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When you smile….

Written By: - Date published: 2:30 pm, August 8th, 2008 - 7 comments
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Hitting the email circuit is a video on the leaks within the National party over the Hollow Men.

7 comments on “When you smile….”

  1. Stephen 1

    If that was a grin then i’m Nelson Mandella.

  2. Draco TB 2

    Hi Nelson, hows it going?
    Not having too much difficulty with the technology I see. It’s great to see the elder generation engaging with online communities. However, I would suggest getting your eyes tested as you obviously need some new glasses.


  3. Stephen 3

    Cheeky young’uns. Looked like a combination raised brow/grimace to me. Will see what others think. If it’s divided down the left/right lines im gonna scream.

  4. Dancer 4

    it’s certainly subtle – is it a twitch? is it an unconscious happy thought? is it something that he’d rather not think about? i suspect it will be those that study the actions of mps in detail that will be most able to judge. Meantime i spotted this interesting editorial from the nelson mail which will further the suspicions that not all is well aboard the National ship:

    “Where there has been a degree of revelation is around National deputy leader Bill English, who was made to look like a conniver. Not only did he expose his innate arrogance with his observations about Working For Families, but he prodded the elephant in National’s front room, the asset sales bogey. His sense of intellectual superiority is hardly news, but leader John Key’s assurances that he has his former leadership rival reined in were made to look shaky.”
    “Maybe instead of jumping at shadows, National should keep reminding itself that the safest way to avoid embarrassing revelations is to avoid keeping embarrassing secrets.”

  5. outofbed 5

    My God I agree with a Nelson Mail editorial
    It is normally no more then a Nick Smith weekly.
    What an odd week this has been

  6. Dancer 7

    no i’d have to say i think the cause and effect lies elsewhere….

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