Views from the Job Summit

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– “Very clear that this is all about showing a consensus behind Key. That’s the mood among my colleagues. Seen some unionists about, their strategy seems to be to engage, rather than be left out”

– “I saw a brown face. Turned out it was the cleaner. I hear Michael Jones is here too. So that’s OK”

– “The message from National to business is employment legislation is off the agenda for the summit. Reassuring for the unions”. – interesting, that’s as I had heard it would be. So why did Kate Wilkinson decide yesterday to remind everyone that National promised anti-union policies? Just incompetence, I suppose.

– “Key listed his government’s 100-day economic achievements. He left Fire at Will off the list again. Funny that.”

– “[Treasury head John] Whitehead pushing that crap about more laws being passed = bad. Good to see some top quality analysis out of central government. I thought we were meant to leave our ideologies at the door. Maybe just our ideologies. Not theirs.”

– “English’s speech entirely about business having more input in government and more private sector models. Completely ignored unions, ngos etc.”

29 comments on “Views from the Job Summit”

  1. You saw A BROWN face? People who aren’t racist don’t see colour.

    • They do when everyone else in the joint is Pakeha. The fact that one brown face stands out kind of makes you realise that only one section of the community has really been invited.

      Appearantly, Michael Jones is the only PI on the invite list. Along with that, there are only 35 women, very few Maori, no representatives of the unemployed, representatives only from the major unions not all the rest, no-one from a party left of centre.

      That’s says something. If this was a true cross-section of society, it wouldn’t just happen to nearly all be rich, Pakeha businessmen. Ifyou want to get a diversity of views, you have to invite people form across society, not just your mates and people like you.

    • Tigger 1.2

      I see colour all the time but that’s because I prefer my men brown…

    • QoT 1.3

      “Not seeing colour” is the fracking epitome of having white privilege, Brett.

  2. higherstandard 2

    Feck I must be a racist 😉

  3. HS. you’re raining on his self-rightousness.

  4. Redbaiter 4

    “thought we were meant to leave our ideologies at the door.”

    Whatever. the whole thing is a fuck*n farce. Deep down inside, you know that.

    Politicans, and especially gab fests full of political show ponies, will not save this country.

    The idea that has prevailed over the last few decades, that politicians are a force for good, is one of the main reasons that we’re today up shit creek without a paddle.

    You’re right tho. Leave your ideologies right out of it.

    Small unobtrusive government, not government that exists primarily to promote an ideology that is a half century out of date. (at least)

    Leave it to the market.

    Leave people alone.

  5. dave 5

    “no-one from a party left of centre.”

    There are a few lefties there., Steve. Some are members of a party left of centre. Do your research.

    • Duncan 5.1

      Dave you know what he means. You’re just bitter because no one reads your sad little bigoted blog.

    • higherstandard 5.2

      And the head of the Labour party/secretary of the EPMU

    • There are a few unionists there, some of whom are members of left wing parties. There is no-one there representing a left wing party though.

      I do my research. Do you appreciate the difference?

      As if ‘a few’ is a balanced contribution anyway.

  6. I try not to put people in specific groups.

  7. Mike 7

    I swear it’s Springfield’s only choice…
    Throw up your hands and raise your voice!


    But Main Street’s still all cracked and broken…

    Sorry, Mom, the mob has spoken!


  8. Redbaiter 8

    There’s no “left wingers”???

    Once again, reality falls foul of politically partisan perceptions.

    There’s actually no “right wingers”. See anyone remotely like George Washington?

    They’re all socialists. Fans of “mixed” government. All the argument is over is the ratio of the mix of government to business or vice versa.

    Until the argument shifts to taking political ideology out of government, we’re only spinning our wheels, and nothing will really change for the long term good.

  9. reddy. didn’t you get an invite either?

    And, no, I don’t think there are any 18th century slave owners at the summit.

    • Matthew Pilott 9.1

      There are a few people that look like re-animated corpses, which is what Washington would look like if he was there.

  10. We need more gays there too!!!! We’re not ticking all the Standards boxes and therefore the summit is a failure.

    Thank goodness there are higher standards within the general public.

    Personally I think it’s a farce anyway, but more productive than some of those godawful things Labour funded.

    • Tigger 10.1

      Actually, someone should ask us gays our ideas on job creation. Gay marriage is one. Think about all those gay Aussie couples, not to mention the Yanks and others, who would travel here to get married. It’s a tourism bonanza.

      There we go, one great job creation idea and I didn’t even need a boxed lunch to come up with it.

  11. “Personally I think it’s a farce anyway, but more productive than some of those godawful things Labour funded.”

    I’d love to see what data you ahve to back that up. Especailly since this summit isn’t even half way over. I would love to know how you know its productivity.

  12. Tigger 12

    Oh my god. A cycleway? That’s what’s going to save our country? A cyling lane that has been totally under-priced by the way (there is NO WAY they can build it for the price they’re quoting).

    Those pictures of Key surrounded by business leaders is creepy. And why does Rob Fyfe always appear to be leaning over the other men. Well, I know why but still, I’m gay and I wouldn’t let him sit close to me!

    • Kevin Welsh 12.1

      Of course they can Tigger, you don’t think they are going to pay market labour rates do you?

      Oh no no no no.

      We are in a recession, the rules do not apply.

    • Kevin Welsh 12.2

      “Those pictures of Key surrounded by business leaders is creepy. And why does Rob Fyfe always appear to be leaning over the other men. Well, I know why but still, I’m gay and I wouldn’t let him sit close to me!”

      I guess it makes a change from Chris Tremain doing the same, hanging on every word.

  13. So Ashcroft boogies on over just before the “Job” summit and lo and behold only White rich prick pakeha males and the odd brown face and wow a couple of females who most likely are the female version of the the above are invited.

    No press and no open discussion.

    I reckon this is where John Key opens the second envelope (the first one was last year when LA boogied on down the first time) and tells his mates what the UK elite wants them to do next. It’s called a coup when this happens in South America.

    But hey, nobody talked in little back rooms and we will not call it a conspiracy.

    Oh, by the way I just found this little diddy. Lord Ashcroft is a major share holder in the Carlyle group. You might want to get acquainted with the Carlyle group. (Only the first few minutes are in Dutch)
    Other members? A couple of hints: George W. Bush, the bin Laden family, Lord Ashcroft to name a few and they make most of their money in the Military industrial complex. LOL.

    No, it’s definitely not a couple of rich white pricks divying the spoils of the pending economic collapse. We’re all one happy family and we’ll all get through this together.

  14. IrishBill 14

    It sounds like our source is slightly more cynical than Colin Espiner. His blogging of the event makes him sound like an excited puppy.

  15. Sources, old boy. Espiner deleted my comment. I asked him not to refer to my home as NZ Inc.

  16. IrishBill 16

    You should have offered to tickle his tummy. I hear that’s what KT does.

  17. @ work 17

    Some thing from over at kiwiblog (where I can’t seem to post), a comment on the food available at the summit:

    As I understand it they have fifteen minutes in which to acquire a beef panini and/or a vegetarian equivalent, and a bottle of water.

    [DPF: Good God, someone on the organisation front has been smart. Paninis and water is a very good look]

    Is it really a good look DPF? is it only a good look because National is in charge? If Labour was running the show, would you be outraged at such excess, fancy paninis and bottled water, are you for real? what happened to sandwhiches and tap water, or a good old packed lunch for that matter.

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