Weekend social 03/06/2011

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Christmas truce 1914

Weekend social is for non political chat. What’s on for the weekend, gigs, film or book reviews, sports, or whatever.

No politics, no aggro, why can’t we all just get along?

42 comments on “Weekend social 03/06/2011”

  1. No-one’s doing anything this weekend then?

  2. r0b 2

    Heh. Depends on the weather. If fine I will spread a trailer load of horse poo on the garden. If wet I will fix a leaking tap and cistern, and catch up on a mountain of paperwork.

    Hey – we Standard writers sure know how to have a good time!

    • We sure do ! My wife and had it all planned as Im 80 on Monday ( Fancy an ardent Republican having a birthday with the Queen ). Off for the day but instead I caught a nasty bug and am only just recovering. However there are a couple of good films around .,remake of Brighton Rock should be well worth while.

      • r0b 2.1.1

        Happy birthday for Monday PP. 80’s a good innings – I wonder if you are our oldest commenter?

        • ianmac

          He’s got a little less than a decade on me. Happy 80th Pink Postman and be kind to your wife.

      • LynW 2.1.2

        Happy 80th Birthday for Monday ‘the pink postman!’ All those years of life experience to draw on and be valued. Hope you are well and truly recovered in time to have a ‘knees up’ celebration!

      • Puddleglum 2.1.3

        Yes, have a really good one, pink postman. Mine’s the week after – not quite in your league for life experience!

      • Yeah happy birthday PP.  I did not pick you for being a day over 50.  Hope I am as active when I am 80 …

      • Jim Nald 2.1.5

        Your mind shines through like a wise boy of 18.
        Happy Birthday! It is a good week to have birthdays. I know.

      • lprent 2.1.6

        Mine is tomorrow. These days, work reminds me with chocolate cake. It appears that I left it up on frigging Facebook (damnit). And as is traditional, my mother seems to remember it (must have been a hell of a Labour).*

        But tPP, please have very Happy birthday – It will be a few years before I hit that exalted age. But I intend to try.

        * Lyn reckons that I’m self obsessed about these events. A bit rich when I usually forget the event (until my mother rings), whilst I get some pretty specific shopping instructions each year. 😈

        • Jim Nald

          Happy Birthday Today!

        • LynW

          Ditto lprent Happy Birthday! A great excuse for people to let you know you are appreciated!

          • Descendant Of Smith

            Happy birthday to you as well – June must be popular – we’ve got six staff at work who have birthdays in the first two weeks of June – must be the onset of spring that does it perhaps.

        • Lyn

          Prentice – self-evidently, you make more of a story about not remembering/celebrating your birthday than most people do about the reverse. xx

      • Descendant Of Smith 2.1.7

        Happy birthday from me. You share the date with my wife (who just happens to have 666 in her date of birth and appreciates the song Convoy a little more than most.).

        She’s working all tonight at a care unit as part of her course as she learns more about people with pyschiatric illness to go along with her knowledge and experience with intellectual disabilities – there seem to be a significant number of people with both intellectual and psychiatric illnesses these days.

        Me – it’s a chance to stay up and get a few achievements on my 360 and watch a couple more episodes of the Virginian.

        Will do a nice roast on Monday for her however.

  3. freedom 3

    Get some friends around and have a popcorn party

  4. Colonial Viper 4

    Hopefully get some sun and some shopping under the belt 🙂

    • Vicky32 4.1

      Not a chance, mate! (At least according to the forecasts I’ve been hearing..) 😀

  5. Deadly_NZ 5

    Me, nursing and nappy changing my 3 week old son, and try to give my partner a break from being an on demand milk factory lol. Happy 80th PP and may you have many many more.

    • Jim Nald 5.1

      May you have lots and lots of sleep, Deadly_NZ.

      I’m hoping to get a couple of articles written. Maybe bake some cakes as I bought a tray of eggs that I should use up soon.

      • Deadly_NZ 5.1.1

        Sleep?? oh the closing of eyes and blissful unconciousness for about 8 hours?? I remember it fondly. Now it’s up every 3 hours at the moment..

    • r0b 5.2

      Congrats to you both Deadly_NZ.  Children are the best gift in the world.

      • Deadly_NZ 5.2.1

        Oh yes even with the disturbed sleep patterns. But I would not change it for the world

  6. Go the All Whites over the socceroos!!!

    • Bunji 6.1

      fingers crossed…

    • Morrissey 6.2

      A 0-3 loss will be a win, right?

      • Brett Dale 6.2.1

        Dont get your logic, but its good to see New Zeland playing a sport that the world actually cares about.

        • Morrissey

          You get my logic, all right. Actually, it’s the logic of the All Whites coach, who after his team was outclassed by Mexico, said he could see “lots of positives”.

          Intriguing to see how resentful you are of football. Could you just clarify for us: how many hundred footballers told you they hated you, exactly?

  7. Ch Ch plods suffer from bad liquefaction inside their dumb arse heads. Grunt and spit at the pathetic goons.

  8. Sookie 8

    I’m going to Queenstown, but staying out of town to avoid the tossers. May I recommend X Men First Class as a totally awesome holiday weekend movie? Very enjoyable return to form.

  9. Armchair Critic 9

    I’m getting ready to move down to Chch, to help with the rebuild.
    Saying goodbye to the family until their lives in the Waikato are wound down and they can move down with me. Trying not to cry too much, I’m really going to miss them, though I know it won’t be for long.

  10. William Joyce 10

    New Zealand – the birth place of Planking
    The development phase….
    1890 – Wellington – first steps – the reclining gentleman’s plank.
    1910 – Whangarei – the sideways pole assisted plank.
    1910 – Location unknown – the arms forward flying plank.
    1926 – Wellington – free form, decline plank.

  11. locus 11

    Sunshine and a nice cold brew with family (Christchurch refugee) at the Schweizerhaus 🙂

  12. Salsy 12

    Im going out in the rain to see the Duncan Jones (aka Zowie Bowie) movie Source Code. Probably drink some montepluciano at the Italian Pizza Bar first…

  13. Thanks for the greetings you luvly lot.my branch did me well with book tokens . My Socialist beliefs are fortified . Fraternally Yours and until the revolution .PP.

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