Vote to keep us rich & you poor

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19 comments on “Vote to keep us rich & you poor”

  1. Giving tax cuts to the rich has only shifted discretionary spending to outsourced luxury items at the expense of our domestic economy:

    • Hami Shearlie 1.1

      Yep – overseas trips etc – how does that help small businesses in NZ? That money in the hands of the poor would be spent here! Money given to businesses to employ more staff would have been understandable, but huge tax cuts to private citizens who will not be employing anyone cannot be justified!!

    • Mike 1.2

      The tax cuts didn’t go to the rich, they went to the high income earners. The rich don’t pay income tax.

  2. framu 2

    whats mr millionaire doing with his left hand?

    is that deliberate or am i reading too much into things?

  3. Ari 3

    I loved the “My name’s Anthony” bit at the end. 😉

  4. felix 4

    Haha well done.

  5. alex 5

    Good ad, reminds me of a bit of graffiti around wellington that says “Don Brash sez, I’m rich, you’re poor, so fuck you.” Succinct and clear.

  6. When it comes to health options, unless a person has a clean uncrowded home, is able to afford to see a doctor when sick, has a reasonable diet, has a phone and can pay the electric account, necessary insurance, giving more money to those who do not have the above problems is gross neglect when the above is a ongoing problem for children in real need.

    For NZ children to be 29 out of 30 on the OCD index it is obvious that the government are neglecting far too many NZ children. I am sick of nothing being done to lift children out of poverty by the current government as massive resources are required.

    I am so disappointed in many of the welfare reforms targeting single parents on welfare as this will only exacerbate the stress that single parents are already under. Sadly I will read in the paper that a child was sexually abused or seriously assaulted because the single parent was forced out to work and the child was left in someone elses care as the single parent did not have the choice to stay with the child.

  7. Shona 7

    great ad! I was beginning to despair. More Please.

  8. anne 8

    I’d like to see that one on tv,it might resonate out there with the voters that are in denial.

  9. Tamati 9

    Blatant copy of an ACTU advertisement,

  10. that’s a great ad and a great graphic for the post.
    nice work

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