Trademe advertises National List MP position for sale

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Some wag on Trademe has advertised National Party list positions for sale.

And the questions and answers were hilarious.

17 comments on “Trademe advertises National List MP position for sale”

  1. Reality 1

    Very clever

  2. LOL!

    That’s about the strength of it and all,… the National myth has been blown apart. Never again will people look at them in the same light.

    A racist, misogynistic collection of motley individuals hell bent on selling NZ out to a foreign power for what amounts to peanuts. That’s National alright. Got it in one.

  3. Kat 4

    Maybe the whole party is for sale.

  4. UncookedSelachimorpha 5

    Was this actually posted on trademe? Seems to have disappeared if so.

    Love it!!

  5. veutoviper 6

    Sadly, the TradeMe administrator seems to have closed this listing down. Damn.

    Snap with 5. I searched on the listing number, as could not find it via name.

    • roy cartland 6.1

      Heh, the funny thing is that it will be against TradeMe’s terms of service – not the Nat party’s.

  6. John 7

    The National party, a centre right wing party in donkey deep with the Communist party of China. What would Rob Muldoon say? Reds under the bed. No, they have moved into the blue beds

  7. Timeforacupoftea 8

    Haha some Maori fella called Jamie -Lee – Ross is short of some $dosh$ to pay his wife’s divorce out _
    obviously learn’t from reading American Politics 123 from Democrat Bill and Hils Clinton on how to overcome claims on infidelity
    ” I never had sex with any women just banged my head near imaginary taste of the afterlife”

    By banging my head crazily on the headboard of the bed my new afterlife has been exposed.

    Goodbye and riddance to Jamie Lee Ross’s tribe but may see you at the polling booths if need be.

  8. Brendan 9

    Amusing enough that Whaleoil also carried the ad.

  9. Philj 10

    For Sale? No. I think it has already been SOLD! I wonder how long ago.

  10. Ken 11

    Money back guarantee?
    The party seems to be defective.

  11. georgecom 12

    remember how Simon was learning Te Reo Maori earlier in the year
    how he was out doing the hard yards, the hard MAHI which required big spending

    well the Maori word for him this week is Putea
    As in the following sentence
    “Put the putea in a bank account broken into small amounts”

  12. Chris T 13

    That is pretty funny

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