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Want a say in who will run the country – let’s get the vote out.

Just as long as they know it’s Saturday 8th November!

12 comments on “Video: Get the vote out”

  1. yl 1

    I get the feeling that, that video had some sort of message in it.

    I just cant quite put my finger on it…

  2. principessa 2

    Key to protestor: You’re an idiot.

    He really knows what to say when under pressure eh?

  3. principessa 3

    yl- re: the video- you have to see the first one to put it in context.

  4. yl 4

    no i have not, do you have a link?

  5. Jasper 6

    I like these videos. Positive, On Message, Ambitious.

    All key words that get into this video.

    I can’t find a post to say this, re EFA:

    It’s gonna be interesting next year when donations are declared. Then the idiots who vote blue will see just who bought them! Insurance, Tobacco, Cars, anything else?

  6. Young people got out and voted because they have the most inspiring politician in generations to vote for, in Obama.

    Aunty Helen doesn’t have that magic, I’m betting it will be a low turn out among young voters in this country.

  7. Ron Shaw 8

    Brett – agree completely. Obama is a superb rhetorician. He uses all the tools available to him to paint a picture of hope and a bright future. No NZ politician comes close mainly because most of them don’t stand for anything.

  8. randal 9

    john keys is a superb mortician
    he puts people to sleep
    Helen Clark offers inspirational leadership for all generations whotrust her instinctively
    suck on that

  9. Ron Shaw 10

    Thank you for caring.
    Interesting how left wing trolls aren’t subjected to the same level of moderation on the Standard. If you are going to debate the issues you need to raise your standards. At the minimum, please read your ramblings and correct the obvious errors.
    Helen Clark has demonstrated a consistent level of trustworthiness – signing paintings she didn’t paint, aiding and abetting an $800,000 breach of the Electoral Act, ignoring Winston’s corruption and so on.
    The pity is this clouds her legacy – more spent on roads and defence, an independent foreign policy, decent industrial legislation, better pay for front line health care workers and so on.
    And the other pity is that it allows John ‘as slippery as a snake in wet grass’ Key the traction he needs to get into power.
    Maybe things will be clearer in the 2009 election??

    [lprent: The basic problem is that wingnut trolls don’t take time to assess the behaviour of the site. Probably because few know how to read? Certainly they don’t bother to read either the About or Policy. They just dump whatever crap they have just read on some wingnut site on here without bothering to engage their alleged brain. Then they get offended when a moderator calls them on behavior and try to argue ‘rules’ with a moderator. Now that is stupid because we’ve seen all this shit before and have no tolerance for people jerking off in our space. That usually results a ban. Personally I blame it on most of them obviously being spoiled brats who “do not play well with others”.

    Generally the leftie trolls generally do take cognizance of most of the above factors, usually a simple not suffices, often other commentators pull them up first. This is probably because they value having the site and are willing to abide by our rules.

    In randals case he has been around here long enough to know the rough bounds. Both he, the sod and a few others skirt around them and take warnings. Besides they earn mana from occasionally making pretty good comments – newbies don’t have that credibility with the moderators]

  10. randal 11

    ron shaw
    at the minimum the standard allows all sorts of chumps on here that would never get allowed a say on farrars blag or slaters nasty little rag
    calling all lefties
    if you got a few minutes to spare go over to twiedmee onions and get afew licks in at the cesspit gang who are going flat out tonight
    I think they are white trash eb’s in drag but no matter
    just work them over
    they like that

  11. bobo 12

    Being a small business owner myself I sent off my GST payment today, has National sent theirs in yet? nice to see they support small business and are they incurring late penalty payments as we speak?.

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