“To the best of my knowledge” – yeah right

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“Not to the best of my knowledge – that is absolutely correct – I wasn’t even aware these emails existed until I heard about them yesterday” a flustered Key said in Parliament today in response to another question from Grant Robertson about the Radio Live PM’s Hour – watch it here. I wasn’t aware

Key steadfastly denied yesterday that his office had anything to do with the programme’s control, particularly stressing that “to the best of his knowledge” he did not know that his Communications Manager had anything to do with writing  the late approach to the Electoral Commission for an opinion on the show’s legality, sent in Radio Live’s name.

He can’t have talked to his Chief of Staff. Wayne Eagleson wrote thus to Peter Radich, Chairman of the Broadcasting Standards Authority:

Radio Live made it clear that the show was neither an election advertisement nor an election programme, and that the show would be editorial material. They approved the show’s content and provided a detailed written brief that made it clear that the Prime Minister must not tell listeners who to vote for. Following a suggestion from this office, they sought and obtained advice from the Electoral Commission.PM response to RadioWorks complaint

Key’s office were donkey deep in planning the programme. They knew they were skating close to the wind. It was “useful” that the Electoral Commission’s advice appeared to put the onus for any breach of the law on the broadcaster. If Key expects Parliament to believe that his Chief of Staff did not brief him on any of this, and he only found out about it yesterday, he’s in la-la land.

Also if he thinks this is just a matter between the broadcaster and the Electoral Commission, he’s also mistaken. This issue has a way to run yet. Watch this space.




16 comments on ““To the best of my knowledge” – yeah right”

  1. mik e 1

    time for another cup of tea.

  2. Tom Gould 2

    Key is asking us to believe that he turned up to a radio show that he chose the guests for yet he had no idea how the show came about? It just appeared in his diary and he turned up at the studio? His staff didn’t mention how it happened? He never asked them? And the MSM believe him? In fact, they cover up for him? This craven relationship between the Gallery Tories and Key is looking more and more corrupt by the day.

  3. Chris 3

    The old Gerald Ford phrase…”Not to the best of my recollection”. Or was it Richard Nixon?

  4. RedLogix 4

    Is Key denying responsibility for the actions of his own staff?

    • Draco T Bastard 4.1

      That’s what it looks like. Of course, in a hierarchy, the person at the top is where the buck stops.

      • Colonial Viper 4.1.1

        You’d think so. But that’s why scapegoats and fall guys were invented. In the tory world you can perform that role and be rewarded with a well paying directorship (or two) the month after.

    • seeker 4.2

      @RedLogix 9.25pm
      Didn’t he do just such a thing in the BMW debacle?

  5. tc 5

    Long may this run so that folks who are undecided or haven’t followed this cosy relationship the Nats have with the MSM begin to rethink it.

  6. Irascible 6

    Sounds like a clintonesque clayton’s statement along the lines of “I did not have sexual relations with Monica.” KeY is certainly a wriggler on the end of a pin.

  7. Muzza 7

    It’s similar to the use of “I believe” , meaning I have no idea. Except to the best of my knowledge means, yes of course I knew. Key must surely know that people are aware of this, or are the lies now getting so obvious and unchecked by msm that key will just spit them out on que.

  8. Chris 8

    Key is not a details sort of guy. Its easier to make deals if you can sort out the actual wording later- the ‘elegant solution.’

  9. Janice 9

    He was just “muddling through”.

  10. Chris Oden 10

    You can always tell when key is wrongfooted, it is when he does his blaming Labour for everything that is wrong with NZ,loudly,and with theatrical flourishes, so his equally stupid colleagues can give him a standing ovation. Hopefully creating a diversion so that the point of the question and his inability to answer it will be glossed over.Also,as he gleefully blamed Labour for nine years of (supposed, just his opinion)mismanagement he seems to forget he(sorry,National) has only been in three years with nothing to show except monumental stuff ups.Tax cuts, GST rise,getting rid of anything that was of use to us at the bottom.Night school classes, restrictions on benefits for young solo parents who WANT to study towards a better life and a DECENT job. People are suffering! Nobody but the 1% is better off. Thats just MY opinion. Have to agree hes looking shagged. I see that in Question time 13th 14th? the question was asked as to why key agreed to the radio gig. brownlee answering on his behalf(of course) said it was because hundred,thousands no! millions were fascinated by everything that key has to say.!!!GAG!!! I find key at question time hugely embarassing and if you READ the transcripts he says nothin of any consequence at all. I know he has a brain somewhere but I think it belongs to Donald Duck.

  11. aerobubble 11

    Misleading parliament? Key has a duty, to be up to date on the issue, when it has come to light that his hour of free radio involved emails back and forth form his office. Its like Key saying its a different John Key who showed up, a non-political John Key whose own office had not asked the radio show to get advice of the electoral commission. Its just misleading for the PM to have ever suggested, or allow to be suggested, he was not the PM of NZ, a political appointment of the house.

    • aerobubble 11.1

      Oh, Key says, he’s not PM for the one hour he is on radio. I thought he was on call all the time, as PM, did he give over the time to his deputy PM? Who was that?

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