Transcript: John Banks to Colin Craig

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Colin Craig: Hello, Colin Craig speaking

John Banks: Hi Colin, John Banks here..

Craig: John! Haven’t seen you since the anti-smacking march! How are you!

Banks: Oh yeah, the anti-smacking march. How many people did you get out in the end?

Craig: about 5,000! Pretty good, eh?

Banks: And it cost you..

Craig: $500,000. But you’ve got to spend money to make an impact, eh Johnny? Best investment I ever made.

Banks: Yeah. I wonder how much the lefties spent on that anti-mining march. Must have been about $5 million… Anyway, Colin, I didn’t call to talk about the past but about the future.

Craig: Oh, yeah?

Banks: Yeah. Listen, Colin, I hear you’re running for super-city mayor.

Craig: Maybe I am John. Maybe I am.

Banks: Look Colin, this isn’t part of the plan. Rodney and the boys down in Wellington have designed us the best council they can for business. I’ve been chosen as the Right’s candidate. This is my gig, Colin. If you run you’ll split the Right vote. Don’t ruin it for everyone.

Craig: Well, John, how’s that going for you? Got it all sown up for the Right have you?

Banks: Yeah, *cough*, sure. It’s under control.

Craig: But didn’t the latest poll show Len Brown over 11 points ahead of you? And hasn’t he been consistently ahead since they started polling on the race?

Banks: It’s all under control. Have you seen the smear campaign we’ve been running? Wide spectrum of outlets, intense, personal. We’re going to keep it up until election day.

Craig: But didn’t that Herald poll show Brown is still ahead of you? And you know that’s a right biased poll.

Banks: Yeah but…

Craig: And didn’t you just lose your first face to face debate with Brown? Didn’t the Herald – the Herald for godssake – say Brown won a “resounding victory“?

Banks: Shut up, just shut up

Craig: See you on the campaign trail, John.

5 comments on “Transcript: John Banks to Colin Craig”

  1. Pascal's bookie 1

    My first thoughts on this was that he’d campaign on

    -family values
    -controlling booze and gambling

    …with an aim of wedging voters from the left.

    But check this out…

    Auckland property manager Colin Craig has today contacted Auckland councils asking them to protect Auckland ratepayers by saying “NO” to the Government’s proposed 25% deal on leaky homes….

    …”If the current trend towards obtaining building inspection reports continues, that number could go higher,” says Mr Craig. One of Mr Craig’s companies manages properties with weather tightness issues.

    “With over 1300 of my clients in Auckland facing significant weather tightness problems, we are at the coal face of this issue. As a ratepayer myself, I wonder if councils have even done the numbers on what they are agreeing to and the rates increase that will be required to fund this. ”

    “The proposed Government deal falls well short of a real solution for many suffering home owners. It’s time for government to ‘man up’ and put a comprehensive loan scheme in place, with a capped contribution from ratepayers” says Mr Craig.


    • ghostwhowalksnz 1.1

      Who would have guessed Combining the mayorality and his business interests ?

    • Lanthanide 1.2

      If you’re not a part of the solution, there’s always money to be made in prolonging the problem?

  2. So he’s not running as the heir to the “March for Democracy” astroturkeys?

  3. iPredict has Brown with a 55% chance of winning; Banks at 39%. Brown will come down a bit in the polls with the credit card stuff, but he’s still odds on favourite to win according to folks with money on the line.

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