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Let’s try a new experiment. Weekend social is for non political chat. What’s on for the weekend, gigs, film or book reviews, sports, or whatever.

No politics, no aggro, why can’t we all just get along?…

61 comments on “Weekend social”

  1. Bright Red 1

    For the second Friday in a row, I have Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ in my head. So, goddam annoying.

    Fortunately, Zet’s post earlier today put me on to this spoof. http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1949844

  2. Ed 2

    I haven’t seen anything about “Drinking Liberally” for a while – have they died? I only managed to get to a couple, but they were quite good fun – and the talk’s were quite good too.

  3. Carol 3

    Does anyone know if Prime will show the Crusaders match? I think it’s live on Radio Sport at 4am Monday, so, will Prime do a late re-jig of their schedule to make the match available on FTA later on Monday?

  4. higherstandard 4

    End of local cricket season tomorrow, but the weather doesn’t look like it’ll come to the party.

    • Herodotus 4.1

      I take it you are in Jafaland?
      Perhaps the concrete wickets could still be played on tomorrow, slow slossy outfield though. Last year we could have played until mid May, this year mid March

  5. Oleolebiscuitbarrell 5

    An wholly admirable experiment. I am going to Hanoi. The restaurant in Auckland, not the socialist paradise.

  6. Marchfest – beer guzzling…err i mean tasting, with mates tomorrow here in Nelson.

    • vto 6.1

      I like to take on ballast, especially after a salmon and trio of trout from no where ?

  7. Sam 7

    MMP fundraiser tonight at Loaves & Fishes. Then the cricket quarter final on Radio Sport. (Free to air sport on telly? Sadly not.) Family members are in town and a catch up tomorrow night with a mate down from Auckland. Should be a good one.

  8. Jan 8

    Oh – here’s the social event of the season – the kind of thing you can do without thinking if you have a $20,000 tax rebate.
    John Key (ambitious for New Zealand, a brighter future) is said to be attending.
    – costs more for a night than many (most?) families live on for a month. The chef sounds like another vapid rich prick.
    spam word annoying! and I guess this goes against the rules although hopefully such obscene extravagance might be construed by some as rubbing salt into still stinging flesh.

    [Better for Open mike than Weekend social please Jan. The aim of this post is politics free zone. — r0b]

  9. Colonial Viper 9

    Ah bring on Fri night, I know a couple of the young lads who work in various offices downtown are planning a bit of a big one this evening. I might tag along. You know, to chaperone, and make sure no one gets into trouble 😉

    • r0b 9.1

      I’m sure they’ll be very grateful for you efforts CV.

      For myself, I never seem to escape house and garden at the moment. A couple of decades of “deferred maintenance” are catching up with me with a vengeance. Never mind Rust Never Sleeps – that damn rot can get away from you in a window frame…

    • toad 9.2

      I thought this thread wasn’t meant to be political. 😉

  10. kriswgtn 10

    My The Tripods boxed set arrived today.It was produced by BBC in the mid 80’s and was based on John Christopher’s 3 book Trilogy-The Tripods

    Since the weather going to crap I will be busy watching all 25 episodes tomorrow

    They only did the first 2 books.The 3rd book was never adapted into film
    Which is a pity because the adaption followed the first 2 books so well

    Oh well
    I am going to enjoy it anyway

    Then I will watch American Gothic.
    Someones at the door is a immortal line
    almost as good as the final of V season 2 when Anna turns to her daughter Lisa and says
    “That’s how you kill your mother”

    • Descendant Of Smith 10.1

      Ahh American Gothic one of my well liked never completed series. Well worth watching. Invasion was another series Shaun Cassidy did that ended up incomplete but was also quite good.

      I’m likely to watch a few more episodes of Zorro, pick up a few achievements on the 360 by driving around 100% of the roads in Hawaii, mow the lawns, bake some scones and biscuits and catch up on a little sleep after watching the cricket all night. It’s in between innings at the moment.

      Have a good weekend all.

      I might check out The Tripods myself – am just tossing up whether to get Beauty And The Beast – Ron Perlman and Kinda Hamilton though.

    • Foolsgold 10.2

      The Tripods, rule.

      I loved the show and re-watched it again. Sadly it ends on a bit of a bum note but I wish it could have continued. It was a chilling show with so much tension. It was great.

    • Colonial Viper 10.3

      Yeah the Tripods, read the books, watched the TV. Awesomesauce.

  11. Jim Nald 11

    Is that WOOF in the picture?

    I miss his (her?) comments.

  12. lprent 12

    Argghh ! who put the cute animals on the blog….

  13. U 4 United 13

    [There was a warning above, now I’ll just delete them. No politics thanks. — r0b]

  14. handle 14

    You realise this may lead to talk about food, coffee, wine or other unforgiveably middle-class preoccupations?

    • r0b 14.1

      Talk about rugby racing and beer if you like! Besides, there’s the whole rest of the blog for the class struggle…

      • rosy 14.1.1

        Catching up on the rugby when I wake up (downside – a cup of tea instead of a beer, due to the hour is the required drink), then going for a walk on a beautiful spring day.

        captcha: lands – other

  15. prism 15

    We’re having a go at an end of financial year sale to get a marked down laptop that looks good. But internet orders have to wait as shop customers have precedence between 6 to 9 pm. Seems to me that in-shop customers should have first hour preference and then internet sales be confirmed. Otherwise it could end up just being a time-waster if you have to wait three hours till 9pm to find out they have sold out.

    What’s the usual procedure with these tech companies that live off the internet business?

  16. Nick C 16

    Ryder is looking like putting on a big one tonight, but I just dont think it will be enough. We need Southee to strike early to have any chance.


    • rosy 16.1

      arggh commentators curse – now he’s lost his partner! Southee will have to get a 5 wicket bag in the first 10 overs for us to have a chance 🙁

  17. Descendant Of Smith 17

    Vetorri might be the key. He needs to get some wickets though not just keep the runs down – his wicket returns have been very lean in the last few years.

    • Bob 17.1

      Hopefully someones the key , but then again i have to check a stoat line and its allways good to get out and about finding dead critters in traps

      • Descendant Of Smith 17.1.1

        We won.

        Obviously those dead critters were South Africans.

        • gobsmacked

          Of course this is a politics-free zone.

          So let’s just say that the cricket was GREAT. South Africa were overwhelming favourites, according to all the commentators, and were cruising to an inevitable victory when they became over-confident, started playing silly shots, had their key batsman run out after some terrible decision-making, … and suddenly, they had lost. And nobody saw it coming!

          New Zealand didn’t give up, and they didn’t need a miracle, they just had total commitment and a simple game plan, and they stuck to it.

          Funny how often that brings victory in … er, sport. 😉

  18. joe90 18

    Rainy day amusement, random images with an mp3.

    (mp3 link on the left below the image)

  19. Kevin Welsh 19

    Had a great weekend so far, here in Hawke’s Bay, despite the rain. Had to settle for second in my bike race yesterday after the twats on the front of the bunch sat there and watched as a tandem went blasting past and didn’t start the chase. Oh well. Today, a nice leisurely recovery ride around the gorgeous Tuki Tuki Valley with a friend. Will do a few extra kms for you Trev! (Hope your recovery is going ok).

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