Nats “help” with more cuts

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Amidst growing evidence of yet another broken 2008 election promise, John Key has nothing to offer except tired excuses:

Key admits underclass still growing

Prime Minister John Key has acknowledged that the “growing underclass” he promised to tackle in 2008 has probably grown further – rather than decreased – during his first term in government. …

He did not believe the government had not acted on its promise to tackle the issue.

“It’s a long, slow job and there’s a lot more to be done. I don’t accept there’s nothing that can be done, but it will take a long time to make those changes.”

He said he believed welfare reform – planned for National’s second term – would help lift people out of poverty. So too would education policies. …

He said the Government had also done the best it could, in difficult times, to insulate people from the recession.

In other news today, a typical example of the government doing the best it can to help out:

Charities’ food handouts at record after Govt cuts

The Government has slashed the number of food grants to needy families by 20 per cent, driving record numbers to seek food parcels from charities instead.

With friends like the Nats, you’ll never need an enemy…

23 comments on “Nats “help” with more cuts”

  1. Ianupnorth 1

    Building a brighter future!! (for the top 10% of earners only)

  2. Uturn 2

    “He said he believed welfare reform – planned for National’s second term – would help lift people out of poverty. So too would education policies. …”

    Uh oh, I really CAN wait to see how “lifting” people out of poverty turns into lifting them by the neck with a noose. Education has never been the answer, not in an organised school day type way. In NZ poverty of thought is a problem, but generally you can get by without becoming an intellectual. Lack of profitable work is a larger problem, since getting by without that is impossible.

    “He said the Government had also done the best it could, in difficult times, to insulate people from the recession.”

    I can only imagine this means his lot have borrowed some cash for something, cash our grandchildren will owe. I don’t buy it, that it was the only way. The problem is that the ideological blinkers of being a National Party member rules out all other options. There’s so much waste and excess in our country, I just don’t buy the necessity for borrow and cut slogans justified by “insulation” from the recession.

  3. mik e 3

    Muldoomism all over again with the baby face smiling assasin.Muldoomism came to an end because like 76 to 84 National under muldoom borrowed and hoped now under shonkey and dipstick we are repeating the policies of 20 and 30 years ago the credit rating agencies put us on watch just like now
    BORROW and HOPE!

  4. mik e 4

    PLONKEY opens wineries tour while economy continues to wobble precariously
    SLICKEY visits bid cleaning facility

  5. Craig Glen Eden 5

    So surely if your policies were working you would at least be moving closer to the desired outcome not moving away in every single out come wether it is closing the wage gap with Australia or increasing employment, increasing some positive out comes or at least one?

  6. Richard Down South 6

    What will this save, a few million dollars… this will cost peoples lives… break up homes… cause more strain on other social services, hospitals, schools, courts, police…

    *shakes his head*

    It’s almost at the point where I don’t want to live in NZ any more

    • big bruv 6.1

      The go, if you need any help with the one way airfare give me a shout.

      I am always happy to see the back of another socialist.

      • Richard Down South 6.1.1

        I’m all for people making their own way, but there should be a safety net… anyone with any decency will admit that:

        1) there aren’t alot of jobs out there, unless you have X years experience, and Y qualifications (yet it seems no ones willing to give people experience)

        2) The benefits as they stand, with the cuts that were set in by Ruth many moons ago, having been adjusted for the minimum inflation (not having been adjusted for the current rampant inflation) are a pittance, and id challenge you to try and live on one

        3) number 2 ties in with the standard of living, and the low wages NZ workers get in general

        4) unless you are earning a large 6+ figure salary, and saving a fair bit, then in the end, its easy to lose your job and then where would you be

        • Uturn

          You are right. What the bloke below this says about welfare never having worked is because welfare has always been about exclusion and punishment with a breadline existence. You don’t maintain a good potential workforce by pushing unemployeds to the fringe and starving them and then everynight at 6pm calling them bludgers.

  7. big bruv 7

    When it comes to welfare let the cuts be long and deep.

