Video: Slippery as a snake

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08 wire are staying on the case – coming to a screen near you:

30 comments on “Video: Slippery as a snake”

  1. “I have had it with these Mutha F**kin snakes”. Couldnt have said it better.

  2. lukas 2

    ….political views aside, that was as bad as the Nat billboards!

  3. Draco TB 3

    Going to agree with lukas on that.

  4. monkey-boy 4

    NIce bit of negative campaigning

  5. Felix 5

    As others have intimated, not your best work.

  6. Crank 6

    Embarrassingly Weak.

  7. insider 7

    Soesn’t matter if it;s no good or lacking in evidence, one smear’s as good as another this election campaign.

  8. John Stevens 8

    Whats the difference between Helen Clark and Adolf Hitler.

    At least Adolf Hitler signed his own paintings.

    [lprent: Probably Chemist Peter rising from the banned grave. ]

  9. What’s the difference between John Stevens and Hitler? At least Hitler used his real name

    Hey, that’s a fun game, John.

    If youse don’t like this one, you should 08wire and see some of their other vids, some are just brilliant.

  10. John Stevens 10

    Nah, just a load of socialist bovine faeces these vids.

    BTW, pot calling kettle black re not using real name ah Steve, Clinton?

  11. Dancer 11

    if you prefer it here’s the original Campbell footage:

    but i suspect this wouldn’t go down well with some either….

  12. John I’m just making fun of you for making such a disgusting comparison.. I’m mean, you’re saying Hitler is better than Clark.. there’s no point seriously debating something like you, so I made fun of you instead… your response was predictable but disappointing nonetheless.

  13. John Stevens 13

    Disgusting I know Steve, but correct, it must be my Autism coming out not seeing the funny side:)

  14. Monty 14

    Good on You – keep up the dirty negative and vile campaigning and you just look more and more desperate – if you want slippery well I believe Clark has been the most slippery and to quote your Billionaire donor “self serving” – aided by her Bully Cullen (and Mallard) and her Bagman Mike Williams.

    Instead on constantly using every opportunity to attak John Key – how about focusing on policy? we have not heard too much about policy from Clark? Why not – what is Labour secret agenda? More social engineering that NZ have patently had enough of?

    I think John Key is way more honest and up front than Clark has ever been. After-all it is Clark that knew about Owen Glenns donation to Winston Peters secret trust account six months ago and said Nothing. I am getting more and more concerned about Clark’s secret agenda and her evasiveness in answering questions. Also why did Clark not reveal what she knew about the Fonterra food poisoning 9 days ago? – Why is she keeping these things secret?

  15. Felix 15

    Not the type of autism which involves a special gift though, is it John?

  16. r0b 16

    Monty: Good on You – keep up the dirty negative and vile campaigning and you just look more and more desperate

    Your concern for ethical behaviour is touching Monty. Such a change from the opinions you used to express in the good old days:

    Bubbles and empty spaces

    Personaly i do not give too much of a shit about the lower clasess – I am not one of them but i never planned to be

    National’s policy vacuum

    Don’t worry about me Felix – I still think petrol is cheap – and I don’t give a shit that it costs $150 to fill my Petrol tank on my 4 litre ford explorer… I may whinge – but in reality I am hardly affected by the rising costs of living, unlike the average Labour voter on struggle street.

    National’s policy vacuum

    Yes – the poor people can go screw themselves. When I see the parasite brother-in-law living off my hard earned taxes … I no longer give a shit about the parasites.

    I’m not sure that Key actually benefits from your endorsement…

  17. mike 17

    As the Ad man said about labour-firsts billboard on Cambell Live tonight. “If you are campaigning on trust do really want that picture on your billboard?”

    But he did say she was quite “handsome”

  18. monty 18

    thanks rob for paying attention. I of course would never becoe a politician – so my standard of behaviour (and my comments of which i am very proud and stand by them) are not relevant.

    Clark on the other hand is the Prime Minister and should be above being a nasty vile petty child – but when I saw her comment of John Key visiting the Otara market – I thought how bloody typical of someone who is desperate to retain power – but how much she deserves to lose it.

    Cullen and Mallard will of course continue to be nasty as we have no higher expection. As a blog you are totally obsessed with Key and his every comment. the authors of this blog have no credibility. On the other hand David Farrar is regarding as the prince of blogs because he stayed above the nastiness that you so much like to indulge in.

