Weekend social 26/08/2011

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Christmas truce 1914Weekend social is for non political chat. What’s on for the weekend, gigs, film or book reviews, sports, or whatever.

No politics, no aggro, why can’t we all just get along?

31 comments on “Weekend social 26/08/2011”

  1. vto 1

    sleep breathe eat walk run sit dig bang joke gaze wander draw roll rock plant cook freeze drink smoke cuddle read speak comb dress undress stumble pick prune glue clean paint chase brush etc

  2. Bored 2

    Had a good gink at the garden this morning post cold snap and snow, theres the broadies sticking their heads up….chickens on other side of fence eyeing the forbidden treats with frustration. Going to put in the Jerusalem artichokes tomorrow, the surplus bulbs go guerilla. JBenny spud time too, plus the spring greens. Will head down to the coast for sea weed to turn into mulch and prune the plums..good start to spring planting.

    Rugby…go the Blacks, wine and beer with friends.

  3. Wayne91 3

    Gardening, run through one of the many wonderful bush tracks around Auckland, setting up garage for Rugby World Cup partys, Few beers and cheer the Ab’s on againts the Ozzies

  4. r0b 4

    I find it interesting, and also very encouraging, that so many of us are gardeners!  Definitely time to start pottering in the garden this weekend, if the weather comes to the party. 

    Ahh – Metservice not too encouraging.  Sigh!

    • rosy 4.1

      I’m looking forward to a 10 degree drop in temp tomorrow. 37 deg is outrageous.

      • prism 4.1.1

        rosy Where’s that 37 degree temp?

        • ianmac

          I think Rosy is living in Vienna prism. If so time difference a problem. 37 degrees sounds like heat wave material.

          • prism

            @ianmac Vienna eh? Bah – everybody is going overseas except me. Oh well off to garden like the other industrious bloggers here.

            • ianmac

              I think Rosy has gone to live in Vienna some months ago and loves it there. But still keeps an eye on us.

              • rosy

                Yes, we live in Vienna, but will be back in NZ in a year or so…. I haven’t got used to this continental climate yet. Madness… back down to low 20s this week.

                @Prism – I’ll say something bad about it if it’ll make you feel better 😉
                Anyway, it’s a very interesting comparative study – NZ and Austria.

                • prism

                  Hi Rosy – Vienna eh. A city of bitter-sweet associations. From Mozart to you who know who. And long the subject of the oldies Saturday Night Requests sung by Richard Tauber or? You’re not forgetting about us, that’s good.
                  Heaven, Vienna mine
                  I’m in the spell of your charms divine
                  Dressed like a queen, with life so gay
                  You are the love of my heart today.

  5. Each afternoon I’ll be helping tidy up Devonport (Saturday) and Takapuna (Sunday) for the RWC. Come along if you’re in the area… (details on my website)

  6. Georgy 6

    Hey all you gardeners – time to seriously think about planting – spring and summer just around the corner. Think of all those yummy fresh lettuces, capsicums, beans, red onions, cucumbers…….! Saturday morning and garden here I come!

    • neoleftie 6.1

      well said – just planted out my garden…now trying to create a local movement that provides a garden plot to those without or in need. I visit state houses regularly and see all this unused overgrown lawn and for as little as twenty dollar in seed money that person has a veg garden. you get the picture.
      ECE and onwards these days, teach kids all about gardening so time, in my area, we had a coordinated organisation that provide labour, education and material to the benefit of those who want and need a veg garden.

      • Vicky32 6.1.1

        I visit state houses regularly and see all this unused overgrown lawn and for as little as twenty dollar in seed money that person has a veg garden. you get the picture.

        Would HNZC allow it? If I was stronger, I’d have a vege garden, but my “tenancy manager” scares me, and I don’t know if she would give me permission…

        • neoleftie

          The work to create the garden is provide at no cost along with seed etc…working on permission that as we speak but really its a veg garden – does a state tenant really need permission to grow stuff.
          Interestingly the multi million dollar masion i pass to get the a state housing area has turned there lawn into one huge potato patch – maybe they know something is up or mayne just irish.

  7. prism 7

    Titbits from my book of insulting quotations.

    Billy Wilder, US film director
    France is a country where the money falls apart in your hands and you can’t tear the toilet paper.

    An intellectual exchange of insults.
    Paul Bourget (to Mark Twain?) – Life can never be entirely dull to an American. When he has nothing else to do he can always spend a few years trying to discover who his grandfather was.
    Twain – Right, your Excellency. But I reckon a Frenchman’s got a little standby for a dull time too; he can turn in and see if he can find out who his father was.
    Mark Twain, US writer

    On Muammar Gadaffy 1942- Libyan leader?
    You don’t go out and kick a mad dog. If you have a mad dog with rabies, you take a gun and shoot him.
    ‘Pat’ Robertson, US right-wing politician (You’ve got to be one to know one?)

  8. kriswgtn 8

    3 seasons of
    arriveed today

    think family guy meets trailer trash and throw spongebob in it

  9. ianmac 9

    I’ve been thinking. Is there any correlation between those who face the shower stream and those who have to lead the toilet paper roll against the wall instead of over the top? Has anyone seen research on this?

    • prism 9.1

      @ianmac – Can’t answer your query offhand. But it starts off a memory of a poll taken on the different ways of using said toilet paper – some folded it in three, some took a fistful, whether it was used in one swipe or got folded over etc. Funny and I think it might have been on the tv show IT. Does anyone remember?

      • ianmac 9.1.1

        You gotta be careful these days prism. Paper-thin paper and it disintegrates wetly, or worse you get a hard-wood splinter in your umm finger. Are you by the way, over the roll, or roll against the wall type? (Perhaps get a survey going to see if the conservative NAct voter is safely against the wall or free flowing over the top type.)

    • Vicky32 9.2

      I remember a discussion on the radio years ago, about ‘over-rollians’ and ‘down-wallians’. (For the record, we were (and I still am) ‘over-rollians’. But we face the shower stream! (Is there any other way? 😀 )

      • ianmac 9.2.1

        I’ m a “back to shower and an over-roller.” Probably a disturbed person? Phoned an hour ago by Morgan Research but she terminated me saying that “They had enough people in my age group.” Mmmm. Reckon she was not an over-the topper!

        • Vicky32

          I’ m a “back to shower and an over-roller.”

          Come to think about it, I turn around in the shower, as if I am in bed! (To make sure my hair is properly washed, necessary when you have long hair…)
          Was the Morgan research woman asking this shower/loo roll question?

        • prism

          @ianmac – I have had this response from phone pollers – too old, but do you have someone younger in the house? I now reply yes, but I’m too old and frail to go and get them.

      • rosy 9.2.2

        spin? depending on what you’re washing?

  10. Anne 10

    ianmac, you should have lied!!!!

    Btw can you be an over or under roller depending on the position of the roller, and a front shower in winter and back shower in summer? Or does that indicate a split personality?

  11. felix 11

    Goat and Chicken, being sociable: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xH-vjzpOYU4

  12. Campbell Larsen 12

    They tried to ban it but it’s back…

    Total eclipse of the heart – literal edition:


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