    At what stage do you guys admit that the social welfare system has not worked?

    • When you pay your debts BB.

      • big bruv 7.1.1

        Oh Micky, I thought you were a bit better than that. I thought you might have been able to cobble together a reasoned argument, seems I was wrong.

        Or do you have to take riding orders from head office?

        The cuts are coming, you know they are needed and you know they are right.

        • mickysavage

          Reasoned argument?

          Sure try this.  You had a bet with Blip and he nominated wikileaks to receive the proceeds.  You lost but did not pay the money to wikileaks.  The history is here.

          I agree with you that bludgers ought to be confronted and made to pay their debts.

          Doncha think? 

          • big bruv

            The cuts Micky, the cuts!

            No good trying to create a diversion, no good trying to change the subject. Man up and out together a reasoned argument as to why we should pay parasites more money…if you can.

            As for the bet, well you being a member of the legal fraternity would appreciate better than most that there is no way in hell that I was obliged to pay money to an organisation run by an alleged rapist.
            Come to think of it, you show your true colours (and demonstrate why the public have little faith in your ‘profession’) by being economical with the truth.

            Now Micky, back to the cuts…

            • Draco T Bastard

              There’s no point in discussing anything with you as you’re ideologically blind. You, quite simply, will not see the facts right in front of your face if they go against your faith and as all facts go against your faith that means that you cannot be reasoned with.

    • Tombstone 7.2

      And at what point in time big bruv will your lot admit that Key has done a shit job and that the country under his leadership has gone from bad to fuckin worse. National are shit and the sooner they’re gone the better for everyone.

      • big bruv 7.2.1

        Well Tombstone, at least you have got one thing right. When Key took over the country was in a bad state (bad is the term you used, come to think of it you will be banned from this site for telling the truth if you are not careful).

        Remember the decade of deficits that Cullen left us with?, the way the parasite gleefully said that he had “spent the lot” in an attempt to bankrupt the nation simply to get Labour back into office.

        That type of behaviour is why the people do not trust you lot, they do not trust the self serving union hacks, nor do they rate them (and who can blame them really, Beaumont, Fenton, Pilay and the other assorted union scum who pull the strings inside Labour)

        IMHO Key has not done enough to tackle the real issues, Welfare and the entitlement mindset of Kiwis needs to be addressed but one thing is for sure, the country is far better off with him as PM than it would have been with another term of the disastrous and failed Labour government.

        What really sticks in your throat of course is that you know that I am right, and at least 59.5% of Kiwis agree with me.

        • bbfloyd

          little bb…here we go… it’s the voice over guy again…. the improv at the start wasn’t bad, but you fell back on to the script too quickly……gave yourself away…..again..

        • kriswgtn

          hahahah delusional dickhead

  8. logie97 8

    Having gutted Kiwi Saver (“cumin ism by shtealth” according to Joky) they now plan to push it … so if you are looking for a flip-flop, how’s that for starters?

  9. Hami Shearlie 9

    National Party Code Words:

    Review = cut
    Reform = cut

    It would pay to actually help to create jobs before welfare is cut, unless Mr Key imagines the poor will simply oblige and die quietly in the gutter. In the real world if people don’t have enough to eat and clothe themselves, they will quite simply steal!! And probably from the rich in Remmers and Parnell. BTW didn’t Mr Key have a burglary some time ago? Think of all the laptops, jewellery and big tellies to be stolen in Mr Key’s protected little world. And while people go hungry, Mr Key happily overspends our money, with a plethora of bodyguards he takes with him every year to Hawaii.!!! Doesn’t he realise, he’s not important enough to kill!!!! He may smile 24/7 but most kiwis aren’t finding much to smile about lately!

    • felix 9.1

      “It would pay to actually help to create jobs before welfare is cut…”

      Yeah but that’s the trouble – it would pay. The workers. Too much. You can buy your labour much cheaper when it’s desperate and frightened.

      Brighter futures everybody and goodnight.

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