Truth in advertising

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  1. aerobubble 1

    Please take photos from outside the tea room, would you expect a reporter to get in front of the camera and start talking with microphones on? Yes. In fact its pretty commonplace to have microphones on when cameras are taking photos! So where was the expectation of privacy.
    It reminds me of the Dunedin council demanding the form of the protests should be without a tent on the public lawn. Its surely basic legal 101 (I’m no lawyer) that if the PM says its private, or the council says its not lawful protest, then there should be a lawyer somewhere in the nation who could step up and say your officidom does not make it legal, you aren’t above the law. But not in NZ, where even the Professor on Law doesn’t seem to understand that power is abused by the powerful, that the enemy of freedom is mostly government (or allied with government). So let’s not even start with advertizing truth, there’s very little political or legal truth in NZ. Its simply wrong to claim that governing officials are too be trusted on what is legal, they simply are the worst authority since they invariable are the cause of the abuse of power. And maybe that’s where the PM got stuck, because he live in a country so useless at protecting liberty that third world diseases are being reintroduced along with crony capitalism found in failing states the world over.

  2. fabregas4 2

    Wow aerobubble – bad hair day? Seriously, most of what you say is true. $189 to Gold Coast.

    • aerobubble 2.1

      You thinking of leaving? Its worse there, the election system is so jury rigged they have to overthrow elected leaders if they get too many progressive ideas. OZ elections (and why MMP is
      the only proportional system worthy of the name) basically forces people to vote (and so consent) to a range of candidates that the two major parties essentially hand pick at HQ.

  3. bbfloyd 3

    john key has been the best thing to happen to mining and infrastructure spending in western australia.. they now have the bulk of new zealands engineering talent working within their borders…. saved them having to import skilled workers from non english speaking countries….

    the kiwis will work for less, and put up with primitive conditions with les complaining as well…

    a big round of applause from the west for john key and his brave strategy to shed new zealand of potential labour voters…..

    i have to wonder what our unemployment figures would be like if it wasn’t for this far sighted policy of shrinking the workforce…… i can hardly wait for the public service to start showing the benefits of this policy……..

    • and don’t we now ‘owe’ Australia a mine too?
      the one John Key bet with Julia Gillard and lost

      • bbfloyd 3.1.1

        maybe they did a deal to cover for it…. “we supply all the labour for a new mine and i’ll promise not to try to kiss an australian pm again”……..

        • mik e

          Key has promised an even brighter future Yeah 300.000 NewZealanders will be going next term.No wonder he wants to sell Air New Zealand the planes will be empty on the way back making it unprofitable.

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