Two faced English warned of the housing crisis in 2010

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PM Bill English denies there is a housing crisis.

In 2010 he knew about and warned of the housing crisis – PM talked of major housing crisis – Salvation Army

A senior Salvation Army staff member says Prime Minister Bill English talked with him about a looming housing crisis years ago.

The revelation was in contrast to the Government’s public stance, in which it has steadfastly denied the existence of a crisis.

At a housing debate in Wellington on Wednesday, Major Campbell Roberts said English, then finance minister, had said in 2010 Auckland was heading toward a major housing crisis by 2015 or 2016, RNZ reported.

Typical lying politician.

23 comments on “Two faced English warned of the housing crisis in 2010”

  1. NZJester 1

    It was not a looming crisis in 2010, it was a crisis already happening at that time.
    A crisis they could have started to reverse. Instead, they accelerated the problem.

    • Draco T Bastard 1.1

      Yep, it was a crisis that, as John Key pointed out, started during the 5th Labour government.

  2. Draco T Bastard 2

    Typical lying National Party politician.


    Politicians on the Left tend not to lie while National and other RWNJs go for the Comforting Lies.

  3. National Party supporters will attack the Salvation Army staff member for not respecting the private nature of the meeting with English. That will be their focused defense-by-attack. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.

  4. saveNZ 4

    Recently Auckland Council released an update confirming that the City Centre would indeed reach 45000 residents this year. In 2012 this was not forecast to happen until 2032.

    Ok, now we have a central city population that is artificially been populated 25 years ahead of schedule… the city can’t wave a magic wand and get 25 years of houses, water treatment plants, schools, police, doctors, hospitals, public transport in the 3 years since Natz adopted their free for all policies.

    • saveNZ 4.1

      I mean 15 years – typo.

      If they had spread the population increase over 15 years we will have the public transport for example we need as well as the houses.

      At present, it’s a mess. And we know from leaky buildings, deregulation in the Unitary plan is going to make things worse. For example most of the activity in the central suburbs seems to be to make more expensive houses at the expense of cheaper houses that are more affordable. The affordable ones they are demolishing and putting up McMansions. It’s going in an opposite direction, a direction directed by the unitary plan.

      National’s new transport solution is to charge more taxes to everyone to try to stop poorer people moving around – the new working poor are probably the essential services for the city for gods sake like the cleaners and the teachers!

      Everything Natz do, is so reactive to stay in power and make short term gains. We need a government to look a bit past the short term income and taking 3 more years of power at any cost, to actually looking and planning properly for a city people want to live in, not like some quasi fake economic power house construction/immigration ponzi scheme, but with the legacy of horrible living conditions, overcrowding, crime, drugs and inequality, competing with the glittering high rises with $50k a year body corporate fees and 20 room mansions.

      • saveNZ 4.1.1

        We also know there will be increasing climate change, natural disasters from that, sea level rises and peak oil. Have the Natz planned for that in the unitary plan. NOPE, because it was all about Barristers getting zoning changes to make more money. In fact the planned housing crisis has made it all worse by not having planning for the future, for example incentives for solar, allowing too many engineering fixes like detention tanks and thinking that’s ok for millions more in the city and within a climate change scenario, not making more robust standards for climate change and rising sea levels, not planning transport routes in emergencies. (Part of Cyclone Katrina was the motorways were all blocked up by traffic, people could not get out or in and people actually STARVED to death) etc etc

        For gods sake, we don’t even have a plan to get people to the airport using an underground system… that’s the poor governance level, incompetence and corruption we have in our transport sector and related government agencies.

        • Molly

          ” Have the Natz planned for that in the unitary plan. NOPE, because it was all about Barristers getting zoning changes to make more money. “
          Before he took over as the Planning Manager in charge of the Unitary Plan, we met with John Duguid – around 2012.

          Our reference to climate change was met with a scarcely concealed – ha!, what crazy tree huggers do we have here. Over the course of public consultation, interacted with him several times, and had no cause to update my initial impression that climate change would only be given a token reference in the final Unitary Plan.

          Seems to be the case.

        • greg

          the nacts done it deliberately to prop up the economy with bogus GDP numbers and desperately keep the housing bubble inflated gross mismanagement fueled by greed there fast buck con men snake oil sales men we are paying for it they will walk away from the mess with there loot.

    • NZJester 4.2

      If National had not canceled Labours plans to expand the rail network from the city you would not see a lot of this problem. The poor are in those overcrowded central city dwellings to be closer to jobs. A lot will be working poor who can’t afford long traffic jammed commutes on top of the long hours they must work.

  5. The decrypter 5

    Chance for English to lie in the house today. First question today from Twyford to the pm.

  6. UpandComer 6


    This shows how smart he is. He anticipated there ‘might’ be a problem in 6 years. At a time when house prices were falling during the global recession. Based on the Labour settings.

    He is incredibly intelligent.

    Bill would have just said social dems won’t build houses. So when we and the world recover from the GFC, there might be big price rises.

    Then this Campbell guy runs this story. I wonder if Campbell also opposes three kings and point england like Labour. The sallies are great. Its just this guy.

    It will be extra good when Labour loses again.

    • Draco T Bastard 6.1

      This shows how smart he is.

      No it doesn’t. It shows how dishonest he is and dishonest people are always stupid.

      At a time when house prices were falling during the global recession.

      They never fell in NZ.

      • Stuart Munro 6.1.1

        I am sure he is incredibly intelligent compared to the median National voter.

        • NZJester

          I am sure he is incredibly intelligent compared to the median National voter.

          My understanding is that sociopaths tend to have an above average IQ.
          So I would say no he is not more incredibly intelligent than the average sociopath National Voter

        • NZJester

          How to Spot a Sociopath
          16 key behavioral characteristics that define sociopaths/psychopaths and others with antisocial disorders.
          By M.E. Thomas, published on May 7, 2013 – last reviewed on June 9, 2016
          Superficial charm and good intelligence
          Absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking
          Absence of nervousness or neurotic manifestations
          Untruthfulness and insincerity
          Lack of remorse and shame
          Inadequately motivated antisocial behavior
          Poor judgment and failure to learn by experience
          Pathologic egocentricity and incapacity for love
          General poverty in major affective reactions
          Specific loss of insight
          Unresponsiveness in general interpersonal relations
          Fantastic and uninviting behavior with alcohol and sometimes without
          Suicide threats rarely carried out
          Sex life impersonal, trivial, and poorly integrated
          Failure to follow any life plan

          So many National Party MPs match a lot of this list it is scary.

          • Stuart Munro

            Yep – but the supporters are probably more like Tilikum. (the whale)

  7. simonm 7

    The Salvation Army had better watch out. Alfred Ngaro and his mates will be taking an axe to any funding the Sallie’s receive as revenge for embarrassing their beloved ‘Dipton double-dipper’.

  8. Brendon Harre -Left wing Liberal 8

    I wrote an article about National and housing -using today’s information. It is titled Crony Capitalism in New Zealand.
    View story at

  9. peterlepaysan 9

    bill english is a treasury robot. Housing and crisis do not make a connect in his treasury manufactured computer drive.

  10. Treetop 10

    So English got something right, but has failed to prevent his prediction. I thought housing children living in squalor was the finance ministers job.

  11. Treetop 11

    So English got something right, but failed to do enough about his prediction. I thought housing children living in squalor was the finance ministers job.

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