What’s Key in Korea for again?

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Key’s worried about us being even more bought out by foreigners. Key’s in South Korea about to sign a Free Trade Agreement. New Zealand already has nearly no tariffs. Everyone knows the sweetener for the other side in these deals is opening up investment in NZ. So, Key’s railing against foreign ownership while making it easier. Nice.

16 comments on “What’s Key in Korea for again?”

  1. Fisiani 1

    The possibility of us increasing exports to South Korea from a trade deal never occurs to Zetetic. Duh!
    John Key made more trade progress in 30 minutes of discussions than our representatives have made in the last 3 months

    • Lanthanide 1.1

      Uh, he only got to have that 30 minute discussion *because* of the efforts of the representatives have made in the past months (likely more than 3).

      Very rarely does the national figurehead do anything more than rubberstamp and glad-hand the deal forwards.

  2. Emp 2

    Oh dear zetetic show again his stupidity. Korea is the 13th largest market in the world, ever thought we might want to sell more to them? Oh no, that’s right john key is evil and wants to destroy New Zealand, only stupid people don’t know this.

  3. Ah the spelling errors are fixed.

    I see that the usual suspects are making their usual types of statements. Not subtle are they? You get the impression that they completely failed to pickup on the ironies that Z was writing about. Perhaps they should read the post (it is pretty short and sweet) rather than simply reacting with what look like spin lines.

    • TightyRighty 3.1

      there is no harm in what key is doing, it’s just zets selective spin on what he is doing that makes it appear bad. this is just a pathetic left wing smear. overseas investments in new areas is very beneficial. older, more mature investments don’t provide the same benefits to the host nation when ownership or investment by foreign entities happens.

      LP, it isn’t “irony”, it’s zets spin. Irony is when Len Brown is claimed to be the subject of a character assasination attempt by the right, then goes on tv and slaps his head and chest like a retard.

  4. Heh heh you’re onto out dear leader all right.
    He’s comfortable with tying us into Australia’s angst and untenable policies on boat people also. Staging post, border police from NZ? Cost money to us, to defend Oz’s borders. We are the same size as a city state there – doesn’t compute, Goff sounded a sensible, practical and forward thinking politician.

    We would get tarred with same brush as was nasty scheming John Howard. They didn’t like him out there and so he didn’t get that sweet cricket post which he thought was a shoo-in. Key had better watch out – his future ambitions may be put in jeopardy too if he doesn’t step lively.

    • prism 4.1

      I’m largely in wrong thread in my previous post – should have been in Xenophobia.

      Wanting overseas money for investment is usually sold as creating jobs, growing the economy. Oh please! If investment is made, returns are wanted, and that creates a drain from the revenue of the country.

      Crayfur managed to gain credit to fund his expansive farm scheme but now the basket of properties is being hocked around and we are in danger of losing the future returns to overseas interests, and to add to this, possibly isolating the ventures from the NZ economy (and possibly regulation) as well by supplying management, workers, equipment from overseas. Managing all the business’s inputs and outputs is I think called vertical integration.

      And foreign business coming here is not new, but will increase over time with ownership tending to remain in overseas hands, and will change the nature of our industry. Eventually it is likely there will be a negative event (like the melamine scandal) which will affect our country’s profile internationally also our connection and physical and mental appreciation of our country.

      • Gosman 4.1.1

        Nice to see members of the left ignoring basic economic theory and claiming overseas investment is a bad thing because profits go overseas. Tell that to countries like Zimbabwe who are crying out for capital but can’t get it because of their stupid leftist policies have made the nation a basket case and noone trusts them to protect their money.

  5. randal 5

    he’s just there for the ride.
    everybody knows that his government is inept and childish and that they wil be rolled at the next election.
    he just getting all the freebies now.

    • Emp 5.1

      yeah everybody knows that randal except the voters who get polled who tell the pollsters that they’re going to vote national. Get out more randal, talk to actual voters. Voters like john key, don’t want phil goff as prime minister, and your lovely labour party is going to get its clock washed.

      So helen clark was on a free ride when she went to korea too? labour good national bad, yeah yeah I know your spin line.

  6. Maggie 6

    Key is in Korea because it is another nation he can tick off his “places I went to at taxpayers’ expense” list.

  7. Maggie 7

    TR, why don’t you wait to post till you’re sober? Or are you ever?

  8. Kevin Welsh 8

    Why is Key in Korea?

    So he doesn’t have to front up to the media and explain why ‘Party Central” has gone tits-up.

  9. zakC 9

    The one thing you could have been a little more mindful of is the China Agbank IPO float July 15th..

    SK could work as a party player’s – (clue: party – counterparty) – backdoor. The question surely then would be for whose benefit?

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