  19. Pascal's bookie 19

    Cracked me up to see Johnny blathering away about he would rather be in opposition that in Govt if that meant a deal with that man WP. He’s obviously counting on that not being needed, but if it comes down to it I think he will either flip flop, get rolled, or more importantly, get a phone call from some of the folk that fill those trusts.

    But it was funny how he wouldn’t have had a problem being finance minister for Don Brash, who ran one of the most divisive and dishonest campaigns in NZ history, who lied like a flat fish about the brethren, who attacked Helen Clark for allegedly not believing in Marriage while he was breaking his own vows to his second wife, and who was planning on running a gov’t based on finance policies that John now says he doesn’t believe in.

  20. r0b 20

    On the other hand David Farrar is regarding as the prince of blogs because he stayed above the nastiness that you so much like to indulge in.

    Once again Monty, bit of a credibility problem there sunshine.

  21. Dean 21

    “Once again Monty, bit of a credibility problem there sunshine.”

    Take your pills, you cancerous and corrosive hater and wrecker.

    Just don’t be nasty when you do so. Because Helen says that’s not on, aye.

  22. r0b 22

    Dean and Monty, with friends like these Key doesn’t even need enemies.

  23. monty 23

    But I don’t need credibility from any leftie. Farrar produces a thoroughly credible blog – so much so the the MSM often ask him to offer opinion on political issues. On the other hand Clark is screaming out for acceptance at present – but her con-joined Twin Winnie is really letting the team down. So if you want to turn this into a debate about credibility please be my guest and I will start off by listing all the deceptions and lies of Clark. Then get onto Cullen, Mallard, Angry Man and the rest of the Labour Cabinet. And that is before I quote Labour’s biggest billionaire donor and talk about self serving, bully and the bagman.

    Like the Election based on Trust (what was Clark thinking there?) the debate on credibility is one you will lose badly. At present (stuff poll with 30,000 responses) you will note that it is John Key who has the trust and the credibility. Clark does not even have the support of her faithful.

  24. the debate on credibility is one you will lose badly.

    Yeah that’s right monty, ‘cos your side is so credible…

  25. monty 25

    Besides Rob – and although I like Key, I am not a National supporter – Act is more my comfort zone and I have huge respect for Rodney as does most people who have had the pleasure of meeting him.

    John Key making a principled stance by refusing to have Winnie the prick is Cabinet is however the sort of guy I would like as PM. And with Rodney / Act as the co-alition partner Winnie would be way to scared to join that majority government.

  26. r0b 26

    But I don’t need credibility from any leftie.

    What you need Monty, is a bit of human compassion, some motive other than personal greed.

    Farrar produces a thoroughly credible blog

    Really? Which one? I only know Kiwiblog.

    So if you want to turn this into a debate about credibility please be my guest

    The election is about credibility Monty, it’s about trust, so knock yourself out. Here’s some background reading for you:

  27. Monty 27

    Rob – you do not need to lecture me in compassion – this year I will have $100,000 (maybe more) in tax taken from me – a significant chunk of this will support parasites who will never acheive anything because they are incapable of making intelligent decisions about their life. But in addition I give to my church, I support me neice (not her fault her father is a complete loser and is one of the dumbarses that cannot make the said intelligent decision.

    I am very happy to assist those in our society who cannot help themselves – such as the intellectually and / or physically disabled. Those pensioners like my neighbour lost everything helping their stupid drug addicted son. But I detest the parasites who are capable of working and contributing to society. I support many causes – but my criteria for help is in the first instance they must have some self responsibility. They must want to improve thir life – and they must develop a plan to help themselves – sort of like the intention of social welfare before it was hi-jacked by the socialists. I listened to that stupid Sue Bradford at a church meeting a week or two back. Her solutions prove how stupid the left really is. I did enjoy telling her exactly my thoughts.

  28. r0b 28

    you do not need to lecture me in compassion

    There wouldn’t be much point in me trying Monty, if your religious education has not succeeded.

    But I detest the parasites who are capable of working and contributing to society.

    If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen? (1 John 4:20).

    Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven (Luke 6:37)

    For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. (1 Timothy 6:10)

  29. monkey-boy 29

    But let us not forget this single pearl of wisdom from Margaret Thatcher:

    “No one would remember the Good Samaritan if he’d only had good intentions; he had money as well.”

  30. Monty,

    John Key is a liar and a rich prick banking predator who was not only involved in the biggest attack on the NZ dollar in 1987 but also in the Asian crisis and the subprime crisis while working for Merrill lynch.

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