding the pizza delivery drone thing in the news, its undercover advertising.
      Do you guys have any idea of the current
      drone flying laws ? If you did you’d realise it aint going to happen in a hurry.

      • Blackcap 4.1.1

        check out Flirtey.com. This thing will happen in a hurry once the CAA give it the go ahead. Not with pizza I do not think, but with emergency supplies etc to ship to ppl in places where other modes of transport cannot get to. The pizza and fast food will come later once it is proven there is no risk and authorities can be placated.
        By the way if you can get Part 102 certification with the CAA most of the drone flying laws become redundant……

      • mpledger 4.1.2

        People will get a drone delivered pizza and keep the drone and the pizza.

  5. Sabine 5

    the more the throw up rubbish member bills to be pulled the more the good member bills from The Greens and the Labour Party have a hard time going up.

    I think they call it dilution.

    • Craig H 5.1

      I’m a fan of the concept as the work isn’t great, can be randomly dangerous and the pay is poor, but that’s an entirely plausible scenario.

  6. dukeofurl 6

    Normally the government members bills are for a particular area of interest for them.

    Its clear these bills are just handed out to otherwise unknown MPs like muffins at a school gala

    • Anne 6.1

      Reminds me of the National Party newsletters that used to be sent to constituents supposedly from their local MP. They all looked remarkable similar then one day Anne Tolley’s local secretary forgot to fill in the bracketed [insert name here] and [insert electorate here] bits and the game was up.

      • Henry Filth 6.1.1

        You actually thought National MPs could write?

        Like, seriously?

        • rhinocrates

          The only times National MPs or any of the Labour front bench (who may as well be Nats) write something themselves, they use a crayon.

  7. srylands 7

    This post misses the point. The Government does not give a toss about Members Bills. It is a race to the bottom. If the Greens put up nutty Bills, the lowest cost way to dilute them is to put up inconsequential Bills.

    Do you think Labour members submitted high quality members bills in 2006? lol

    It is Government Bills that determine a Government’s agenda. Many of these are momentous.


    So, you have it arse about. The Government of the day does NOT want anyone distracting parliament’s time with substantive members bills. Ask Helen Clark!

    • Keith 7.1

      These bills are shit and in no way can any excuse be made for them. They are quite obviously put in the ballot to waste time and derail anything the opposition put up, in what was supposed to be a worthwhile process for the people of this country.

      In all their cleverness National have lost the plot with this latest piss take and long since forgotten they are supposed to serve New Zealanders, not themselves!

    • Gabby 7.2

      It gives MPs something to occupy themselves with while Orders in Council are being signed.

    • North 7.3

      SSLands……Labour did it too. Ooh Ooh Ooh ! Sick dog !

  8. alwyn 8

    If the bills are really that irrelevant the opposition should simple move that they be passed without debate and get on with the next thing.
    I’m afraid that any comments about wasting the time of the house and the taxpayers money simply looks ridiculous when compared with the stupidity exhibited some years ago by that leading member of the Labour Party Mr Grant Robertson.
    Have a look at the progress of this bill through the house. Look at all the days being spent in the Committee of the Whole House.
    In order to try and prevent another Private Member’s Bill from being debated he kept this trivial little bill occupying all the Parliamentary time devoted to these bills for month after month. He didn’t want the next bill, on voluntary student union membership, from being debated and passed. He failed in the end as the Government knew much more about Parliamentary procedure than he did. However they let him waste nearly a whole year as it suited the Government not to have Opposition members bills from coming up. Then they passed it and left him wandering around the chamber trying to find someone who could tell him how badly he had screwed up.

    • maninthemiddle 8.1

      Gerry Brownlee proposed exactly that in Parliament recently over Nuk Korako’s bill, and the Opposition voted it down.

      Also, if you want an example of stupid bills, here’s one from a Labour member in ballot right now:


      Parliament is a game. The left hate it becasue they’re losing, that’s all there is to it.

      • TC 8.1.1

        A rather one sided game with their very own umpire in dodgy dave carter who lets ministers and the PM get away with no end of crap.

      • joe90 8.1.2

        Also, if you want an example of stupid bills, here’s one from a Labour member in ballot right now:

        Ban this fucking psychopath.

        In summary, non-lethal strangulation is an important predictor for future lethal violence among women who are experiencing IPV. We urgently need to improve the clinical response to women reporting an incident of non-lethal strangulation to improve treatment and enhance safety planning for this high-risk group of abused women.


        • maninthemiddle

          So you can read and regurgitate. The bill is bs.

          • joe90

            The bill is bs.

            And there it is, folks. The piece of shit thinks a bill to address one of the leading indicators of future lethal violence is bullshit.

            • maninthemiddle

              It isn’t. And it doesn’t. You really are either naive or stupid.

              • joe90

                It isn’t

                It isn’t what?.

                And it doesn’t.

                And it doesn’t what?.

                • McFlock


                  Tory parrot had the old “single word response to sentences” routine played on him once or twice, so he thought he’d copy it.

