Unlucky Banks

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Jeez some people just can’t catch a break. Not only is John Banks coming second in an election race to a guy specifically chosen to lose to him but now the word is some scoundrel’s stolen his Harley Davidson.

If I know Banksie he’ll have someone’s head for that.

28 comments on “Unlucky Banks”

  1. I guess that’s what happens when you hang around with questionable company

  2. possum 2

    too many deposits?

  3. Hogman 3

    Where was it parked when it was stolen? Perhaps theres some surveillance video?

  4. jimmy 4

    I hope the government increase sentencing to protect the rich from this sort of injustice!

  5. tc 5

    Maybe bad news comes in 3’s ……he’d be P’d off if it did.

  6. Tiger Mountain 6

    Oh well Banksie has been a certified non boozer for evah, [removed]? That or his rapid fire barely intelligible speech pattern comes naturally.

    IrishBill: I’d suggest that raising questions like that is unwise unless you have proof.

  7. rainman 7

    Actually makes me feel a bit of sympathy for the bloke. Stealing motorcycles is not cool.

  8. Adrian 8

    The most common way to “lose” a Harley is if you owe a biker gang for the sort of shit they sell.

  9. Jenny 9

    Breaking news coming out of Sherwood Forest.

    Robin Hood trades in his horse for a harley.

    Police on look out for a bike rider dressed in Green.

    King Don called back from his crusade to the holy land (Wall Street) to help catch the rebel outlaw.

    In unrelated news; Green MP Keith Locke pulled over by police while out cycling.

  10. What a Sunday! Sundays are great for getting out of the fray and enjoying this great country of ours, the beaches, the fields, the forests, the sun on my face, the wind through (what’s left of) my hair.
    Especially on my new Harley (acquired through the redistribution of resources under a better utilisation policy).

  11. Deadly_NZ 11

    Sundays are great for getting out of the fray and enjoying this great country of ours, the OILY beaches, the Cow Shit encrusted fields, the forests of tree stumps, NZ circa 2013. Under a NACT Govt.

  12. Deadly_NZ 12

    Hang on what the fuck use does Banks have for a Harley?? Not much use for the Vote for Me signs! I can just imagine him all done up in leathers, he’d look like a half squeezed sausage.

    • Nick 12.1

      Michael Laws Syndrome

    • felix 12.2

      It’s not as incongruous as you might think.

      Banks adopted the white collar at an early age but he never stopped being a gangster.

    • “I can just imagine him all done up in leathers…”
      You know what it’s like with these uptight right-wing moralisers who are always reprimanding the unwashed masses for their lack of moral character.
      Yet they indulge in hidden, late night activities and all that swinging, deviant activity that goes on in those neighbourhoods.
      My guess is that he probably uses his leathers for other reasons.

  13. Craig 13

    Given the rate that Banks projected voter share is dropping, anyone want to bet that it’ll be a Goldsmith/Parker race and that David will overtake Banks before long?

  14. Theft of property isnt funny.

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