Visions of the brighter future

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32 comments on “Visions of the brighter future”

  1. Kevin Welsh 1

    Marginally funny…

  2. BillODrees 2

    Take it down.

  3. Blue 3

    Shabby, poor taste. Take it down.

    • Zetetic 3.1

      I am tempted to post it again next week just because I enjoy hearing tories whine.

      • warren 3.1.1

        Nah, it just gives them an excuse to say on other forums how nasty we are on The Standard.
        It’s not even that funny. Best consigned to the trash IMHO.

    • I’d be more receptive to “taking it down” if critics showed the same concerns for 160,000 unemployed, and National’s treatment of them…

    • I’d be more receptive to “taking it down” if critics showed the same concerns for 160,000 unemployed, and National’s apalling demonisation of them…

      Sad that folk are more concerned with an image of satire, than how real people are (mis)treated by this rotten government.

    • mike e 3.4

      Blue the foods not that bad by the look of it no reason to bring the plane down

  4. Te Reo Putake 4

    Very droll. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Bronagh referred to as an asset, though not in this way, of course.

  5. prism 5

    As sharp as a knife that cuts through cant and hypocrisy.

  6. prism 6

    Was going to add this to my comment seconds after my first was submitted but was given the pink barrier line.

    Radionz British journalist this morning was talking about this Barclay’s Diamond chap and I think I heard her say that he had received 120 million pounds in his time there and that he had come from a poor Scottish family of nine. Key also came from the mass of NZ people. It appears that having come from the ‘people’ doesn’t leave you with commitments to humanity, sharing and standards but just a raving desire to get money and things and live above the masses. The journalist summed up this situation as saying that they (the wealthy class elite) live in a parallel universe to ordinary people, and that would explain a lot I think. Why they behave in their crass manner and also others such as the Syrian despot et al who will stop at nothing to maintain their privilege.

    In contrast I saw an article on meercats in an old National Geographic and they are said to be very co-operative and cohesive, looking out for each other and alert to any danger to the group, guarding in their usual upright stance. We in contrast have demonstrated the Higgs bosen particle and know so much more than we did about physics, our possible genesis and fascinating science, only we don’t understand the fundamentals about ourselves as humans. So perhaps the next thing is to study how we manage our exodus making the best of difficult times.

    • muzza 6.1

      “Syrian despot et al who will stop at nothing to maintain their privilege.”

      –Think you got that backwards mate, perhaps some reading about what is really going on with Syria is in order for you….homework!

      Meercats are also very cunnning and underhand within their social structure, each really only in for itself, and a race to the top of the tree…maybe some further reading there too eh.

      “we don’t understand the fundamentals about ourselves as humans”

      –Some actually do understand the fundamentals, but many of those who do, confuse with lies, marketing etc, in order to control, what “being human”, really is perceived to be!

      Higgs Bosen – Sideshow!

      • Deano 6.1.1

        An Assad apologist …. really?

        Christ, and I expect Idi Amien was just misunderstood

      • prism 6.1.2

        It seems you are determined to show you know more than I do on every count. Perhaps you do but I doubt it. As for Syria, I am totally knocked over at the sad stories coming out of there and the way that the present government is treating people with torture rife etc. And there is similar occurring on the other side which would be expected as people become brutalised and vengeful. And the Syrian people are being confronted with this with no likelihood of let up in a short time because Russia doesn’t want to affect its relationship with that country. And its likely to turn into a morass anyway if there was intervention because there are numerous factions within the country that will be freed up to start fighting each other. Do I understand enough?

    • Fortran 6.2

      I think that Diamond is American, not Scottish (maybe generations back).

      • prism 6.2.1

        Just checked you’re right. Born in USA one of nine children, but teacher parents second generation of Scot and Irish immigrants. Roman Catholic background.

        • John72

          prism, congratualtions on “post #6”. At last, a logical, coherant presentation of an argument in a debate. Most of your critics have a very limited vocabulary and drift from one subject to another without debating any subject fully or clearly. Even their abuse is limited in vocabulary and imagination. Admitting that you have made an error puts you above your critics. They do not have the courage to do this. Your views sound valid. This generation does not “know it all”.

          • prism

            I can take your comment – keep them coming like that. I think I’m better to admit I don’t know everything, but I don’t plan to give in to this idea without a fight so I will try different tactics now and then. And I tend to be discursive and digressive so do wander around a subject as I quite like a bit of serendipity before coming back to the subject.

            But I feel strongly that the business of searching google for info which can then be brought to the thread is better than coming with empty hands and asking all the fans here for the answers. That way one can definitely make a better ‘logical coherent presentation of an argument’.

  7. Johnm 7

    Looking at the Cartoon Pics of our financial fuhrer I felt a severe attack of nausea and threw up, fortunately I got to the Dunny in time!

  8. hellonearthis 8


  9. fender 9

    “At least you haven’t sold me”

    I would have but when I found out you would steal half my stolen money I decided I would just get cosy with skycity and the industry that thrives alongside their casinos.

  10. irascible 10

    Sums up the attitude and policies of the gambler that is KeY. Once the chips have been cleared from the table – off to strip another gullible group.
    Great satire. It is a pity NZ has lost the platforms that allow satire to flourish. It’s worth looking at the way the UK cartoonists are portraying his great buddy, Cameron… skewering the hypocrisy that is the Tory is well developed and with no apologies.

  11. I think it is tough but relevant.  The slight discomfort caused to Key is more than balanced by the damage he is causing to Aotearoa.

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