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Welcome to new Green MP Marama Davidson:

Parliament has a new MP – Marama Davidson replaces Russel Norman

Auckland-based Marama Davidson has entered as Parliament’s newest MP, replacing Green Party stalwart and former co-leader Russel Norman.

Davidson makes up the party’s fourth member of its Maori caucus, and will take on the Maori development, social housing, human rights and Pacific peoples portfolios

Davidson has spent 10 years with the Human Rights Commission and is of Ngapuhi, Te Rarawa and Ngati Porou descent.

Davidson said she was looking forward to being a “modern, progressive voice at Parliament for Maori Political aspirations”. “After years working with grassroots organisations, I’m excited about the opportunity to help ensure that Government provides the support communities need to find their own solutions. “I plan to be a passionate advocate for those who have been left out of the current Government’s plans for New Zealand. …

You can find out more about Marama’s background from her candidate’s page.

21 comments on “Welcome Marama Davidson”

  1. One Anonymous Bloke 1

    When I heard Russel Norman was resigning I thought “that sucks”.

    When I heard he was to be replaced by Marama Davidson I thought “Yay!”


    • RedLogix 1.1

      Agreed OAB. She’ll be another Green MP in the mold of Sue Bradford and Nandor Tanczos – there to achieve something well beyond a mere political career.

    • weka 1.2

      That was pretty much my response too, yay! I’m excited to see what Davidson’s strong voice will do in parliament.

  2. tracey 2

    As has been the case hisotircally with the Green Party, one quality and effective member leaves, a new person of quality and effectiveness steps up.

    Too often people have proclaimed, prematurely, the demise of the Green Party because a particular person steps aside.

    The Green Party has also focussed on succession planning, it is embedded in its philosophy. There are parties on the current political spectrum that might do well to observe that strategy. I would also say the same for many of our businesses in NZ. Too often our leaders, from many walks of life, think if the organisation can’t survive without them it speaks volumes about their leadership. It does, but not in a positive way.

    For those who keep wondering why the Greens aren’t an “at all costs we want power” party, have a read of the following link to understand how a party can influence and impact NZ and NZers without direct reigns of power.


    Labour frustrates me but I absolutely understand and respect the need for a strong Labour Party working with the Green Party to achieve the kind of NZ I want for those who come after me. Contrary to what some here seem to think, that doesn’t mean I want to see the Labour Party crushed. BUT nor do I want to see a Labour party that thinks it can only get into Party if it keeps being a variation of the Government that preceded it. That is a failed experiement. For evidence I ask you to look from 1984 to date.

    • Maybe the only way a person could create more damage to the environment than say ‘producing’ a potential 420 year human foot print (6 X 70) would be to drill an oil well in their backyard.
      It is kind of an oxymoron having someone in the so called environmental party who is responsible for so much environmental damage, and alas as the 6 will not survive the near term extinction of humans, a bloody lot of unnecessary suffering as well.

      Basically if you loved children you wouldn’t have them.

      • Lara 3.1.1

        She’s making up for the many of us who have none or only one.

        You do realise that the birth rate in NZ is now just below replacement rate?

        And you do understand the concept of averages, right?

        • weka

          Don’t worry, Robert is a hypocrite par excellence when it comes to CC. He doesn’t believe that anyone can do anything useful about CC, so he doesn’t worr about his own footprint. His main beef in the past about childbearing isn’t the footprint issue (it’s too late to worry about that) but that people are cruel to bring another being into the world. Which is kind of weird that he’s now talking about footprints.

          • Robert Atack

            I guess I have a right of reply ?
            My ‘footprint’ comment is directed at the person who has expanded hers exponentially, if the children survived what is coming that is (fat chance) .
            I’m trying to point out that a person who has done this much potential damage to the human friendly environment – HFE, is the hypocrite when they then put their hands up as being concerned about the HFE, what can someone who has produced this many children say to couples considering parenthood now? Sorry, forgot you think there is hundreds of years of life left in the HFE, and 7 billion isn’t enough humans.
            The planet passed peak per capita energy back in 1986 ish, and peak crude oil in 2006 ish. Our diet needs something like 9 fossil fuel ‘calories’ to every 1 sun calorie to maintain this present population, How do you propose feeding all these children for the next 70 years? Are you pro fracking?
            ‘We’ will need to produce as much food in the next 50 years as humans have done for the past 10,000 years.
            400 ppm CO2 and 200 CO2e (CH4) = the same as it did last time, what do you not understand about that?
            The time lag that the ice and deep oceans have given us is fast running out. When the HFE catches up with 600 ppm CO2e, – (well and truly within the life times of anyone born in the past 40-60 years), the planet is going to see +6C.
            We are in the 6th great extinction, with up to 200 species a day going extinct now, several of those species may have been the lynch pin of our survival ? Or they will be, IE the pollinators – bees etc !
            Was it Einstein who said we had 3 years after the bees went?
            China with its 1.2 (?) billion people is predicted to run out of potable water within 10 years ….. they could own most of NZ by then.
            We could aim at reducing CO2 emissions down to zero, but the methane catherate gun has gone off, no matter how much we reduce CO2 emissions, the methane is unstoppable … so is the carbon … for time frames that matter. The forest fires, droughts, and permafrost melt will start to make our emissions look small soon. The soot and gasses coming from the forest fires is adding heat, and CO2 CH4 etc, and darkening Greenland, and other what were reflective areas.
            Not to mention the growth based savings scam the Greens promote, in an economy based on pixels for money and the BS – BAU growth based mantra.
            When I was 42 in 1999 I started reading the essays on http://www.dieoff.org after about 3 months reading, it dawned on me that if I had a child then, by the time it got to my age it would be looking at a bloody bleak future, being 2042, the 2042 I pictured back then is the world today, the whole thing has sped up massively in the past 15 years, or maybe my awareness has ?
            And we have the Greens promoting electric cars now ??
            If you are standing up to promote save the environment BS it is a bit late with 6 children.
            If we were all converted to a weka clone at midnight we will still be going extinct due to over population (yes! even to many wekas!!) 600 ppm CO2e and rising, and peak everything humans need to survive.
            Even just having one child is buying yourself a shit load of sadness, would you have the child if it was guaranteed to drop dead from cancer @ 10? if you knew would you go ahead and conceive? (not trying to upset people who have been through this stuff)
            I’m not pro abortion, I would rather people just got sterilized, were gay, bonked willing bovines, feed chickens, anything but have kids 😉
            Never mind, it needs to get a lot bleaker before you are over your denial.
            Sadly there could be between 500 million, and a billion more children born before the end.

  3. Tiger Mountain 4

    all the best Marama, this woman has done a lot more than many MPs ever will! before even getting to parliament

  4. Roy 5

    We’ll remember this day when we sit around the campfire, listening to her making her Prime Minister’s address. Imagine that!

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