Voters Dunne over in Ohariu

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Peter Dunne has been thrown the lifeline he has been begging for – National voters have been given the nod by Key to keep him on. One has to ask why would they bother – I can’t see him going back as a Minister after so many stuff ups and a resignation that leaves too many questions unanswered. It looks like Key will even prefer Winston who Dunne labels as “serially unreliable.” He’s been a far better Minister than Dunne.

You could see why Key put him back after he resigned – he still needed Dunne’s vote to get National’s legislation through. Ohariu has a much better option in Labour’s Ginny Andersen – if she’d been there a truly independent Parliament would have delivered mothers 26 weeks paid parental leave for example. Dunne supported it initially but backed down when it came to the crunch.

Also Dunne won’t be able to run this video ad from May this year where he argues he is neither National nor Labour but the party of choice. The truth is nobody would choose a fence-sitter like him if they weren’t given a steer.

It is way over time for Ohariu voters to make a much better choice for the only person in the electorate who knows  what she stands for and which side of the fence she’s on – Ginny Andersen.


31 comments on “Voters Dunne over in Ohariu”

  1. vto 2

    why would dunne necessarily go with the national party?

    he could just as easily take the accommodation provided by key and move it elsewhere.

    he is a politician after all so anything is possible

    • felix 2.1

      Who else would want him though? 😛

    • Clemgeopin 2.2

      Ha, ha…that is a joke, right?

      Oh, I get it. It is! I was slow!

      • vto 2.2.1

        Well don’t go too fast because you will miss what people like Dunne get up to and have got up to in the past. It is nothing new

        and it aint no joke Mr Clem

        • Clemgeopin

          That is bollocks. No way he will go with Labour this time after Key/National have asked THEIR voters to vote for Dunne! If he does go with Labour, the National voters will end up lynching him or something! Nah, he is a through and through Nat for this election. UF does not exist! Only Dunne does, barely. He wouldn’t dare cross his last life support!

          • vto

            it’s just a deal mate. key loves deals and so do the dirty nats. just out-deal the dealer.

            That national party voters would vote in someone who would go to labour is tough titty. Aint no different to what goes on all over the whole place, the whole place.

            Has Dunne said anything about who he will support?

            Come on Dunne – be true to yourself.

  2. Rosie 3

    Nice response from Ginny on the Dunne Deal.

    A touch of feisty. I LIKE it 😀

  3. swordfish 4

    I remain a little pessimistic about Epsom and Ohariu.

    I suspect Tories will do as they’re told if they’re convinced it’s the diff between a Tory or Labour-led Government. The only good news is that the boundary changes appear to make Ohariu a slightly more marginal seat for Dunne. (But, unfortunately, with an emphasis on the word slightly).

    The thing that really concerns me the most about Ginny Andersen is that, whenever I see a photo of her, I find myself feeling highly attracted which, of course, is outrageously sexist of me. Which in turn puts me in mind of this…

    • Rosie 4.1

      Lolz you Swordy 🙂 If we can put your case of the hots aside for a minute I might suggest you readjust your feelings of pessimism, about Ohariu at least.

      While I also suspect Tories will do as they are told and there IS a strong streak of conservatism in the electorate, there is a sense that the tide is turning here. One can only hope that the sense of frustration with Dunne translates as votes for Ginny. She has so much to offer – the contrast from the faux family values Dunne to the genuine and caring family centred Ginny is black and white.

      Dunne has done so much damage in the last three years, to his reputation as well as with his support for The Nat’s unpopular bills such as asset sales and the GCSB. We also had a close shave with the Employment Relations Amendment Act. With Banks gone, that crucial vote was down to Dunne who supported this anti worker and union busting bill.

      Because of that, Dunne is risking his familiar “same old same old, sensible shoes routine” reputation and it has become clear he can’t be trusted.

      Off the top of my head there was approximately 1850 ish votes between Charles Chauvel and Peter Dunne in 2011. Approximately 2000 votes went to the Green candidate. Imagine if those voters had given their vote to Chauvel instead. No more Dunne. (A poll ninja such as yourself will have this info at your fingertips and I’m too busy cooking dinner to dig them out). It is possible that Labour can win Ohariu. Not easily, but with a fight.

      I’m taking the view that change can, and does happen. If anyone can make it happen, it will be Ginny.

    • appleboy 4.2

      I am in Wadestown – sadly no longer part of Wellington central and able to support Grant Robertson. However it will give me great pleasure for our two votes going to Virginia and hopefully getting rid of the louse that is Dunne.

    • Clemgeopin 4.3

      Tut, tut! Perish the thought, have a shower, lie down and think of Mother Theresa or something.