                  Unfortunately the idiot doesn’t actually understand English, so his response reads like:

                  “and there it is folks” is countered by “it isn’t there”; and
                  “The piece of shit thinks a bill to address one of the leading indicators of future lethal violence is bullshit.” is countered by “it [the piece of shit] doesn’t [think that at all]”.

                • maninthemiddle

                  The bill is useless. It proposes no minimum sentence, and the offence is already a criminal one (assault). This is typical Labour grandstanding, and on a serious issue. Pathetic and sick.

          • Gabby

            How so, muginamuddle?

            • reason

              muginamuddle …………… our own sub prime Muppet

              he just needs to troll harder ……………

          • NZJester

            Comparing a bill to stop a tiny loss of a few dollars a year by a big corporate that has no actual real known case in New Zealand to one for helping protect vulnerable people in an abusive relationship that has been known to happen and has caused real life tragic outcomes is extremely arrogant of you.

      • North 8.1.3

        Muck-in-the-Muddle…….you don’t know much about anything do you Muck ?

        Happens that there is already, has been for some years, a big judicial buzz about non-fatal strangulation……..it is after all a very dangerous and wickedly controlling thing. Like having someone’s ‘life in your hands’, literally. It’s related to “attack to the head”, if you’re at all interested. The Queen v Taueki .

        If you weren’t such a master of the thick prick universe you would know just from an inherent sense of social propriety that the Sentencing Act 2002 already contains provisions which expressly identify particularly aggravating behaviours in offending.

        Like offending against a child under 14 years of age. I’m not certain because I’ve never checked it but I expect that amendment to the Sentencing Act enjoyed multi-party support.

        Poor Muck……you’re such a thick mouthy fuck !

        • maninthemiddle

          “Happens that there is already, has been for some years, a big judicial buzz about non-fatal strangulation……..”

          Yep, and the reason nothing has changed? Becasue it is already an offence. It;s called assault. Get an education.

    • North 8.2

      Wet Dream Tralwyn.

  9. Siobhan 9

    Well they managed the Shop Trading Hours Amendment Bill. Much to the excitement of former MP Labour Steve Chadwick.

    • Bearded Git 9.1

      Which in itself was pathetic as the Gnats (under a 3-line whip) were ordered to vote for a a bill that pushes the responsibility for Easter Trading onto the local Councils so the Gnats don’t get the blame.

      • Michelle 9.1.1

        Gnats are a bunch of sheep baa!

      • srylands 9.1.2

        “Gnats” so funny.

        Get the blame for what?

        • McFlock

          Get the blame for what?

          The annual bitching from store managers who want to force their employees to work through the holiday, and the employees who quite happily take the day off and like it that way.

          But it’s fairly small-scale news, so probably doesn’t make it to you in Aus.

          • Craig H

            And it still didn’t resolve the contradiction of it not been a public holiday, yet forcing shops to close.

        • North

          Get the blame for you supporting them fuckwit SSLands. From your coven in Cassandra Downs, Qsld, Oz, or whatever disgusting redneck white trash hollo’ you hail from.

  10. Hayden 10

    No ideas?! The recently announced Education Amdt Bill further opening up online learning is probably the biggest evolution in education in 20 years.

    These are members bills, the government does not run its agenda through members bills.

    • Keith 10.1

      Yep with COOLS they’ve run out of ideas.

    • NZJester 10.2

      Ideas they have borrowed from right-wing American organizations that have already been tried, tested and shown to be a waste of money with lots of examples of kids ending up with a substandard education you mean?

  11. TC 11

    Fillibustering nact style and a bat to bash the sound economic managers with

  12. National government equals

    Over payed
    Over stayed
    Over weight porkers and plonkers

  13. Doogs 13

    No Keith, they haven’t run out of ideas. There are legions of back-room boys and girls dreaming up wacky schemes like COOLS, formulating them into tightly woven bills and presenting them to be discussed, knowing they have the fence-sitter, dork-features and the lap-dog to see them through.

    Truth to tell the COOLS crap wasn’t even foreshadowed in the original ideas for the Education Amendment Bill. They sprung that one in the final draft.

    So, short of ideas . . . no, short of any fucking common sense . . . oh yes, big time!

  14. mary_a 14

    Third term and still full of piss and wind!

    • righty right 14.1

      this third term government is the only government in new Zealand history to deliver explosive diarrhea to a whole community

      vote gnact delivering diarrhea

  15. Keith 15

    Such irony and no small amount of dishonesty from National.

    They want to save money on education and what better way than eliminating the bricks and mortar along with the vast majority of the teaching staff. However this will be hidden and they will present this bullshit in such a way to look all relevant and modern with the use of the internet and being “online” when educating. And yet it will be profit based and if everything else National does for appearances sake happens, will be purposely next to impossible to monitor, that is with lapse auditing and many built in escape clauses and loopholes for those running a COOL to hide behind.

    Yet when you are unemployed and being modern and looking for work “online” which is without doubt the most efficient best way to go, you aren’t really looking for work and definitely not doing so seriously and you cease to exist as a statistic.

    So what is it National?

  16. North 16

    Keith that’s invigorating expression. Thank you.

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