Tony Abbott elected Liberal leader

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According Melbourne paper The Age, Tony Abbott is the new leader of the Liberal Party, winning the leadership by one vote over Malcolm Turnbull. Abbott becomes the Liberals’ fourth leader in two years. I guess that now means Rudd will have to call a general election to pass his Australian ETS…

Surely Rudd should romp home?

15 comments on “Tony Abbott elected Liberal leader”

  1. snoozer 1

    If a double dissolution is called when would the election be held?

    • Zaphod Beeblebrox 1.1

      Rudd doesn’t want one, will depend on Abbot’s approach to the ETS.

      • Pascal's bookie 1.1.1

        “…will depend on Abbot’s approach to the ETS”

        Seconds after Mr Abbott beat Malcolm Turnbull by one vote, he then declared a secret ballot on the ETS.

        The motion proposed that the legislation should be delayed for three months, and if this could not be secured, then the legislation should be defeated.

        The motion was carried by 54 votes to 29, guaranteeing the death of the Rudd Government’s ETS

  2. Zaphod Beeblebrox 2

    Absolutely worst result for the Libs. He will also be lucky to keep his seat if they compaign to ditch the ETS.

    • Andrei 2.1

      In your dreams.

      In the real world ditching the ETS mat well be seen – most especially by the liberal base but by others besides as “dodging a bullet”.

      • Pascal's bookie 2.1.1


        The GOP should run a Beck/Palin ticket as well.

        Their base will love it.

      • Zaphod Beeblebrox 2.1.2

        Might be a bit hard to convince the Aussies. They’ve suffered a 2-3 inch reduction in average rainfall over the past decade, the wheat harvest regularly fails from lack of rain, pretty well all the major cities are on stage 3 or 4 water restrictions.

        The effects of climate change may seem remote to us Kiwis, surrounded by water, but to Australians the effects are plain to see

  3. snoozer 3

    it’s interesting because in aussie voting is complusory so there could be some blowback for the Liberals if they’re seen as having forced people to vote only two years after the last election, when they’re content with the govenment, and made them pay attention to politics over their summer holidays

    captcha- season

  4. Clarke 4

    It astounds me that in a country beset by a decade-long drought, that is witnessing the collapse of the Murray-Darling basin, and has to declare catastrophic fire warnings before Christmas, that there are still dumb-ass politicians like Tony Abbott who are opposed to an ETS.

    • prism 4.1

      Change – anathema to the conservative mind. Chaos theory doesn’t exist in their world. Also Abbott has religion, one of the rigid ones, and the combined ingredients come together to wall the mind in concrete.

  5. icm63 5

    Well DONE AUSSIE, global warming has be scientifically proven as a false hood, by the top scientist at USA MIT and other that know there stuff…

    CO2/carbon ommissions have nothing to do with global warming:


    [lprent: My god – a CCD actually managed to find a relevant skeptic. Richard Lindzen. I’m so shocked that I’ll leave the comment here as being vaguely relevant to the liberals change of leadership.

    The link is someones bullshit reframing of Lindzens ideas.

    However Lindzen is worth reading about on wikipedia. He is a pretty good example of the type of older geologist from the middle of the last century. To date Lindzen hasn’t managed to find anything that actually proves his basic hypothesis about the minimal CO2 effect. In fact I’d say his continuing lack of results points to the other way. ]

    • NickS 5.1


      We really need a thread to lock the above in.

      Especially when they cite Lindzen as though one researcher out of the many involved has to be “right”, regardless of these such as “evidence” in the form of published papers/research in science journals.

      And there’s linking to that fool extraordinare Lord Monckton who can’t science to save his life. As seen by going to any climate blog worth their salt and searching for “Monckton”.

      Security word: sense, how apt, given icm63 probably lacks any.

    • Clarke 5.2

      Wow … an actual, live, mouth-breathing, brain-dead climate change denier! I mean, it’s like wandering through the Rimutakas and discovering yourself face-to-face with a real unicorn.

  6. Jim McDonald 6

    “We said we would align our ETS more closely with Australia”: Nick Smith (24 September, 2009)
    Improved ETS will better protect jobs & environment

    Will circumstances soon reveal we are remarkably prescient?
    I hope the Tarot Cards are telling things honestly to the John Key administration and not gambling away New Zealand’s future.

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