Weekend social 02/11/2012

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Christmas truce 1914Weekend social is for non political chat. What’s on for the weekend, gigs, film or book reviews, sports, or whatever.

No politics, no aggro, why can’t we all just get along?

19 comments on “Weekend social 02/11/2012”

  1. Ennui in Requiem 1

    I did the weekend during the week whilst the weather was wonderful: it is going to rain this weekend and that means damp chickens peering from under shelter demanding an improvement. I am hoping VTOs ladies have chased off the rats and are not suffering arthritic feet post liquefaction.

    Wellingtonians would have been amazed by the calm and heat this week, the soil has warmed up so the beans and tomatoes are in….lots of pumpkins have sprouted in the wrong places so they will be relocated onto the long acre for anybody who cares to find and crop later. Rainy weekends are ideal times to plant: there is nobody about to tell you off.

    If you are into booze production there are plenty of elderflowers about for the next week or so, be quick.

    • Uturn 1.1

      I’ve often used rainy days as cover for private gardening in the past. When the sun comes out, everyone wants to “help” – usually starting with telling you what’s wrong with your life.

      This year I’m beginning a new garden in a new location with poor shallow gravelly soil sitting on top of impenetrable rock/dirt. Trying a new-to-me carrot, called Parisian Market – it’s supposedly largish golf ball size, good for the conditions and a sought-after “gourmet” type veg. In reality it is a roadside weed in the mediterranean area.

      The Okra are struggling to emerge again. Maybe it’s just not hot enough for long enough in NZ.

      • Rogue Trooper 1.1.1

        ahhh, The March of The Innocents

      • Ennui in Requiem 1.1.2

        My carrots are “crap”, usually get holes from carrot fly maggots. We used to put chimney soot around the tops to discourage them but nobody has a coal fire any more. Being able to grow a good carrot is the mark of a good gardener in my book….I must be crap. Okra on the other hand we used to grow well up north, don’t try it south of Auckland is my advice.

  2. lprent 2

    Planters for the apartments courtyard are up for this weekend. Want to get some basic cooking herbs in like basil, parsley etc.

    But most of the weekend will be fixing microscopic display oddities for the second product. I’m on a deadline because I’d like to finish it before Lyn heads off to India for a shoot. It’d be nice to have a weekend together when one or both of us are not crook or frantically working on something for a project.

  3. A few drinks tonight, academic pursuits Saturday, techno gig Saturday night, Skyrim Sunday.

  4. ad 4

    Hosting a wine auction fundraiser Sunday afternoon

    • ad 4.1

      Forgot to mention it’s a David Cunliffe fundraising special.

      If you’re a Labour party member or supporter you would be welcome.

      It’s Sunday 4 November, 2pm, 54 Cliff View Drive, Green Bay, Auckland.

      And it’s the good stuff not the usual.

  5. ianmac 5

    Tried to carry out some repairs on my small launch while it was tied up in the marina. I fell in. Damn and it was very difficult to get out of the water. I called for help and sometime later a good bloke Jeff put down his beer and went searching for the needy. Me. Suppose I could have swum to the shore but makes you think. 400 mm is very hard to climb up and out.
    Soaked my cheap non-waterproof watch. Took it home. Washed with fresh water. Cooked it with a hairdryer and so far it is fine.

  6. Stephen Doyle 6

    Grand children, vacuuming, dusting, shoe shopping for the wedding.
    How come it takes a man1/2 shops, to find something, but at least 1/2 weeks for a woman?

  7. ianmac 7

    Stephen, I have often asked the women in my life just why they look endlessly but probably do not buy. I think that there really is a difference but so far I have not been given a credible answer. Not sexist but early on I would excuse myself if possible. In the shoe shop I bought a good pair of sneakers in about 4 minutes. When remarking to the woman behind the counter about how little time it took, she just gave me a withering contemptuous glare. I still don’t get it.

    • Stephen Doyle 7.1

      I suspect it’s a bit like some travel, the joy is in the journey, not the arrival.

      • karol 7.1.1

        I am a fairly quick shooper. But I’m not as fussy about clothes as most women.  Women tend to be very aware of how they are seen and look very critically at clothes.

  8. karol 8

    Working, as usual.  Have enjoyed the good weather while not working this week.

  9. TheReal Bob 9

    Checking and rebaiting 37 traps on a stoat line up on the coromandel hills , get those legs moving . So far no rain .

  10. Mike Smith 10

    Mary and I would recommend Ken Loach’s movie “The Angel’s Share” – we went around to see it at Wellington’s brand new LightHouse cinema in Wigan Street at midday – a great Scots/chav humorous fable. The cinema is great too – lovely comfortable twin seats, just the thing for hiding from a wet Wellington southerly.

  11. Saturday evening went to the University Academy Hamilton to hear the Hamilton Brass Band. One of the best inn Australasia . Our eldest son soloed on the tenor horn a good crowd and some good music.
    Sunday gardening and then the opera on the concert program. Plus roast lamb for dinner. What more does one want other than a Labour Government.

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