Weekend social 01/03/2013

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Christmas truce 1914Weekend social is for non political chat. What’s on for the weekend, gigs, film or book reviews, sports, or whatever.

No politics, no aggro, why can’t we all just get along?

25 comments on “Weekend social 01/03/2013”

  1. ianmac 1

    My elderly next door neighbour is pretty ill and wears hearing aids. He took them out and put them on the table overnight. The cat leapt up gave them a sniff and swept then onto the floor. Their house dog spotting a snack gobbled them up. Hugh was pleased when the Insurance company paid up without query or penalty. Two weeks later history repeated itself and the dog had another snack. Again the Insurance Company paid up but with a concern. Hugh now puts his hearing aids in a box in a cupboard.

    But how often do you hear a good response from an insurance company like that?

    • The Gormless Fool formerly known as Oleolebiscuitbarrell 1.1

      Especially when you consider that insurance policies always exclude for damage by domestic pets.

  2. mac1 2

    Good story, ianmac, good to hear. Especially after the stories of tight wadded insurance companies in ChCh. An expensive couple of canine tit bits, though. Mine cost $5,000 each. Gulp!

  3. aerobubble 3

    We moved into groups to gain mutual security, opportunities for barter, and so grow knowledge, capacity, retain gains, and exile the old demons of poverty, disease, ignorance.

    Thatcher comes to power. Thirty years, when it was common to hear that prosperity comes with costs, debt, poverty, third world disease in S.Auckland, poor housing, leaky housing, expensive housing… …etc.

    Now this…
    …what a world, where we need to say that prosperity and poverty reduction are not mutually exclusive. Let them eat cake. Poverty reduction, or any failure of the market, is an opportunity for the market. Distortion is created by the govt-media-wealthy-cabal to the point where we have to give up basics of health, shelter and food to support the elites appetite for profits.

    Prosperity that creates poverty is never prosperity. Profits that do not create better outcomes for the citizenry are not profits.

    [r0b: This is more suitable for Open Mike than the social post – but the move function isn’t working right now – lprent? – so I can’t move it.]

  4. Another day off, another song, another share.

    Could be about being my music being rejected by agency type idiots, could be about my Xbox Halo 4 man having a rest between levels. Could be a bit of both.
    Going for at least two plays this week 😆


    Do you hear me? Do you hear me calling out?
    Can you hear me? Cause I’m reaching on and out, off and on.

    One more truth and it feels like I’m dying.
    No other route, you’ve just got to find your own way through.
    One more push though you’re sick of trying.
    Player one, you’ve just got to close your mind and shoot to power up

    So stay hard. Aim high. Drop the bomb.
    Play on and stay bright. Drop your bombs and bring it.

    Do you hear me? Do you hear me calling out?
    Can you hear me? Cause I’m reaching on and out. Reaching out off and on.
    But no-one’s listening to me.
    And no-one’s listening for free.

    One more truce and it feels like I’m hiding.
    No other choice, you’ve just got to fight your own way through and Power on.
    One more push though I’m sick with lying.
    Agent Grey, you’ve just got to lock and load and shoot to power up.

    So rocket armed. Aim high. Drop the bomb.
    Flame on. Light the sky. Drop your bombs and bring it.

    Do you hear me? Do you hear me better now?
    Can you hear me? Cause It’s bleeding on and out.
    Do you see me? Do you see me backing out?
    Can you see me? Cause I’m breaking on out, breaking out on and on.

    But no-one’s listening to me.
    And no-one’s listening for free.
    Power up.

  5. Rogue Trooper 5

    Louie Louie Louie Louee, Louie Louie Loouie Lou eye

    Mob affiliated tangihanga this weekend next door,
    Perennials purchased for between $1 and $6 transplanted and would be approx $10-15 replacement value now; peas, passionfruit, silverbeet, mesculin, radish already in with brocoli to follow.

    ubi bene, ibi patria.

  6. vto 6

    the sea is still so warm and lush i just can’t keep out of it. everyone should dive in this weekend before the lingering warmth is pulled out to the sky.

    • RedBaronCV 6.1

      Jellyfish alert around here.

      • Anne 6.1.1

        Are you referring to the Auckland east coast beaches RBCV?

        If so, got a little tip for you. It applies to the North Shore beaches anyway. If there is a good northerly or easterly breeze and the sea is moderate to rough or there’s a reasonable swell your chances of being stung are significantly reduced. But if it’s a westerly or south-westerly and the water is flat then stay out of the sea. Not sure of the reason why, but think it’s to do with motion. The greater the motion, the more widely the jellyfish seem to disperse and (perhaps) head a bit further out to deeper waters.

    • rosy 6.2

      Enjoy, vto. I’m missing the beach so much after my 3 week trip back to NZ for sun, sea, family and my daughter’s wedding.

      Still suffering from jetlag and I think the return to winter is not helping.

      • ianmac 6.2.1

        Never mind rosy. NZ will soon be feeling a crisp in the air and the odd drip on the nose, while soon your spring flowers will shout their enthusiasm and welcome your unwrapping your bikini in due course. Umm glass half full or what?

        • rosy

          I like glass half full – and at least I missed the dreariest month here (apart from November). Spring is awesome. Miss the family though, and no beach for the bikini…. could go down the Donau – swimming attire optional in many places…

      • Rosie 6.2.2

        Congratulations for your daughter’s wedding Rosy:-) Bet she had a great day for it with all this still settled warm weather we’re having. At the risk of getting a slap I’d haver to say I’m reaaaallly looking forward to several days of steady rain but its not on the horizon yet. It’s parched and crispy around here and we have water restrictions now.
        Enjoy the spring time that is coming in your part of the world.

        • rosy

          Thanks Rosie. It was a fab day for an outdoor wedding – in a vineyard – overlooking the sea, … It can rain now we’re done 😉

  7. joe90 7

    It’s N – P – K day tomorrow.

    • Rosie 7.1

      Nitrogen, phosphorus and pottasium? Doing some maintenance work in the garden Joe90?

    • joe90 7.2

      Indeed I have been Rosie, last round of feeding for the summer.

      We’ll get a pre-winter growth spurt by the natives so I’ve spread lots of chook shit, with a little nitrophoska for the mature trees, and because we’re very close to the coast and ground starts cooling earlier than in town I’ve started digging sheep shit into the vege garden in readiness for autumn / winter planting.

      I’ve also given a healthy dressing of potash to those who require it and because this glorious weather has me a little worried about the water situation in the coming months there’s a rather large heap of wood chips to be spread tomorrow.

  8. Rogue Trooper 8

    it’s an All Night Thing

    so lets colourfully Come Together. p t

    Right Now (got to be a Joker he just do what he please)

  9. Saccharomyces 9

    Getting the last bits sorted on my project car. Target to be on the road is early April, so not many weekends between now and then…

  10. AsleepWhileWalking 10

    Bargain of the weekend! Specsavers has a deal on in certain stores where you can get free prescription glasses with an eye exam. Runs out tomorrow…. and the glasses actually suit me and don’t look like they are 80’s leftovers. Total cost = $60.

  11. tc 11

    Wow some rain finally on west coast waikato, nowhere near enough but at least there’s some. Wind Guru, local farmers wrong, Met correct for a change.

    • Saccharomyces 11.1

      Isn’t that funny, I’m really skeptical about met service usually too, I prefer to use metvuw mostly, but do compare against met service too, just for balance. Metvuw do seem to get it right more often though, IMO.

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