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Christmas truce 1914Weekend social is for non political chat. What’s on for the weekend, gigs, film or book reviews, sports, or whatever.

No politics, no aggro, why can’t we all just get along?

18 comments on “Weekend social 04/07/2015”

  1. Learned the chords to this song this morning, been annoying the other residents with it for the last hour or so. Ye ha!

    • adam 1.1

      One of my favourite songs for years

    • adam 1.2

      I play this song around the same time every year. Timeless.

      • Mint! X are still playing regularly, which is way cool. Seattle radio station KEXP has some great videos up of all sorts of bands, including lots of X and John Doe’s other projects. Here’s John and Exene a couple of years ago doing an acoustic See How We Are:

  2. Charles 2

    The Choc review (currently looking for sponsors)

    Whittakers Tip Top Jelly Tip Limited Edition Block 250g:

    “Raspberry flavoured Jelly in white and milk chocolate”.

    A striking resemblance to the flavour of the jelly-tips of old, the kind of ice cream bar you asked your mum or dad to buy you from the dairy on your way home from the beach, perhaps. The jelly is light, fragrant, not quite set; a lingering jam-like finish, gently overcome by the weight of the milk chocolate, finally engurgled by the creaminess of the whitemmmmmnomnomnom; reminiscent of autumn evenings during harvest, orange blossom, berry fruit, a warm sea-breeze… and methyl heptanoate.

    Problem areas:
    There seems to be less now than when I started eating it.
    Poor segmentation combined with clumsy storage procedure may invite jam centre to spill throughout the wrapper, increasing risk of paper cuts to tongue.
    Do not store around the weak-willed.

    Shelf life: 20 minutes, ±3 days.
    Calories per mouthful: approx. 50,000
    Recommended consumer: Discerning citizens. Snack-happy athletes. Children over the age of 30.
    Available from: Reputable supermarkets. Disreputable dentist offices.
    Price: Heavily reduced after third piece, forgotten after fifth.
    Good Honest Chocolate rating: 10/10

  3. greywarshark 3

    Helen Brown, NZ columnist, wrote a book about her travels, her thoughts and the people met.: In Deep, Tales from over the horizon. pub. 1996.

    Her musings on being an extremely modern woman.
    The woman got tired of creating her own thoughts a long time ago. She watches the world through television, which forms her opinions and desires. She hasn’t begun to realise that all programmes, including the news, are as carefully manufactured as anything else she consumes…
    Although our society’s supposedly free, most humans are a long way from realising the power they have as individuals. While they crave more than they have, they’ll always feel empty and be controlled by outside forces.

    She went to Romania – it was about 1996, after Ceausescu.
    At first glance it was a picture-book country…Geese were the main traffic in a lavish landscape dotted with haystacks…However, women turn old overnight,. Their leathery skins shrink under their headscarves, Men have the haunted expression of those who know nothing other than hard labour,.

    It was a country of paradoxes. While it seemed so green and luscious, it was here some of Romania’s most poisonous factories stood. ..[We] drove past the Calimani uranium mine. The earth around it was scorched bare from radiation. Workers there wore no protective clothing. They’d been told it was just an ordinary mine. Not wanting to ask questions, they’d rather work in peril for twice the average wage than risk unemployment….
    Huge farms, some with as many as 150,000 pigs expelled effluent directly into rivers. A coal-fired power station was poisoning the air. Tests in forests showed leaves had preserved high levels of radiation from Chernobyl.
    (Left to carry on as at present, NZ can no doubt equal Romania in the worker neglect and pollution stakes.)

    It was fascinating but she started to long for NZ
    As we stumbled off the plane, we blinked at the sky. It had never seemed so blue or vast. Soon after we got home I trudged up the road to savour distinctly New Zealand smells – the fish and chip shop; the corner dairy. The array of fruit and vegetables at the greengrocers was breathtaking. When I stopped to see if I had enough money for flowers as well, a customer offered to lend me a dollar or two.
    (When Helen and her family were overseas, someone commented on their ‘open’ faces, their innocent expressions! Perhaps we are usually more trusting, kinder.)

  4. Ovid 4

    I’m very pleased with the Highlanders’ win this weekend. Commiserations to Hurricanes fans, but silverware doesn’t come this far south that often.

  5. Scintilla 5

    Watched Mad Max: Fury Road … wow! Full-on humans gone feral. Charlize Theron was great, but I’m not sure what they ate because apart from Max devouring a lizard, food did not appear. At least I don’t think so, it was such a cacophany of noise and terror that I might not have noticed. Well worth watching, an exciting, adrenaline fueled rampage through the desert.

    These dystopic films leave me with an aftertaste of sad, though, seems all too plausible how quickly humanity slips off the cloak of civilisation.

  6. Scintilla 6

    Thanks Bill. I caught up with some of the other opinion too and I think they’re over-thinking it. Movies are fashioned to hit all the marketing buttons, with the effect of leaving gigantic plot holes and incoherent themes. Remarkably like having cake and eating it, they want to appeal to every social tribe and leave the ending open to future episodes in the franchise.

    I kinda got a kick out of good ol boys feeling duped into watching fem propaganda, but really, they’ve just been marketed to.

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