  4. heather tanguay 5

    It is time that Peter Dunn was moved on, he has reached is used by date. Ginny Anderson is the face of the future and hopefully Ohariu will see this and vote accordingly.

    • Chris 5.1

      A lot of people in Ohariu have had enough of Dunne after the asset sales. People there haven’t forgotten that. My bet is that Dunne’s a goneburger.

  5. Jimc 6

    Does Ginny have a picture of DC on her advertising hoardings.

    • Like literally every Labour party candidate, she has hoardings with herself on to campaign for the electorate vote, and there will be other hoardings with DC’s face to campaign for the party vote.

      Though given the electorate hoardings are about 95% bright red I don’t think anyone will be confused as to which party anyone’s in.

  6. mikesh 7

    “Does Ginny have a picture of DC on her advertising hoardings.”

    No she doesn’t, but she has a message to party vote Labour.

    National’s billboards feature a picture of John Key with the message to party vote National, but with no information at all about the local National candidate. I don’t even know who he is.

    • Rosie 7.1

      The candidate is Brett Hudson:

      So far I’ve seen only one hoarding with an image Brett Hudson, also starring John Key. That’s in Newlands.

      • And the words “PARTY VOTE” in subtle, restrained all-caps lettering. Wait, do you think he’s trying to tell us something?

        • Clemgeopin

          Wouldn’t it be great if the Labour party were to win both the Party vote and the candidate vote? That would send such a resounding message to Key, Dunne and the entire country!

        • Rosie

          Lolz. btw, have you actually read what he has to say? It’s like he went to lala land and then lala land was beamed up on a space ship and landed on planet key. He is spouting pure spin.

  7. Tanz 8

    the Conservatives don’t need National, and Dunne will be gone. Key has made one big strategic mistake, for once.

  8. Clemgeopin 9

    News release from NZ Labour Party:

    The National Party’s deal with Peter Dunne is a rort and shows the people of Ōhāriu are being taken for granted, says Labour candidate Virginia Andersen.

    “Peter Dunne has been placed on political life support by the National Party. His political blunders have seen him lose his party and his Ministerial portfolios. The National Party is the only thing keeping him alive.

    “While he’s been busy stitching up deals with National, I’ve been out on the doorsteps talking to voters about what matters to them – and like me, they care about power prices, grocery bills and making sure their kids get the best start in life.

    “Voters have a choice – they can vote for more of the same or they can vote for fresh energy and an MP and a party that puts them and their families first.

    “Ōhāriu needs fresh energy and its voters deserve to be represented by an MP, not a National mouthpiece.”

    She should give this letter to every house/mail box in Ohariu.

    That should make the Dunny Dunne Done this time…hopefully!

  9. Clemgeopin 10

    I read watched Dunne’s video. What a lot of straight faced bullshit!

  10. The list of why Dunne should not be re-elected will be huge, but for me, topping it should be his failure to shut down the synthoid cannabis industry sooner and not stopping asset sales when he had the vote to do it.

  11. outofbed 12

    I would be very careful if I was Ginny Anderson
    She looks a bit like Andrea Vance.

  12. poli 13

    I’m in the Ohariu electorate and will be encouraging all my friends to vote for the Labour candidate.

    In my view, the Greens should put a priority on a change of government and not stand a candidate, instead instructing their voters in Ohariu to vote for the Labour candidate: In the last election, the total votes cast for Charles Chauvel and Gareth Hughes outnumbered those cast for Peter Dunne.

    I would put posters up around the place but I’d probably end up in court charged with unauthorised electioneering or something similar.

    • Rosie 13.1

      Hi Poli. I’ve heard through the Ohariu grapevine that The Green Party supports the decision of those voters who candidate vote Ginny Andersen.

      This is second hand news and I’m not a Green Party member (or a member of any party) so I’m not sure of the official position. Maybe some one would like to clarify it, if appropriate.

      In a way, Greens doing such a formal deal as you suggest and not stand a candidate would be no different to the motivations of National. It still is, after all, important for voters to have a choice. We don’t have to be like National and we can win this fair and square.

      Any of us in the electorate can do our best to speak with people we know about their voting choices and encourage them to vote for Ginny.

      As for postering and leafleting, maybe you would like to help People’s Power Ohariu spread the word? Our aim to is raise awareness of Dunne’s unprincipled actions and socially detrimental voting patterns (as mentioned in my post at 4.1 ) Once our facebook page is up and running I’ll post the details on Open Mike for those who are free to help during our August/September campaign and want to know what we’re up to.

      Another choice of service to your electorate would be of course to volunteer some time to Labour’s campaign!

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