When your Comms team goes rogue

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8 comments on “When your Comms team goes rogue”

  1. Andre 1

    I'll take a guess O'Mara's regret isn't about not treating his staff better; it's more likely about not seeing it coming and grabbing back control of his twitter in time.

  2. Pat 2

    the seriously disturbing thing is should he indeed restand hes likely to still receive significant support…..the smartest ape???

  3. Stuart Munro. 3

    Communications is a core political capacity, alienating it isn't smart. But neither is falling in love with the spin, as Lange did. One of the reasons our wretchedly worthless opposition consistently underestimates the PM is that she has the coms function herself. And they're not capable of recognizing that as a strategic decision, much less understanding the consequences.

    • tc 3.1

      2 issues there IMO.

      1. National are subscribed to the dirty politics, manufacturing consent approach. 

      2. Would the hollowmen trust them off the leash ?

      TPU and their msm echo chambers make 1 hard to wind back without some bruised egos and abruptly halted gravy trains.

      • Stuart Munro. 3.1.1

        No doubt it will take a few terms in the wilderness before the Gnats are ready to reform. But some of the deadwood may self-prune in that time. The msm are another problem – pretty sure the public shouldn't be funding crap so vile and biased I stopped watching it years ago.

  4. Paul Campbell 4

    You have to follow the thread on to 

    where he says, among other things:

    "So, just remembered he needs my phone to login to his Twitter. Shit. Sorry mate. Consider it payback for all the nonsense I said to people defending you"

    • Paul Campbell 4.1

      so this guy was the whole comms team, probably doing all the tweeting from his private phone

  5. Pierre 5

    This is pretty funny, and Jared O'Mara seems like an opportunist so it's not undeserved. He can no longer represent Labour, he has alientated his staff, and he's in a marginal constituency. At this point, he should really give up his seat and trigger a by-election.

    Still, the Labour Party was willing be fairly lenient towards O'Mara as he suffers from mental health problems (and he has spoken publicly about this). I'm not sure how much of this dispute is political, and how much is simply a matter of personal issues. It's possible he's just depressed and having a breakdown, unable to do his job. If that's really the case I wouldn't be so comfortable laughing at his misfortune.

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