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Here’s the clip that aired on One News during the 2005 election campaign.

It was produced after it became apparent that the Brethren were covertly involved but before the full extent of National’s lies were subsequently revealed.

There’s a great shot of John Key meeting two of the (pixelated) Brethren and them asking that the cameras be turned off as well as another two classic clips of Brash evading questions about Brethren financial support and what he knows personally about their smear campaign.

Hager’s testimony (PDF, 120K) to the select committee – short but essential reading – released here on The Standard on Tuesday suggests that John Key still has plenty of questions to answer…

What I am absolutely sure of, what I have absolutely confident knowledge of, is that the people who the Exclusive Brethren liaised with and informed of their plans completely were the leader, Don Brash, the finance spokesperson, John Key, and the campaign manager, Steven Joyce. The subsequent denials were not correct. They were untrue.

8 comments on “Video: John Key meets Brethren”

  1. Lee C 1

    This is a complete indictment of John Key.

    He owes his voters and the people of New Zealand an explanation for this shady dealing.

    I would demand some kind of statement immediately to clarify this obvious trail of lies and deception.

    I would also advise caution against using the outrage that accompanies the EB, Brash and Key and the National Party as a misguided justification for passing the EFB.

    DOn’t fall into the trap of having this situation as the ‘Weapons of Mass-Destruction’ argument that has justified other misguided perversions of law.

  2. Hoolian 2

    What’s wrong with Key meeting with the Brethern? I know its hard for you to accept, but they are New Zealand citizens as well, you know.

    And its not more shady than Labour meeting with the unions in the leadup to the elections. Talk about flogging a dead horse.

  3. Tane 3

    Well, no Hoolian, because:

    a) Trade unions and the Labour Party are very open about their relationship. Heck, the Labour Party was formed out of the union movement (clue: it’s in the name).

    b) All union donations were open and transparent. Go have a look at
    Bet you $10 you won’t find the Exclusive Brethren on that list.

    c) Trade unions are not an abusive sect that treat their women as chattels and condone child abuse. They are the largest democratic organisation in the country, except for perhaps NZ bowls, I am told.

  4. ahod 4

    Hoolian… I can’t even be bothered explaining to you what happened. Luckily there is a book you can read as your comment is an indication of your lack of knowledge on the topic.
    Author: Nicky Hager
    Title: The Hollow Men

    Surely your local library will be happy to lend you a copy..

  5. Z K Muggletonspofin 5

    Actually, while we’re ganging up on Hoolian, might he think it rather sad (frightening) that our political and social freedoms are being misappropriated by the National Party, with help from a bunch of secretive and wealthy men, who do not vote themselves but are nevertheless very keen to influence the outcome of an election. Quite apart from their insidious treatment of women and dodgey beliefs, the question must be asked, is this really democracy at work? I think not.

    National and John Key have some answering to do!

  6. Sheesh guys – that is SO 2005!

  7. burt 7


    Hager said something then didn’t he about politicians saying one thing and doing another.

    Why are you guys trying so hard to re-tar Helen Clark with the same two faced behaviour as you now accuse Don Brash of?

    This is a home goal of the highest order, either Hager’s credible and so what about Corngate, or Hager’s not credible and he’s just taken random shots along the same lines at Clark and Brash.

  8. Robinson 8

    Huh, huh, huh, I really gotcha there eh? I mean either harger’s credible or… Nah Burt you can keep trying to frame the argument with you false dichotomies or you can fuck of back to kiwibolg and leave the adults to talk sensibly. Guess which either/or I think you should follow…

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